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"After healed of pneumothorax, I came to praise God all the more!"
April 13, 2014
Deaconess Sunwoo Lee (aged 49, 1-2 Parish in South Korea) My right rib was fractured and my lung was damaged in 2003 so I had a chest tube inserted. It caused me to seek medical treatment even when I just got a cold or bronchitis. I was not o...
"An extraordinary work happened on my cell phone after me saving sermons!"
April 13, 2014
Brother Rajendra Prasad Bist in Malaysia I was born to a Hindu family in Nepal, and raised in a family that worshiped idols. But I accepted the Lord in the grace of God. Now I am leading a happy life.
"Our family is so happy to accomplish the beautiful heart of the Lord"
April 06, 2014
Deacon Justin J. Ju with his family (aged 41, 1-3 Parish in South Korea) In 2013, Boeun my daughter showed me a handout from her school. It teaches students and their parents what words children don't want to hear from their parents and what t...
"I was blessed to get a good job and healed of urinary incontinence"
April 06, 2014
Sister Angelica Campos (Peru Manmin Church) In 2012, I was watching Enlace TV which is a leading Christian broadcaster in Latin America. I happened to watch Dr. Jaerock Lee's sermon program 'Heaven', which surprised me a lot. His sermon allowe...
"The 9cm-big-osseous tissue caused by myositis ossificans was gone!"
March 30, 2014
Deaconess Saebom Park (Gimhae Manmin Church, South Korea) "Aaahh! Oh, no! Minsik!" The accident happened around at 7 P.M. on September 30, 2013. My 9-year-old son named Minsik was running fast on the crosswalk right after the pedestrian light...
"I've learned how to lead a healthy life in the Lord"
March 30, 2014
Sister Suri Buntong (Chiang Rai Manmin Church, Thailand) I lost my parents when I was very young and grew up under difficult conditions which caused me not to reveal my feelings but to just suppress them. I was also suffering from insomnia be...
"The holiness gospel is the blessed way leading us to God"
March 23, 2014
Brother Antone and his wife Angela (Kharkov in Ukraine) "Dr. Jaerock Lee's teaching was clear and enough to satisfy my spiritual thirst. I was very happy to meet my shepherd whom I had eagerly sought."I was born in Ethiopia and moved to Ukrain...
"It feels like a dream having a happy family"
March 16, 2014
Deaconess Youngsuk Choi (2-17 Parish, South Korea) n May, 1997 I was in the sixth month of pregnancy with my second child. A test revealed that my child had deformities. I didn't know what to do and I was in deep desperation. By accident, my ...
"My granddaughter was unable to walk for 8 years, but she came to walk!"
March 16, 2014
Sister Lydia Godinez (Cebu Manmin Church in the Philippines) My family was poor, and there were many people in my family. It forced us to live day by day in poverty. Additionally, my granddaughter Annalie (aged 8) couldn't walk at all because ...
"I am happy to spread the powerful works of God to souls"
March 09, 2014
Sister Ri Qiu Pong, Paris, France I am an Overseas Chinese living in Paris, France. I have attended the worship services of Manmin Central Church via the online live-broadcasting since 2011. During that time, God of love blessed me to experie...
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