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   2012 Prayer Prayer Title(4) - Great and Amazing Power    
   Rev. Jaerock Lee
   John 14:12


John 14:12
Truly, truly, I say to you, he who believes in Me, the works that I do, he will do also; and greater works than these he will do; because I go to the Father.

Father God has given us vision for the New Year through presenting the four prayer titles.
First of all, He let us know the "Blessing" that will come upon both the church and individual members.
Secondly, on the strength of the blessing, our church will proclaim to the whole world.
Secondly, He let us know the favor that is to be received in the blessing "The Church Proclaiming to the Whole World"
Thirdly, He has also shown us the vision in building the "God-glorifying Sanctuary on This Earth" as the fruit of the blessing.
Tonight, I will talk about the fourth prayer point, "Great and Amazing Power".
In Matthew 12:38, some of the scribes and Pharisees said to Jesus, "Teacher, we want to see a sign from You."
But Jesus answered and said to them, "An evil and adulterous generation craves for a sign; and yet no sign will be given to it but the sign of Jonah the prophet; [40] for just as Jonah was three days and three nights in the belly of the sea monster, so will the Son of Man be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth."
Here, the sign refers to 'the death suffered by Jesus and His resurrection after three days'.
Why did Jesus say no sign would be given but the sign of Jonah the prophet?
This is because to perform 'the sign' was Jesus' original and inherent duty.
The purpose of Jesus' coming to earth was to redeem sinners from all their sins by being crucified on the wooden cross and shedding blood on sinners' behalf
And, it was also to become the Savior by shattering the authority of death through His resurrection.
This is 'the sign' Jesus eventually would show us.
Of course, Jesus endeavored to spread the gospel of Heaven.
He also healed a great number of the sick by the power of the Holy Spirit.
Those with infirmities like the blind, the deaf, the mute, and the lame were made whole by Him.
He even cast out demons from the demon-possessed.
He walked on the waters and made the wind and wave of the sea to become calm.
He manifested countless amazing works of power.
But such powerful works were just incidental ones that support His primary duty.
The works served as proofs to make people believe that Jesus is the Son of God.
But what's the most important fact is that Jesus, the Son of God died for sinners, resurrected, and became the Savior.
He died and resurrected to become the Savior not only of the people living at His time but also of all people since the Creation.
This is the most significant and the greatest sign performed by Jesus.
The 'Great and Amazing Power' as the forth prayer point is critical to fulfill the duties given by Father God.
Father God already gave me the Most High Power of Creation in 2002.
He also gave us 'Explosive Power' as one of prayer points last year.
Then, what does the 'Great and Amazing Power' indicate?
In the name of the Lord I hope you will enjoy benefits from the 'Great and Amazing Power' by listening to this message intently and making it the bread of life.


Dear brothers and sisters,
As written in tonight's scripture, John 14:12, Jesus said, "Truly, truly, I say to you, he who believes in Me, the works that I do, he will do also; and greater works than these he will do; because I go to the Father."
"Amen!" I put complete trust in this passage without any doubt and prayed with faith.
I was eager to guarantee the Word of Jesus is true and sincere.
Father God gave answer to me who had prayed in full assurance of faith.
In response to the prayer, God has allowed me to manifest countless signs and wonders as you've witnessed until now.
He healed innumerable sick people through my prayer.
He even performed extraordinary things showing us rainbows, movement of stars, clouds, and dragonflies.
A large number of members have experienced such works of power since the opening of the church till today.
Then, what is Father God's ultimate intention to manifest such a great number of signs and wonders?
It's to let you believe that God is alive and Jesus is our Savior, receive salvation, live by the will of God, and reach a better dwelling place in Heaven.
Today, sin and evil are rampant. Lofty ideologies that are against God are prevalent.
There are those who do not believe but doubt even with visible signs before them.
Although they once received healing by the power of God there have been many people who have forsaken their faith over time and have taken after the worldly things again.
People seem to believe in God at the very moment when they see the amazing works of power.
If they don't pull out evil from their hearts, however, doubt arises in them again.
Lured by greed, they commit sins.
They turned aside from the way of salvation and took the way of destruction.
Therefore, "the changing heart" is very important isn't it!
This is the final goal Father God wants to achieve through the shepherd in this last chapter of human cultivation.
In other words, God wants to change the hearts of men by the power of the Holy Spirit.
Father God said that this 'power that changes the hearts of men' is indeed the 'Great and Amazing Power.'
In 2010, I was immensely shocked by the letters of repentance that you, church members sent to me.
Signs and wonders have been over-flowing since the founding of this church.
Nevertheless, such a large number of members had committed those sins.
At first, I couldn't believe it.
To make matters worse, there were so many members that had moved outside of the boundary of salvation because they had committed sins leading to death.
But they trusted in me and related every single sin they'd committed in full detail.
So I couldn't help but to cling to Father God.
I made intercession with God, even putting my life at risk.
As a result, Father God gave the people the grace of forgiveness of sins. How thankful it is!
This incident imprints upon me just how important circumcision of the heart is.
The church members also realized its significance from the bottom of their hearts.
Last year, Father God gave you grace and strength to the extent that you trusted in the shepherd with one heart.
One day this past May, God began to display the aurora-like lights, the original light of Father God.
The aurora light helped your hearts to quickly change into the heart of spirit.
Those members who saw the light came to obey the Word of God with joy.
They could get rid of flesh and come out as men of spirit more easily.
They also could discover evil deep in their hearts.
Those who had misunderstood themselves due to their self-righteousness and self-framework came to discover themselves and transformed.
They could even get rid of the double, triple, and multiple entanglements of fleshly thoughts.
The grace that helped clearly see their own shortcomings and wrongdoings came upon them.
And they got rid of them with the grace they received.
It caused them to experience more remarkable and rapid spiritual growth than what they might have experienced with their own efforts.
In the past, it used to take a month, two months, three months, a half year, or a year to attain certain level of spirit. But they could reach the level more quickly.
But there is nothing given free of charge in the spiritual realm.
I had to pay a proper price for such grace given to our members.
I was running out of strength from the time of conducting Special Divine Healing Meeting last June and the Leadership Conference in July and until the end of 2011, my 'strength meter' hit zero.
My spirit would have departed from my body if Father hadn't held me.
In 1992, I had already taken my last breath and my spirit had separated from my body.
At the moment, I just wanted to throw myself into the arms of the Lord.
But the Lord showed me the souls that would be on the way of destruction. I changed my mind and made up my mind to perform my duties again.
But this time, I didn't even think about throwing myself into the arms of the Lord.
I just thought of souls and the kingdom of God.
Father God pointed to such heart of mine saying, 'You've been working hard. Well done!'
The great grace that the church members received and the strength they received for such notable spiritual change was paid for through my sacrifices and devotion.
In the process, the members' Christian life styles were renewed and changed last year.
In the past most people believed only what they saw. But beginning last year, many came to believe in the unseen love of the shepherd and now they endeavor to ride on the flow of the spirit to transform their hearts.
In the past, many had led passive Christian lives feeling coerced and not according to their will. But from the last year, they began to manage spontaneous Christian lives with longing hearts for the higher levels of spirit.
As a consequence, a few members came into whole spirit last year.
As we can see in the Bible, a man of whole spirit appeared about once a generation.
It was also rare to see men of spirit.
But during the last year, tens ( or 'dozens') of our church members came into spirit.
The number of those who have stood on the rock of faith are now too many to count.
Father God said, "It's like you gave [the sacrifice of the depletion of all your strength] in exchange for [the salvation of souls and their entry into New Jerusalem] before Me."
Before Dec. 25, 2010, so many souls trembled out of fear since there was no hope for salvation in them.
They thought, 'I committed such a grave sin. Can I really be saved?', 'I committed sins that lead to death many times. Could I really be forgiven?' Many thought like that and felt distressed in great anxiety and fear.
But now they came to have the assurance of salvation.
They've even passed the level of 'standing on the rock of faith' and now are longing for the level of spirit.
Renewing and changing the heart of men stained with sin and evil, this is the kind of work and it can be done only by the power of God.
Such works prove how great and amazing God's power is.
Dear brothers and sisters.
Father God has wanted the great and amazing power to work on many people both in the Korean Churches and in the world.
God has even given these Words:
"I've treasured your church members and souls who belong to you. But now what about the many other people whom I created?
I value not only your members who I've given to you in My special providence but also all souls on this earth. So I want My love to spread out over them and the chance of salvation to be given to them all. This also applies to people in the Korean churches."
Father God hoped that not only the people in the world but those in Korean churches would step into the space of love that was expanded while I harbored our members.
This is what Father God wanted in the first place.
Even our church members had to completely pay the price for what they did in 1998 and 1999.
Then, how much darkness will be revealed when we shine the light on Korean churches?
If God evaluated their deeds only with justice, so very much sin would be revealed!
Many incidences occurred in Korean churches last year.
The corruption of an organization that represents Korean Christians was revealed.
Even the biggest church in Korea was involved in family conflict, which led to conflicts in the church. This news made front page news.
But I was told that the corruption in Korean churches is far more wide spread than it appears to be.
The community is stained with greed and gluttony, and it is even sexually corrupted. Some parts of the community are even corrupted by idolatry.
There are some who have spoken against, opposed, and disgraced the Holy Spirit.
If Father God strictly applied His justice to them, there would be so many people who would never be forgiven.
But Father God didn't just say "they are impossible!"
He came up with alternative ways for them.
God has had me prepare the way to embrace them in the space of love beyond justice.
Although it doesn't mean salvation for all of them, it is Father God's will to increase to the fullest the number of those who do receive salvation.
Father God wants to open the way to life and wants to show His heart even to those men who are so very evil.
The Father God has made the providence to save just one more soul. How amazing His love is!
Some of them have disgraced the glory of God.
Some have profaned God showing irreverence and disrespect before Him. Others have misled souls and caused many to stumble.
But Father God desires for them to be presented with the way to repentance, to turn away, and to reach salvation.
Dear brothers and sisters.
Thus, 'the power that changes the heart' is an absolute necessity to accomplish the providence in the Father God's love towards the Korean Christian community and the world.
In the future the church system will grow bigger embracing many people in Christian churches and achieving the global parish.
It's not easy to deal with them with human methods.
But workers in charge should try their best to establish the best management system making use of the best wisdom.
As long as they are united as one, all things will automatically go properly.
When it comes to pastors in foreign countries or somewhere remote, there will be nothing to worry about as long as they have one heart with Manmin Central Church.
I will talk about a story to help you understand the importance of the unity between Manmin Central Church and churches in other countries or in Korean Christian community.
In the epoch of the Three Kingdoms of China, Liu Bei, the first emperor of Chokhan, had committed national affairs to Zhu Ge Liang and then he passed away.
When Zhu Ge Liang assisted the emperor's successor, Liu Chan, rebellions broke out here and there.
Zhu Ge Liang settled them with his outstanding resources.
In the meantime, the last rebellion took place in Nan Zhong, a very remote area.
The area had rough terrain.
The head of the rebellion was Meng Huo. He obtained unconditional trust of the local people.
So Zhu Ge Liang thought the primary goal was not to capture and kill Meng Huo.
This is because there were still other chances of rebellions when the repressive troops withdrew even though he defeated the rebel force at that time.
So Zhu Ge Liang set a strategy to win over 'the heart of enemies.'
Ma Su was of one mind with him saying, "To win over the hearts of men is the wisest tactic. To attack a fortress straight on is the worst strategy."
Then, Zhu Ge Liang captured Meng Huo.
But Meng Huo didn't admit his defeat saying it was just his misfortune.
So Zhu Ge Liang sent him away without doing anything.
He captured him and sent him away six times.
This is because Meng Huo didn't submit himself with his heart.
But when he was captured at the seventh time he finally surrendered and on knees with tears he promised not to rebel any more.
In this way, Zhu Ge Liang's strategy of 'winning over the heart' succeeded and the rebel forces in Nan Zhong were suppressed.
We Manmin will also make use of this tactic of 'winning over the heart of men' to achieve the global parish.
It will cause people of the world to sincerely recognize God and realize His love.
To accomplish this, the foremost weapon needed is the 'power that changes hearts'.
This will give an opportunity of salvation to people who are destined to die and it will allow for them to have hope for a better dwelling place in Heaven.
Now at this end time, the forces of the Anti-Christ are becoming more influential.
They've acquired their influence by instigating men of flesh using the authority over the darkness that was given to them by God.
We have to confront the Anti-Christ forces and achieve the providence of God at this end time.
I am very confident since so many members have come to stand on the Rock of Faith, a good number have entered into spirit and a few have entered the whole spirit last year and even more will this year.
I am not alone when making war against the forces of darkness. I will shine the spiritual light together with our church workers and pastors who are united in spirit.


Dear brothers and sisters.
I talked about the forth prayer point, "Great and Amazing Power."
I told you this power refers to the power that changes the heart of men.
When you pray, first, ask God to let you make good use of the power and come into spirit and whole spirit quickly.
Next, pray that the doors of salvation will open to many souls through the ministry of the shepherd in Korean Christian community and their hearts will be united with us.
Lastly, I hope you will enlarge your heart and harbor over seven billion people all around the world.
Please pray that the love of Father God who wants to save one more single soul can be delivered to them.
Luke 15:7 reads, "I tell you that in the same way, there will be more joy in heaven over one sinner who repents than over ninety-nine righteous persons who need no repentance."
I have a great expectation that the great and amazing power will unfold to the whole world through your prayers, and the sound of joy will echo in Heaven.
I also pray in the name of the Lord that Father God will be pleased with your participation in the ministry with one heart and respond to you with answers to your prayers.