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   Blessing - 30th Anniversary Eve Service    
   Rev. Jaerock Lee
   3 John 1:2


3 John 1:2
Beloved, I pray that in all respects you may prosper and be in good health, just as your soul prospers.

Tonight, we offer the 30th Church Anniversary Eve Service.
God the Father gave us a message for this eve service, which is titled, "Blessing."
"Blessing" is the 1st Prayer Title of this year 2012.
God the Father wants us to realize how many blessings we have received as we are about to celebrate the 30th anniversary of this church.
He also wants us to understand how great and detailed His plans are until the blessing comes upon us.
I wish, through this message, that you can clearly understand God the Father's providence for this church and give thanks to Him from the depth of your heart.
Dear brothers and sisters in Christ.
While reading the Bible, you can find that the forefathers of faith, the prophets and disciples didn't just suddenly and miraculously appear.
They were there as the result of God's long term investment and endurance.
Think about when God appointed Abraham as the Father of Faith.
He left his father's household at the age of 75, and he went through various trials until he received his son, Isaac, the seed of promise, at the age of 100.
Indeed, he eventually faced a test to give his only son, as a burnt sacrifice.
Only after Abraham passed the test, could he become the Father of Faith.
God the Father already knew Abraham would be like this, but He took all the steps one by one to accomplish His providence.
"I am God who sees the heart of man. Since Abraham's heart is good, I will make him a father of faith."
God doesn't do things as He sees fit without taking necessary course of action.
Until the environment was set so that Abraham could show his perfect faith, God Himself waited.
And when He appointed Abraham as a father of faith, He made it so that the enemy devil and Satan could bring no accusation against him.
Joseph's case was the same.
He was sold as a slave to Egypt at the age of 17, yet he became the prime minister at 30.
It was a 'rags-to-riches' story that an ordinary man cannot even imagine.
Was it just because God loved Joseph so specially that Joseph was able to receive such preferential treatment?
Not at all! God made Joseph pay the price according to justice.
God made Joseph go through a process of severe refinement for 13 years to receive a corresponding amount of blessing that he would receive.
Joseph was his father's favorite among his other brothers.
Yet he was still sold as a slave by his brothers, wasn't he?
Moreover, he even became a prisoner and was imprisoned, which was much worse than being a slave.
In any given situation, however, Joseph didn't forget the dream that God gave him, and he was never disheartened.
He remembered his dream by faith, and he lived his life faithfully and honestly.
Until Joseph had passed through the long tunnel of refinement, God waited for Joseph.
And when the time came, God had arranged for Joseph to become the prime minister of Egypt.
Regarding this, Psalm 105:17-19 says, "17 He sent a man before them, Joseph, who was sold as a slave. 18 They afflicted his feet with fetters, He himself was laid in irons; 19 Until the time that his word came to pass, The word of the LORD tested him."
With wisdom and capability that he earned from his refinement, Joseph wisely solved the difficulties Egypt faced.
In Egypt, which was a powerful nation back then, Joseph enjoyed wealth and honor, second only to his king.
The blessing that Joseph enjoyed after he became the prime minister was 'a perfect blessing', and his refinement was also for blessing.
Without the refinement, the perfect blessing would not have existed.
The same applied to Abraham.
The blessing that he received after he became the Father of Faith was the 'perfect blessing', and during the process until then, there were many moments of blessing.
God the Father made a promise of 'the perfect blessing' to this church as well.
It is to accomplish the providence of the end time under the name of 'Manmin.'
It is to construct the Canaan Sanctuary and the Grand Sanctuary, and to make the whole world our parish.
We must reveal the glory of God greatly, and lead countless souls of the entire world to salvation.
God the Father has invested a great amount of time to make us a proper vessel worthy to receive this perfect blessing.
To the extent 'the perfect blessing' is so huge, we must prepare our vessels well.
In other words, as we prepare our vessel as well as possible, the time for the perfect blessing is getting closer.
To allow us to receive the perfect blessing, God the Father made us take certain steps in preparation.
In this message, I will tell you the three blessings that God has given to us during these preparation steps.
The first blessing is the blessing for this church.
It means that the church organization is now well organized befitting the name of 'Manmin.'
Not only the outward appearance, but the church is also well organized inside so that many workers of this church and church members are ready to work as one body according to the will of God.
In particular, the church workers have attained both spiritual and physical abilities.
Indeed, you can now understand what you should think about and what you should do as a member of Manmin, and prepare yourself for them.
Dear brothers and sisters.
The Israelites who escaped from Egypt aligned their organization on a large scale on their journey to the land of Canaan.
About 2 months later they escaped from Egypt, they reached the Mountain Sinai.
And they stayed there for about 11 months.
Moses went up the Sinai Mountain 3 times and received many words from God.
He received the words about Commandments, laws, statutes, and the plan of the tabernacle.
According to these words, they made the tabernacle in the wilderness of Sinai.
After the proclamation of the Commandments and the erection of tabernacle, they officially made the covenant with God and became the people of God.
And then, from the moment they left the wilderness of Sinai, God made His people march in good order.
They didn't walk ahead of others or behind others as they saw fit.
First off, God divided the 12 tribes into 4 groups, and God set their positions at the lead, the middle, and the tail end.
When they stopped marching and camped, He also appointed the location for each tribe in 4 directions with the tabernacle as the center.
God made the Levites serve in the tabernacle; He gave different jobs to Levi's 3 sons and their descendants.
Among them, the sons of Kohath took care of the Ark and various things that were used in the tabernacle
The sons of Merari took care of pillars and boards of the tabernacle.
The sons of Gershon took care of curtains of the tabernacle.
When they marched, the Ark was ahead of all others.
Then, among the 12 tribes, it was the 3 tribes of the head group that immediately followed.
The next was the sons of Merari and the sons of Gershon who took care of the pillars and curtains of the tabernacle.
And then, the 3 tribes of the 2nd group followed.
They were followed by the sons of Kohath who took care of various holy objects.
Now, Numbers 10:21 says, "Then the Kohathites set out, carrying the holy objects; and the tabernacle was set up before their arrival."
What does it mean?
I said that, when the Israelites marched, the sons of Merari and the sons of Gershon carried the pillars and curtains of the tabernacle and went ahead of the sons of Kohath.
And before the sons of Kohath arrived, the sons of Merari and of Gershon had already set up the tabernacle.
They made it so the sons of Kohath could put the things in the places right away when they arrived with the holy objects.
From this, we can find how precisely the Levite tribe carried out their jobs according to their given duties.
As they aligned their organization well according to the words of God that Moses received on Mount Sinai, even the number of well-over 2 million, could march in good order.
When the LORD God said, 'Go,' they went. When God said, 'Stay,' they stayed.
Since their organization was well established for good order, all could walk and stay in perfect order.
God the Father wanted this Manmin Church to align the organization well like them.
An organization where the will of God can be kept from top to bottom without being distorted.
An organization that can understand the will of God as one heart and that can work as one body.
In order to make this church such an organization, He has carried spiritual alignment of the organization from just a few years ago.
He has aligned the organization of this church so that the will of God the Father can be kept by all the servants of God, Levite workers, and even the Performing Arts Committee members.
This is the first blessing that God gave us during the preparation steps for the perfect blessing.
The second blessing is the blessing for the souls.
That is, God has helped the members of this church ride on the flow of spirit so that they could walk toward the sanctification quickly, more quickly, and all the more quickly.
Before Israelites entered the land of Canaan, there was a process of sanctification as well.
There was an extensive process of sanctification before they crossed the Jordan River.