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   2014 Prayer Title(2) - Ministry    
   Rev. Jaerock Lee
   Acts 19:12


Acts 19:12
[12] so that handkerchiefs or aprons were even carried from his body to the sick, and the diseases left them and the evil spirits went out.


Hallelujah! Dear brothers and sisters in Christ.

Let's give all thanks and glory to God the Father who has led us this far to offer Him this 2014 New Year Day Service. In the name of the Lord, I welcome you all who have come here to this blessed place. I give thanks to the servants of God and Manmin members who have come from all over the world as well as from places here in Korea, and I extend my thanks to those who attend this service through GCN and on the Internet.

My appreciation should be directed to those who devoted themselves to the kingdom of God in their respective fields throughout the past year. The year 2013 was a meaningful year as it began with the original voice to bear the great fruits of change. You worked so diligently last year, and I myself expended my energy more than any previous year. The fruit of this was the measures of faith given to you on December 25.

Again, your faith will be examined before God as we close the year 2013 and welcome the year 2014. Just as 1 Corinthians 3:12 says, the work you've done in 2013 will be examined and categorized into 6 fields; gold, silver, precious stones, wood, hay, and straw. Even though you did not receive your measure of faith last December 25, as you look at yours1elf in the light of God's word, you can see how well you can be evaluated before God for the year 2013. It will be recorded precisely on the books that are open before God the Father.

However, it is not over yet. This time is a new beginning point. It is the time to fasten the 1st button of the new year. Therefore, you can start anew with a new mind and new resolution. I hope you can have an amazing start today. Moreover, may you understand the will and providence that God the Father desires to accomplish through Manmin and participate in this blessed 'Ministry,' in the name of the Lord, I pray!


Dear brothers and sisters in Christ.

In the New Year Day Service, I am delivering a message about 'Ministry,' which is the 2nd prayer title of Year 2014.

A dictionary definition of 'ministry' defined as a 'religious work done by someone.' The spiritual meaning, however, is different. In a spiritual sense, 'Ministry' is 'to accomplish the works of the kingdom of God within God's will, His providence and according to His ways and plans. The important thing is that one must do it with the heart of volition. That is, the ministry that God desires should not be done by man's idea, will, or way; it should not be done by force, either. It should be done in God's will and providence, after God's heart, in accordance with God's way, voluntarily from the depth of a heart.

If you look back on the ministry of Manmin for the last 32 years, you can understand what the true spiritual ministry is that God desires. From the beginning, this church has obeyed only to God's will and providence with a God-given dream and vision. This church has never used man's way; it has depended only on God. And it hasn't done it with difficulties by force. Even when thing were lonely and dreary in reality, the church only rejoiced by faith and gave thanks. Moreover, I've accomplished the works one by one only seeking after the heart of the Father.

As I did so, God the Father made Manmin a church outstanding in the whole world. However, it was not the end of the will and providence of God the Father. He had even the greater plan that we could never possibly imagine.

And to accomplish that plan, God needed countless spiritual warriors who could participate in this grand ministry. As I said earlier, to participate in the ministry that God the Father desires, a person must understand God's will and providence, they must seek after God's heart, and they must volunteer and obey in accordance in only the ways of God.

In order to do so, the people must be spiritual people; the spiritual warriors. The fact is that, without being spirit, one cannot perfectly accomplish the amazing will and providence that God has for this end time.

Hence, the omniscient God who foreknows everything met me first and made me start this Manmin Church 32 years ago. And, He has brought countless people to this church over those years, and chose you among them and refined you until you are here with us tonight.

Now, what is the providence that God the Father desires to accomplish through this church and you in this end time? As you may know, it is to accomplish the World Parish (World Mission). In other words, it is to save just one more soul among the countless people on earth, and help him stand in the line of salvation.

For this, you need powerful weapons; they are the 'Word,' and the 'Power' in a spiritual sense. When it is difficult to find light in the world as sin and evil are rampant, you need the word of holiness that will shine in the world, and you also need the amazing power that will confirm the word. It is just as Mark 16:20 says, "And they went out and preached everywhere, while the Lord worked with them, and confirmed the word by the signs that followed."

Today, people don't want to believe in God, and even try to deny God. Salvation of those souls cannot be done only with words. You need the 'Word' whose spiritual authority can penetrate their spirit and soul, joints and marrow; you need the 'Word' that can explain the limitless spiritual realm as if they could touch it.

In addition, you need to show the evidence that can prove the 'Word,' and that God is alive at work even today; the evidence is the 'Power.' It is not just a form of ordinary power; it must be the power which no one can deny, and they cannot but kneel down before its work; you need this earth-shattering power.

Now, who can do such a ministry as this in the end time? Which church will be able to manage such a ministry as this? Can a church do it just because it's wealthy? Can a church do it just because it has many members? Or, can a church do it only because it has many world-renowned authorities and scholars?

1 Corinthians 4:20 says, "For the kingdom of God does not consist in words but in power." The power in this verse refers to the spiritual power. It is the power that God gives from above. However, you don't receive this power as you acquire fleshly authority, knowledge, or understanding. You cannot purchase it with much money. This power can be received from God the Father to the same extent that you resemble God the Father; the sanctification you have achieved and whether you've come into spirit and whole spirit.

That's why God the Father chose this church and its members who could receive this power to accomplish His kingdom, and He has prepared its members for the last 32 years. In particular, during the last 3 years He compelled them to be prepared, and took the lead in the rapid flow of spirit.

Since He needed sanctified children, and since He needed spiritual warriors who came into spirit and whole spirit, He compelled you to rigorously pull out the original roots your sinful attributes even in a pain-staking way from time to time. Even if He did so, He knew that you would surely overcome those procedures with faith and love, and eventually come into the rock of faith, spirit, and whole spirit.

As a result, I can see the amazing fruit of spirit are being borne that I could never imagine possible a few years ago. In fact, as I've done my ministry for the last 32 years, I've believed that you would change to become such fruit; but many times there was deep anxiety in a part of my heart about it and the thought, "When will they change and come into spirit and whole spirit?" I knew the time was running out, but your level of faith was too far from what I expected it to reach. The spiritual warriors that I desired were those who could truly understand my heart, become united with me as one, go out to the world with the power God gave me and give glory to God.

Of course, God the Father guaranteed my prayer; many of you went out to the world with the handkerchief that I prayed on, manifested the power, and gave glory to God... even though you were not people of spirit yet.

In the days of Jesus, there were His disciples who received Jesus prayer and did the works of the power. Although they were not perfect, they were guaranteed by Jesus' prayer. After Jesus resurrected and ascended into Heaven, however, the Holy Spirit came down the earth and they manifested the power by the work of the Holy Spirit. Through the sanctified disciples and apostles, the works of the power were unfolded. And through them, the gospel could be spread to the whole world.

Our ministry in the near future is like this. God the Father wants the power that He gave to me to be manifested in the whole world by the spiritual warriors who were sanctified and came into spirit and whole spirit. Only then, can Satan not bring accusation; in a short period of time, you can accomplish simultaneous world mission and make the world our parish with the gospel of holiness.

Such ministry as this has already begun. Many servants of spirit and whole spirit are unfolding the works of the Power with the handkerchief that I prayed on. As they are armed with the gospel of holiness and go out with the handkerchief of the power, what nations or what people can do anything but kneel down before the works manifested through them?

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ.

Most Manmin members carry the handkerchief that I prayed on. For more than a decade, countless members have experienced the power contained in the handkerchief in various ways. They revived not only the dying people, but also the dying animals or plants. Even a lifeless machine obeyed before the power contained in the handkerchief. Most bacterial and viral diseases can be healed and cleansed when our workers pray with the handkerchief.

However, this is not the level that God the Father has desired. Actually, if you know how great the power is in the handkerchiefs that I prayed on, you would be amazed. Most of you are not using even 20% or even 10% of the actual power that is in the handkerchief.

Why is that? It is because you haven't come into spirit yet. Once a person comes into spirit, the level of utilizing the power in the handkerchief becomes incredibly higher than when that person was in flesh. Of course, the deeper you come into spirit, the higher the level will be! Moreover, if you come into whole spirit, the difference in the level of utilizing the power will be so clear.

Here is an illustration. There is a huge dam. In a dam holds water that is more than enough for the entire population of Seoul to drink for a couple of years. However, depending on the size of the water extraction pipe, the amount of water that is provided will be different. No matter how great the amount of water is in the dam, if the size of the water pipe is small, a small amount of water will be supplied. The bigger the size of water pipe, the greater the amount of supplied water!

To the extent you pass the rock of faith and come into spirit and whole spirit, the size of the pipe that you use to draw water will become bigger. With the pipe size comparable to whole spirit, you can draw water as much as you please. Of course, even in the level of whole spirit, the deeper you are into spirit, the greater the work that can be accomplished; anyway, once you come into whole spirit, you are in the level being able to use all 4 levels of power.

There is one thing you should understand; not just anyone and everyone who comes into spirit and whole spirit can do all this. What does it mean? Say, one who just came into spirit is given a pipe which is 1 meter in diameter. If there are ten of them and they all have the same size of pipes, not all of them can draw the same amount of water.

Although the size of their pipes are the same in diameter, someone can use the full capacity of the pipe, while someone else can use only the half of its capacity. Even with the same size of faucet, depending on how much you can open its tap, the amount of water that runs from it will be different. Likewise, there is a difference in the ability to utilize the power in the handkerchief.

This difference of ability is related to the amount of prayers stored up. Depending on how much fiery prayer they pile up, the difference can be noticed even at the same level of spirit. It is the same when they come into whole spirit. Even in the same level of whole spirit, depending on how much one has piled up prayers, the level of utilizing the power becomes different one from another.

Dear brothers and sisters. This power is given to me by God the Father. I put the power into the handkerchief as prayed on it, and you withdraw the power from it and use it. And, depending on how much you trust in the shepherd who put the power into the handkerchief, the work of power manifested through the handkerchief will be different.

Those who are above spirit are recognized for their trust in the shepherd by God the Father. On the other hand, as long as you stay in the flesh, even if you say you love and trust the shepherd with your lips, it is not fully recognized by God. Since Satan will accuse as long as you stay in the flesh, there is a limit to the power you can utilize that is in the handkerchief.

Let me give you an allegory. There is a father who is rich, and he has a son. This son trusts his father completely, and he resembles his father; he does his work according to the heart and will of his father. And so, it is natural for his father to trust the son. This is the case we can say father and son are united as one. When they are united as one like this, the father will allow his son to use as much money needed whenever his son needs it. The father believes that his son will not recklessly waste the money. He believes that his son will spend it when it is most necessary according to his heart. Therefore, he entrusts his son with full powers over his money so that his son can spend the money without his permission all the time.

On the other hand, the father has many other subordinates. But these subordinates are not united with him in trust as he and his son are. Therefore, whenever they need money, they must ask for it, and get his permission.

What if they were to try to spend as much money as they pleased without getting the permission of their boss, what would happen? They will surely face punishment. Since there is no permission from the boss, they would have been denied the money.

In a spiritual sense, the same can be applied to the one who is united as one with his shepherd and to the other who is not. When the one who is united as one with the shepherd is trying to fully use the power in the handkerchief, Satan cannot accuse him of it. Since they are one, they can use it as though they were one.

On the other hand, the other who is not united with the shepherd may face accusation by Satan when he tries to use the full power in the handkerchief. Satan may say, "He is not united as one with You yet, so how can he use the power in the handkerchief so greatly?" Simply put, he is not considered qualified yet.

Our Lord said in John 15:5, "I am the vine, you are the branches; he who abides in Me and I in him, he bears much fruit." To the extent you become one with the Lord, you can bear much fruit. This principle can be applied the same to you and your shepherd. As you are bound to the shepherd as one in truth, the power given to the shepherd can bear much fruit through you.

Therefore, God the Father has been strengthening the trust relationship between you and your shepherd for 32 years; particularly during the last 3 years. He has worked so that you could believe and trust in the shepherd, pass through the rock of faith, and come into spirit and whole spirit.

Since you are prepared now, from Year 2014, you will unfold the 'Ministry' together with me to accomplish the providence that God gave to this church. And God the Father is proclaiming this right now through this New Year Prayer Title. If you have made yourselves ready through fervent and fiery prayers, then manifest the power of the shepherd as much as you please this year. Even if you are not ready just yet, I hope that you can finish your preparation before the beginning of this year, and wonderfully participate in this 'Ministry.'

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ.

I believe you know that it is almost time. Isaiah 6:8 says, "Then I heard the voice of the Lord, saying, "Whom shall I send, and who will go for Us?" Then I said, "Here am I. Send me!""

Tonight, I'd like to ask you the same question. "Whom shall I send to do the duty that is given to me and to this church? Who will go?" I believe that all of you want to declare and shout out, "Send me!" But, the duty cannot be done just with the confession. Only those who are sanctified and ready can make the confession come true with confidence.

I am still watching you with the eyes of faith and looking forward to the moment. I'm looking forward to the moment if will ever be possible, for all of you to be able to confess, "Here am I. Send me," and make the confession come true with confidence. Would you do that for me? Would you participate smartly and ever so greatly in this precious 'ministry' together with me?

I'm looking forward to seeing you all taking an active part in this year, 2014. I urge not only those who go out with handkerchief but also those at home or work, or in business to participate into this ministry of Power. Dear servants of God, workers, and members of Manmin around the globe! Let us all together cover the entire earth with the glory of God the Father! May the glory that shines forth as the sun be with you, in the name of our precious Lord, Jesus Christ, I pray!