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"Lord, thank You for giving me true faith and hope for resurrection!"
April 27, 2014
Seminary Student Changmin Kim (Manmin Central Church, South Korea) In early childhood I matured quickly being around my mother who struggled to get by working hard for a restaurant. I behaved cheerfully on the outside to conceal my poverty and...
"God remembered my small good deeds and blessed me"
April 27, 2014
Seminary Student Hyejin Kim (aged 20, Young Adults' Mission in South Korea) and her family Early childhood education is very important and as an old saying goes, 'Old habits die hard'. My parents knew this well and allowed for me to be educate...
"I was guided to church by my friend! Now I am saved and blessings overflow"
April 20, 2014
Sister Ratri Sepan (Chiang Rai Manmin Church in Thailand)Because I was mute and deaf, I always felt neglected and lonely. My heart was empty, so I hung around with my friends and drunk every day. I was even homosexual. But I was guided to Chia...
"I am pleased to serve the church members who were bought with the price of Lord's blood"
April 20, 2014
Elder Hakcheol Kim with his family (aged 59, 3-32 Parish in South Korea) At one time I was unable to raise my arms above my head because I'd had surgery on my left shoulder ligament long time ago. In 1993 I was guided to Manmin Central Church ...
"My daughter was healed of congenital heart disease by the handkerchief prayer"
April 20, 2014
Sister Miryung Choi (aged 32, Tokyo Manmin Church in Japan) In September 2013, my beloved daughter named Siyeong was diagnosed with congenital heart disease. I was shocked, and then I repented that I hadn't led a proper Christian life.
"After healed of pneumothorax, I came to praise God all the more!"
April 13, 2014
Deaconess Sunwoo Lee (aged 49, 1-2 Parish in South Korea) My right rib was fractured and my lung was damaged in 2003 so I had a chest tube inserted. It caused me to seek medical treatment even when I just got a cold or bronchitis. I was not o...
"An extraordinary work happened on my cell phone after me saving sermons!"
April 13, 2014
Brother Rajendra Prasad Bist in Malaysia I was born to a Hindu family in Nepal, and raised in a family that worshiped idols. But I accepted the Lord in the grace of God. Now I am leading a happy life.
"Our family is so happy to accomplish the beautiful heart of the Lord"
April 06, 2014
Deacon Justin J. Ju with his family (aged 41, 1-3 Parish in South Korea) In 2013, Boeun my daughter showed me a handout from her school. It teaches students and their parents what words children don't want to hear from their parents and what t...
"I was blessed to get a good job and healed of urinary incontinence"
April 06, 2014
Sister Angelica Campos (Peru Manmin Church) In 2012, I was watching Enlace TV which is a leading Christian broadcaster in Latin America. I happened to watch Dr. Jaerock Lee's sermon program 'Heaven', which surprised me a lot. His sermon allowe...
"The 9cm-big-osseous tissue caused by myositis ossificans was gone!"
March 30, 2014
Deaconess Saebom Park (Gimhae Manmin Church, South Korea) "Aaahh! Oh, no! Minsik!" The accident happened around at 7 P.M. on September 30, 2013. My 9-year-old son named Minsik was running fast on the crosswalk right after the pedestrian light...
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