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   2014 Prayer Title(3) - Shining Sanctuary    
   Rev. Jaerock Lee
   Revelation 21:2


Revelation 21:2
And I saw the holy city, new Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, made ready as a bride adorned for her husband.


Dear brothers and sisters in Christ.

Tonight, I deliver a message, "Shining Sanctuary," which is the 3rd prayer title of Year 2014. In 2013, the last year, it was the 'Light-Shining Sanctuary.' I told you that, through Canaan Sanctuary and Grand Sanctuary, the justice of God would shine like the light of a noonday. I also told you that, through the process of accomplishing the providence of sanctuary construction, Manmin members who are the core of the sanctuary would bear the fruit of light to make it the 'spiritually light-shining sanctuary.'

This year, God gave us a prayer title with a subject of 'Shining Sanctuary,' with a bible verse that describes New Jerusalem. What is the will of God that is contained in this prayer title and the bible verse? I pray in the name of the Lord that you may listen to this message well and pray for it to come forth as a leading role of the 'shining sanctuary.'


Dear brothers and sisters in Christ.

Let's take a look at Revelation 21:2 first. It says, "And I saw the holy city, new Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, made ready as a bride adorned for her husband." New Jerusalem is the city that God Himself has made ready for His beloved children. The city was prepared lovably and sincerely so much that it was like 'ready as a bride adorned for her husband.'

Usually, the bride and her groom refer to the congregation and the Lord. During the days of cultivation on this earth, you diligently adorn yourself to welcome the Lord, your groom. In this verse, however, you are the husbands, and the city of New Jerusalem is the bride. Even in the fleshly world, how much does a bride adorn herself for her husband? For months or years, she adorns herself the way her husband favors most in accordance with his heart. Likewise, New Jerusalem is adorned just to be in the favor of those who will dwell there.

Who are they that will enter New Jerusalem? They are those who preserve themselves without blemish from when they come into whole spirit until they meet the Lord. They are God's children who love God the Father and the Lord foremost and who are faithful in all God's house. For such true children, God allows the city of New Jerusalem that is ready like an adorned bride as an eternal dwelling place.

Then, what is the reason God gave us the 3rd prayer title of 'Shining Sanctuary' with the verse that describes New Jerusalem? Revelation 21:10-11 says, "And he carried me away in the Spirit to a great and high mountain, and showed me the holy city, Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, having the glory of God Her brilliance was like a very costly stone, as a stone of crystal-clear jasper." Apostle John had his spirit separated by the work of the Holy Spirit and saw New Jerusalem.

He saw it from a distance, and he gradually came closer to it. Apostle John expressed that the city of brilliant New Jerusalem was like a very costly stone. Actually, it is difficult to express its beauty and wonder with words. Let me explain it more feelingly; imagine yourself shining a light on a great pile of crystals. How brilliant light will they shine? This New Jerusalem that shines brilliant light is the dwelling place for those who accomplish the heart of whole spirit.

In other words, to the extent you come close the heart of whole spirit, you can also come near the brilliant city of New Jerusalem. By the same token, to the extent your faith grows up and come closer to the standardization of spirit, the 'shining sanctuary' come closer before us.

Now, what does the 'Shining Sanctuary' refer to?

First, it refers to Grand Sanctuary.

As God the Father gave us a prayer title, 'Build the Grand Sanctuary' for Year 2001, He said that the 'Grand Sanctuary' is the model of New Jerusalem. And He told us all the more details of its size and structure than before.

Let me explain again just a part of it. The Grand Sanctuary has the 12 huge pillars around its outside. They imitate the 12 foundation stones of the city of New Jerusalem. Those huge pillars will be made of bright and beautiful milky marble.

The marble flowers of 5 petals will be sculpted and decorate the top of the pillars. When God told us about this, He didn't explain why they have 5 petals. But we do know its meaning. He said that, whenever a member is born through the 'Five-fold gospel' a flower with 5 petals will bloom in the flower garden of the shepherd's castle in New Jerusalem. A jewel is stuck in the center of the 5 petals. If 100 men go to New Jerusalem, 100 flowers will bloom. If 1,000, a thousand of flowers will bloom.

You took many pictures of the 5 petal-flowers of aurora light. There is a reason why God the Father told us the meaning of the 5 petals. "I love you so much. You can surely change in the space of the shepherd as much as you please. Once you come to New Jerusalem, you can find such glory as this." He conveyed the heart of HIs love like this.

About a decade ago, God the Father already said that the sculpture of the 5 petals will decorate the 12 pillars of the Grand Sanctuary. The center of those flowers will have jewel ornaments that correspond to the 12 foundation stones of New Jerusalem. They are the exact imitation of the 5-petal flowers in New Jerusalem. From jasper of the flowers on the 1st pillar to amethyst of the flowers on the 12th pillar, they will decorate the flowers like stamen of the flowers.

When these jewel ornaments are exposed to light, they will shed brilliant luster. You may also take pictures of various aurora lights from the flower decorations on the 12 pillars. The 5 petal-flowers that are ornamented with 12 jewels and the 12 splendid pillars help you feel the awesome beauty of New Jerusalem. On top of that, there will be aurora light added; can you imagine how beautiful the Grand Sanctuary will look?

The gates of the Grand Sanctuary also made from the image of 12 pearl gates of New Jerusalem. Revelation 21:12 describes that New Jerusalem has twelve gates, and at the gates twelve angels." Likewise, the Grand Sanctuary will have 12 gates that will lead you to the inside the Sanctuary.
These 12 gates are so huge. On each gate will sculpted a huge angel as tall as the gate.

As you can see, the Grand Sanctuary will be constructed to become the model of the city of New Jerusalem just as God the Father explained. Just as the glory of God will fill the entire city of New Jerusalem, the beauty of God the Father will indwell the Grand Sanctuary.

The Grand Sanctuary is the monument that represent the glory of God who dwells in the spiritual space into the physical space. It will be the greatest sanctuary in the history of mankind that reveals the dignity and majesty of God the Almighty. It is because the Grand Sanctuary is the icon that represent the victory of human cultivation for God. Therefore, the Grand Sanctuary itself will become the "shining sanctuary."

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ.

Secondly, the 'Shining Sanctuary' refers to the congregation who have accomplished spirit and whole spirit.

1 Corinthians 3:16 says, "Do you not know that you are a temple of God and that the Spirit of God dwells in you?" Therefore, God's children who received the Holy Spirit are all 'temples of God.'
Then, Ephesians 2:22 says, "in whom (in the Lord) you also are being built together into a dwelling of God in the Spirit." To the extent the children of God accomplish the heart of spirit and of whole spirit, their heart will be the proper place where God can dwell.

I said earlier that the 5-petal flowers made with 12 foundation stone of New Jerusalem will be sculpted on the 12 pillars of the Grand Sanctuary. The Grand Sanctuary will be decorated with the jewels that can shine light. As God the Father looks down on the Grand Sanctuary, it is His true children who accomplished whole spirit that shine most. Those who give from their hearts the aroma that God the Father can receive with joy, and those who will shine more brilliantly than jewels; they are truly the 'shining sanctuaries.'

Say, you opened a box and it is full of jewels. They are glittering beautifully. You cannot take your eyes off from them because looking at them itself makes you feel good. To make you like such jewels as this, God the Father has led the spiritual flow this far.

Suppose you found a pretty jewel box and opened it with great expectation. But if there was no jewel at all but it is filled with dirts that smell foul, how much would you be disappointed? On the other hand, the box was look old and shabby, but you found precious jewels in it. Your eyes would pop out and you would rejoice greatly.

Our God the Father will make the 'Grand Sanctuary' which is like the jewel box as the shining sanctuary. In addition, He is refining you who is like a jewel in the box to make you the best jewel.
Then, what should you do to make yourself a 'shining sanctuary'?

I hope that you will think over the spiritual meaning of the 12 foundation stones of New Jerusalem and accomplish the heart like the jewels. Each precious stone symbolizes a specific spiritual heart. The "Beatitudes," the "9 Fruits of the Holy Spirit," and the "Spiritual Love" from 1 Corinthians Ch. 13 are contained in these 12 jewels. Therefore, when the hearts of these 12 foundation stones are consolidated, it is the heart of God the Father and of Jesus Christ.

I will briefly tell you about the spiritual heart that these 12 foundation stones symbolize. I wish you will make up your mind to surely accomplish such a beautiful heart as these precious stones. If you want to know more details, you may refer to "Heaven" sermon series.

The 1st foundation stone is jasper. This jasper symbolizes the 'spiritual faith.' One who has the spiritual faith completely believes in the word of God from the depth of his heart. He believes what he believes without changing, and he also believes the word of God without changing and so he always shows the deeds of obedience.

Just as Abraham offered Isaac, even if the word of God is different from his own knowledge, and thought, he believes in God 100% and obeys Him. Although it doesn't seem beneficial to him, he can unconditionally practice the word.

The 2nd foundation stone, 'sapphire' symbolizes the upright and straightforward honesty and integrity. It is the heart of truth itself with which, once a person has made a choice in the truth, he does not submit to any temptation or threats of this world. Daniel, who knew he would be thrown into lion's den but didn't commit sin of ceasing prayer, and Daniel's 3 friends, who didn't bow down before idols even when they were thrown into a furnace – they had such a heart. Even though they might have had to lose their lives, they couldn't forsake truth; such an upright heart of sublimity and nobleness is symbolized by the dark blue color of sapphire.

The 3rd foundation stone, 'chalcedony' represents 'purity and sacrificial love'. It is the pure heart that is with no faults, and the heart that expects nothing in return but sacrifices oneself for the kingdom of God and His righteousness.

The heart of Ruth who served and followed her old mother-in-law falls into criteria. Since Ruth truly loved her mother-in-law, she was satisfied with just giving. Even when she could expect nothing in return from her mother-in-law, she could give all she got. The heart of giving all one has without expecting anything in return in the truth is the spiritual heart that 'calcedony' represents.

'Emerald,' the 4th foundation stone symbolizes "righteousness and clearness", "justness and cleanness." It is the same color of "the fruit of light" as in Ephesians 5:9. That is, the harmony of 'all goodness and righteousness and truth' is the color of emerald.

The true righteousness that God recognizes is the combination of goodness, righteousness, and truth. If you are only good, but short of righteousness, you may become indecisive and compromise with unrighteousness easily. If you are only righteous, but short of goodness, you may stick only to your self-righteousness and frameworks and stay far from the will of God. You may judge or condemn others, or have no flexibility. You are only focusing on what is right and what is wrong; chances are that you may save lives. Therefore, it is very important that may maintain goodness and righteousness in harmony.

The 5th foundation stone, 'sardonyx,' symbolizes 'hardworking faithfulness.' The hardworking faithfulness God recognizes is to do your duty with all your heart, mind, soul, and life. Only when you are faithful not only in your church but also in your family, workplace and wherever you belong, can you be recognized to be faithful in all house. To be faithful in a field you work for, you must have a righteous heart and the heart of sacrifice.

It is to stand for the righteous side for the benefit of others in whole instead of seeking for your own benefit, and it is to sacrifice yourself to accomplish the righteousness. To make this faithfulness as the faithfulness in all God's house, you must have the heart of goodness. To the extent you have such a heart of goodness, you will not incline to one side or another, but take care of all things.

The 6th stone, 'sardius' symbolizes 'endeavor and passion,' and 'passionate love of accomplishing the kingdom and the righteousness of God.' Sardius of Heaven is as red as blood, and very transparent. The exemplary person that can represent the passionate love like sardius is Apostle Paul.
After he met the Lord, he lived his entire life for the kingdom of God. At the face of such countless persecutions and tribulations that an ordinary man cannot deal with, his passion never cooled down.
When he could accomplish the kingdom of God, he risked any difficulty or sacrifice; he didn't even spare his own life.

The 7th foundation stone, 'chrysolite' represents 'mercy.' It is to understand and forgive with goodness in the truth someone who cannot be understood or forgiven at all as a man.

If you have this mercy, you have no prejudice. You don't dislike or hate anyone; you don't even have any enmity. It is because you think everything in goodness. You understand everything, accept anyone, and embrace all with mercy. No matter how dreadful a sinner is, you hate the sin, but doesn't hate the person.

The 8th foundation stone, 'beryl,' symbolizes the 'long-enduring heart in all things to accomplish God's kingdom and His righteousness. It is not to suppress something with must restraint. It is the heart that is so full of goodness without evil that you don't even need to endure. You endure till the end no matter how long it takes even when you face a great hardship until the promise of God bears fruit. The fruit of this long endurance gives our very profound and delicate light.

'Topaz,' the 9th foundation stone, symbolizes 'spiritual goodness.' 'Spiritual goodness,' is the heart of seeking goodness within the Holy Spirit. It is to seek the goodness only in God's sight. But it is not to seek goodness only in heart; only when one shows the deeds of spiritual goodness outwardly, can he be recognized to have it.

Just as the good Samaritan did the good deed, he shows his mercy to those who need his help. He does not cry out or quarrel with anybody. He doesn't ignore or break off those evil-doers or peace-breakers. With the heart of Jesus who had mercy on a bruised reed and a dimly burning wick, he treats them in goodness. Those who have such a heart of spiritual goodness gives out truly gentle and warm light.

The 10th foundation stone, 'chrysoprase,' symbolizes 'self-control.' 'Self-control' is mandatory not only in fleshly fields, but also in spiritual areas. No matter how good something is, you must follow the order and control yourself. There are times when you need to control yourself when you rejoice or love.Even those who came into spirit should make harmony in all things through self-control.

'Jacinth,' the 11th foundation stone symbolizes 'purity.' 'Purity' is 'to have no sin in heart,' that is 'to have no blame, spot, or blemish in heart.' The clean eyes of pure children makes people who gaze at them feel refreshed. It is the same with the heart of God who looks down on His children who are pure in heart. He wants to see them more and He wants to stay with them more. I hope that you can make your heart like jacinth' so that you can catch the eyes of God the Father.

The 12th foundation stone, 'amethyst,' symbolizes 'gentleness.' It is to have mild and warm character along with a broad heart of embracing everyone. It is the heart as soft and cozy as cotton that people can find rest in, and it is the heart to understand all things in goodness and embrace others in love.

When this gentleness is shown in words and deeds, it becomes 'virtue.' It can strengthen others, and make them feel the warmth and find rest in it. As its result, it can win others' hearts and lead them to truth and life. Since Moses possessed this heart, he could guide millions of Israelites.

If the spiritual heart that is contained in the 12 foundations stones of New Jerusalem is accomplished in your heart completely, your spiritual light will brilliantly shine.


Dear brothers and sisters in Christ.

'Shining-sanctuary,' that God gave us the 3rd prayer title of Year 2014 refers to the Grand Sanctuary and those who come into spirit and whole spirit. Imagine the Grand Sanctuary – which is the model of New Jerusalem – filled with those who come into spirit and whole spirit. It will be like a beautiful jewel box that is filled with precious jewels in various colors and light.

How brilliant light will they reflect when the light of God's glory shine on them? This place has not so-great environment and situation in a fleshly sense. It has virtually no convenient facilities; the number of meeting place is far less than needed. In a spiritual sense, however, countless members are crafted into the best jewels.

The world situation and other surrounding conditions are changing so that we can begin the construction of Grand Sanctuary which is like a jewel box. The Grand Sanctuary is actually an extension of the Canaan Sanctuary; therefore the beginning of Canaan Sanctuary construction is the beginning of Grand Sanctuary construction. The rapid flow of spirit has begun since the construction of Canaan Sanctuary was mentioned. It is because the construction of Canaan Sanctuary can begin only when the number of those who accomplish the pure heart is reached.

Now, we have reached where we can have a glimpse of 'standardization of spirit' which we couldn't even imagine before. Such a mammoth work as constructions of Canaan Sanctuary and of Grand Sanctuary will begin shortly. I urge you to work even harder to accomplish the heart of spirit and of whole spirit until that moment comes. May you come out as the leading role of the shining sanctuary and become the partaker of the great and amazing glory, in the name of the Lord, Jesus Christ, I pray!