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"Blessings have come since I kept whole Sabbath!"
July 27, 2014
Sister Minjae Cheong, aged 29, Geoje Manmin Church in South Korea After graduating from college in 2007, I was busy working for a private English academy and tutoring some students in my hometown of Geoje. I had no free time and grew weary in ...
"I'd like to deliver God's love to Europe"
July 27, 2014
Brother Fabrice Flandre, aged 46, Hainaut Manmin Church in Belgium
I used to be a Catholic, but I was not able to meet God. I often felt depressed and lonely and attempted suicide several times in my youth. At the age of 20 I finally met t...
"After throwing away idols, I was healed and became healthy!"
July 20, 2014
Sister Miyako Shimodaira, aged 76, Iida Manmin Church in Japan I had attended worship services at Iida Manmin Church in Japan guided by an acquaintance, but I didn't register. However, every time church members visited my home, my heart opened...
"My son was cured of a fracture of the thumb and growth plate injury"
July 20, 2014
Deaconess Eunjung Ham, aged 35, 3-32 Parish in South Korea On May 19 in 2014, my son Seongkyul came home with his right hand swollen. I thought he simply had injured it because he could move his fingers, so I just had him receive Dr. Jaerock L...
I want to deliver the love of the Lord that never dries up to African souls
July 13, 2014
Mrs. Insook Yun with leaders of Women's Mission (Nairobi Manmin Holiness Church in Kenya) In December 1990, my husband Bishop Dr. Myongho Cheong was guided to Manmin Central Church by an acquaintance and rejoiced saying he received a lot of gr...
"God, thank You for blessing me as You promised. I love You!"
July 06, 2014
Elder Sangbaek Lee (aged 55, 2-11 Parish in South Korea) On July 24, 1998, I attended Friday All-night service of Manmin Central Church for the first time. At that time, my family went to another church, but my wife was guided to Manmin by an ...
"4.5mm gallstone disappeared"
July 06, 2014
Brother Ravi Augustine (Delhi, India) I work for the department of radiology at GTB hospital. While I was going to another church, in 2011, I came to read Dr. Jaerock Lee's book Hell. I was greatly moved by it, and I listened to his sermons 'T...
"My Irresponsible and Violent Husband Changed into a Warm and Reliable Man!"
June 29, 2014
Sister Muna Bhatta, aged 34, Manmin Mission Center, Nepal During my childhood, my father squandered my family's fortune because he drank a lot and abused my mother. It caused hard times in my life. One day 19 years ago, my father stopped drink...
"Darkness was driven away after I met the Lord of love"
June 22, 2014
Sister Eunsuk Kim (aged 34, 2-15 Parish in South Korea) Six months after I delivered my first baby in 2009, illness of the mind swept over me. I felt very depressed while raising my child. I often argued with my husband. He was a kind, diligen...
"Israel Ministry Is Not Hard Now"
June 15, 2014
Pastor Sergey Vocharnikov (Nazareth Living Spirit Church in Israel) I am a Jew who was born in Ukraine. My family moved to Russia, where I met my wife and accepted the Lord. My wife's family members were Messianic Jews and my father-in-law was...
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