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   Prophecy(4) - Prophecy (4)    
   Rev. Jaerock Lee
   Amos 3: 7


[Amos 3: 7]
"Surely the LORD God does nothing Unless He reveals His secret counsel To His servants the prophets."

Dear brothers and sisters,

Deuteronomy 18:22 says, "When a prophet speaks in the name of the LORD, if the thing does not come about or come true, that is the thing which the LORD has not spoken. The prophet has spoken it presumptuously; you shall not be afraid of him."If a prophet speaks what God has revealed to him, it will certainly be fulfilled. Of course, the point in time at which the prophecy is fulfilled can be different from human thoughts.

Since the opening of the church, I have given so many prophecies that God had given me. There are also many things that I only told to my entourage or top leaders in the church. There are still more things that I know all by myself without telling anybody. And among so many prophecies until now, there was no single prophecy that was wrong. For this reason I can so confidently tell you all here. It is that God is alive and He is all-powerful and all-knowing. Please keep this fact in mind.

In doing so, I hope you will only live by the Word of God. Then, you will be able to experience the delicate hands of the Father God who knows everything that will come, and give glory to Him. I pray in the name of the Lord that you will all be led to the ways of blessings through these sermons on prophecies.

Continuing from the last session, I will talk about the prophecies about political events in South Korea and the relationship with North Korea.

1. Re-election on July 21, 1998.

Before the re-election was held on July 21, 1998, we put 'Cho Jeon Chil(seven
' on the weekly bulletin. At that time, Cho Se Hyeong and Jeon Jae Hee were in very close competition in the election.Jeon Jae Hee was a mayor for two terms, so the other party was worried that their candidate Cho Se Hyeong wouldn't be elected.

But then, Mr. Cho Se Hyeong came to receive my prayer. Therefore, the result was already known. So, I let you know that he would beat Jeon Jae Hee by saying, 'Cho, Jeon', and in this order. Also, the "Chil Sam", meaning seven and three, meant that among the re-elections in seven places held at that time, Cho Se Hyeong's ruling party would win three. As a whole, it meant Cho Se Hyeong would beat Jeon Jae Hee, and his party would win three places among the seven places where re-election was held.

[1998. 7. 24.]
Those of you who read the weekly bulletin carefully, you would have noticed something was written at the end of the church news. What was it? 'Cho Jeon Chil Sam'? Yes.

If you have seen it please raise your hands. Put them down. About two thirds saw it.

I said I would give prophecies beginning from the second half of this year. As I prophesied on July 1, God came down on July 3, and as I prophecied on July 10, He came down once again on July 17.

And on the following Sunday, I put the prophecy in the weekly bulletin about the re-election in seven places, which would be held the following Tuesday.

So, 'Cho Jeon' means Cho Se Hyeong of the governing party and his opponent Jeon Jae Hee, who was a mayor for two terms, were in very close competition.

Also, the turnout was low in that constituency, and women's turnout was relatively higher, so they thought Jeon Jae Hee had more chance for she was a woman. The polls suggested Cho Se Hyeong was likely to lose.

Furthermore, Cho Se Hyeong was not from that area. He came from another area, so he was in an unfavorable situation.

But before the election he visited our church, and when I was praying for him, God was pleased. Then, God let me know that he would be elected. That is why I put 'Cho Jeon' with Mr. Cho in the front.

It meant between Mr. Cho and Ms. Jeon, Mr. Cho would win. Chil Sam, which is seven three, means that among the seven constituencies having a re-election, Mr. Cho's party would win three of them.

So, among the seven places, the opposition party would win four and the ruling party would win three. As a whole, 'Cho Jeon Chil Sam' means candidate Cho Se Hyeong would be elected, and among the seven constituencies, the ruling party would win three of them.

I explain it only now because it would have violated the election laws to say anything before the election. For this reason I just put the acronyms in the bulletin, and I am explaining the meaning now.

I told you to look at the weekly bulletin carefully. I said I would sometimes make prophecies in the weekly bulletins. The Chil Sam means the ruling party would win three places.

2. Financial crisis in 1997

On December 3, 1997, South Korea had a serious financial crisis and we signed an agreement with the International Monetary Fund, or IMF to receive financial help. President of that time Kim Young Sam was not even aware of such a problem until he had a telephone conference with Deputy Prime minister Kang Kyeong Shik. Even the president did not know the situation was going to get that bad and serious.

Then, how did I let you know before this crisis came?We have prayer titles given by the Father God every year, and He gave us 'Thriftiness' for the year 1996. God let us prepare in advance, and further He let me know that great economic crisis would come. So, in the church workers' devotional service in 1996, I preached with the title 'Blessing through Thriftiness'.


Dear brothers and sisters, and workers, now, what do we have to do to fulfill this word? First, you leaders and the rest of the church members must become thrifty.

It is that you need to put off spending unless it is spiritually absolutely necessary. Furthermore, you should lead the church members to participate in this thriftiness. Now, how can you be thrifty specifically? First, you need to purchase only what is absolutely necessary in the church.

Secondly, you need to be wise when doing church events. In our church events that we had, I see that more money than necessary is spent. There are many parts where you can save money if you think twice and watch carefully.

Third, you need to participate in this movement thinking it is your own work. You should participate in the movement of thriftiness with the heart of Esther who saved her race, the Jews.

If you participate in this thriftiness as if it were your own, it wouldn't last very long. How would God not guarantee His words that He has spoken? Only if we obey what God said, He will be pleased and bless us.


"Dear brothers and sisters, in this year one of the annual prayer titles given by God was 'thriftiness'. If you truly and properly know and believe in the almighty God, you can understand we will face a difficult time for Him to give us such a prayer point.

It means we will have a very difficult year. Why would God tell us to be thrifty? It's because the economic situation will be difficult. If you are really praying with this prayer title this year, you would try to become thrifty. Those of you who are praying would have certainly become thrifty.

Because God told us to become thrifty, I have been being thrifty in all areas. In doing so, I could give to God more, and I could play a little part in preventing the church of God from having a difficult time.

If I do not harbor such a heart, how can we obey the word of God and how can we save on the spending? That's why I have been trying my best to save. In fact I did not spend money for myself.

I did not spend anything for my family. If we really love God, because God said so, we have to keep this in mind and obey it with action with prayers.

If you pray and not act, it is a lie. If you are not thrifty and pray, "God let me be thrifty," then wouldn't it be a lie?


"I knew in advance from last year that tests would come, and financial crisis would come. That is why I just had three side dishes since we were in the old sanctuary.
And right before South Korea got a loan from the IMF the year before last, it was about a couple of weeks before it happened, that I began to make some bus tickets availableso that students and those who were in need could come to church freely. I prepared forthem with my own money.

Then, very soon after that Korea received a loan from the IMF. Because God let me know in advance, I prepared and prayed for the things that were necessary.

When tests and trials were forthcoming, God let me pray about them. He also let me know why such tests would come so I could explain on the altar. Then after time passed, we could see they were fulfilled.


God commanded 'thriftiness' of us a long time ago. For the '96 church workers' devotional service, God gave us the message with the title, 'Blessing through Thriftiness'.

Also before our country had a financial crisis, God moved my heart so I could set the example by being the first to practice being thrifty. Right before the crisis broke out, God moved my heart to help students and the church members in need by preparing bus tickets for them to come to church.

And among the church workers and leaders, who tried to save your spending and become thrifty?

If you have been trying to save every penny in everything and trying to cut off the spending to the fullest extent, you wouldn't have suffered from the financial difficulty that you are having now."

"I always want to advise my family to cut the spending first."

"My family has to become thrifty first. And if we all become thrifty, God will be pleased and He will give us blessings."

As explained, God the Father let us know in advance about the national financial crisis, so I set an example of living a thrifty life and my family also followed my example.

Also, those who followed my advice and cut the spending would have overcome the situation well.

Dear brothers and sisters,

From now, I will talk about the prophecies I made about political situations of and our relationship with North Korea. South Korea's relationship with North Korea gives us a good clue regarding when the Lord will come again. Right after the opening of the church, I said many times that we should know the Lord is at the door if we see a certain thing in our relationship with the North. That is why I sometimes prophesied on the altar some things regarding North Korea that were of importance.

In October 1983, there was an act of terrorism by North Korea against South Korean government officials in Burma, and it froze the relationship between the South and the North completely. As it was made known later, the South was thinking about a counter-attack against the North. In this situation no one could confidently say anything about the future relationship between the South and the North. But I proclaimed in December '83 that the communication with the North would be re-established after three years.

And actually, three years from that time, from January '87 on, they had political and military talks of high officials and Prime Ministers' meeting between the South and North. They weremultinational military talks for a phased disarmament.

Let me read the prophetic message given on December 5, 1983.

"My beloved servant, no matter how much your country tries to open what was once closed, they cannot do it unless it is in accordance with My will.My beloved servant, there is the time. There is the appropriate time,and you will be able to communicate again after three years. It is after three years."

Saying this, God explained the things that will happen between the South and North around the time the Lord will come back. Among those things, the summit was fulfilled in year 2000, and other things will also be fulfilled as time passes. And God said we should know that the Lord is at the door when a certain word comes up between the South and the North.

Let us watch what I explained before the South-North summit in year 2000.


For example, in December '83, I said we would re-establish communication with North Korea after three years, and at that time, we had recently suffered a terrorist actby North Korea in Burma, and the relationship deteriorated as a result.

But after three years, again from January '87, they had political and military talks of high officials, Prime Ministers' meeting between the South and North, a multinational military talks for a phased disarmament.

Also, in the first half of 1990, I said we would have closer relationship with the North in the second half of that year, and it would get closer towards the end of the year, and actually there was the first high officials meeting in September in Seoul, and in December we had a soccer match for re-unification in Pyongyang, and the second high officials meeting was held in Pyongyang.

Then, there was an athletic talk, the third high officials meeting. The number of meetings between the South and the North was the most that year.

God let us know the major events in national and world situations in advance, and He also foretold us about big and small events of the church.

In '83, God said, there would be the summit of South and North Korea going towards the end time. And we are going to have it this year. He also let me know what would happen next in detail.

But because God told me to be quiet about it, I couldn't tell you about it until now, but the summit is going to take place now, and that is why I can mention it now. There were more than a score of men's mission members who heard what I prophesied at that time. And they kept quiet about it, too, and I can tell you about this summit because it is happening now.

After the summit, a group of people will go to North Korea. God told me in advance what would happen after the summit. Then, they would say a certain word. God said we should know that the Lord is at the door if that certain word comes out.

In the first half of 1990, while I was prophesying about North Korea, I once explained the situations that will be revealed towards the time of Lord's second coming.


I prophesied in 1990 that South Korea would have a closer relationship with North Korea from the second half of that year, and it would get closer towards the end of the year. And actually there was the 1st High Officials Meeting in September in Seoul, and in December we had a soccer match for re-unification in Pyongyang, and the 2nd High Officials Meeting was held in Pyongyang.

Then, there was an athletic talk, the 3rd High Officials Meeting. There were the most number of meetings between the South and the North that year.

In '83, when God was giving us prophecy about '87, there was something about the end time, in regard to North Korea.

It was that there would be the summit of South and North Korea going towards the end time. When it was given, God said I had to close my mouth about it, so I didn't tell you, but there were about 20 men's mission members who heard it.

God told me in advance what would happen after the summit. Then, they would say a certain word. God said we should know that the Lord is at the door if that certain word comes out.

Brothers and sisters,

As you watched the video, in '83, God the Father let me know that there would be a summit of the South and the North when He was telling me about the future relationship between the South and the North. And what God told me in '83 was fulfilled in the year 2000, after 17 years. In this same way, what God has let us know is being fulfilled as spoken.

If God gave us a specific point in time, it was fulfilled at that point, and for the things God didn't mention the point in time, they were also certainly fulfilled when the time came. But some people use their own thoughts and say, "Is it now? Is it some other time?" and they say that they cannot believe the prophecies.

When the summit between the South and the North was suddenly announced, it was the talk of the town not just in Korea but all around the world. But when I heard the news, I felt like, 'This is finally coming'.

God the Father had let me know in detail about the summit before it took place in the year 2000. So, nine days before the summit, on June 4, 2000, I explained to you in the Sunday morning service that such a great scheme was hidden behind this summit. And after the summit, on June 18, in the Sunday Morning service, I explained to you briefly the location where the high officials of the North gathered and the contents of their conversations.

And I gave you a very clear clue that the North Korean leader Kim Jung Il would not visit South Korea. Let us watch these contents from the Manmin Magazine video played on June 13. Those who were not in the Friday all-night service that day did not see it, so let us watch it again.

[Manmin magazine]

World's eyes were on Korea on June 13th 2000.

As a president of South Korea, President Kim DaeJoong stepped on the land of North Korea for the first time for the inter-Korean summit.

On June 4th 2000, 9 days before the summit,in the Sunday Morning service, the shepherd said that North Korea had other plans besides getting economic aid and it was proved by a news report 2 years later.
In 2002 ChoSun Ilbo reported that North Korea prepared unification by force more intensively after the summit in 2000.
Interview]Elder Johnny Kim
Moreover, Kim Jung IL promised to visit Seoul at the summit and many media covered this news. The shepherd however told about it differently.
Interview]Dr. Jaerock Lee/ Senior Pastor of Manmin Central Church
The Father God let me know that North Korean leaders went to an underground bunker and had a discussion right after President Kim DaeJung left North Korea.

Even at that time I told you about this briefly.
Interview]Elder Johnny Kim
Coming up, let us hear what he prophesied 14 years ago:
Interview]Dr. Jaerock Lee/ Senior Pastor of Manmin Central Church
God let me know in my prayers.

As soon as President Kim's plane took off from the airport, the leaders of North Korea had secret discussions.

"North Korean leaders gathered and had a secret meeting."

God told me what they talked about in the meeting.

He said that we should know what they were talking about.

Kim Jung IL attracted all the people of South Korea by welcoming President Kim at the airport.

He was considered as a good man who showed proper attitude to our country. He earned South Korean's heart and that of even the press.

But it was one of their meticulous schemesthat they made for each step.
Except for me, the press of South Korea and that of the world and all the politicians said that theNorth Korean leader,Kim Jung IL, would visit the South.

It was well known Kim Jung IL would come to Seoul to have the 2nd summit.

But will he come?

Only I said that he wouldn't come.
He accepted the visitation of the South and promised to come.

Many wereguessing that he would come on Aug. 15th or in October for a national event.

But will he really come?
While everybody says he will come, if I say he will not come, what will I be?
I will not speak more. I will not get too deep.

You may know what I want to tell you.

Only I said he wouldn't come.

And he didn't come even until now.
Interview]Elder Johnny Kim
Dear Manmin members! Do you feel the thrill?

We understand many things through the fulfillment of our shepherd's prophecies.

The Father God foreknew about the North Koreans' meeting in the underground bunker after the summit, and the secret meeting just before the 6/29 Declaration,and our shepherd prophesied about these having communication with God the Father.

Interview]Dr. Jaerock Lee/ Senior Pastor of Manmin Central Church
God the Almighty governs history and life, death, fortune and misfortune of the mankind. I have been prophesying thefuture things that only God knows, and all the prophecies have been fulfilled. If you acknowledge this fact, you will understand how blessed you are living a believing life in this church.

I will prophesy future things in regard to world situation and things that will happen before the Lord comes back. So, we will lead our believing lives knowing about them precisely.

As you've seen, God let us know so precisely.

Other than this, God the Father is letting me know in detail what kinds of actions the North would take and what the purposes of such actions are.

I am not telling you all the details, but in the meeting with the men's mission at Christmas, I'llgive you a general idea of things.

In the Men's mission meeting on Christmas in 2008, I said that in the coming year, North Korea would take a strong stance on the outside and even create threats of breaking out a war, but a war will never break out, but it will only calm down.

[audio of 2009 Men's mission meeting]

What happened between South and North Korea in 2009?

January, announcement of preparation for full-scale warfare
March, shutting off military inter-Korea communication line and Kaesung's industrial area
April, launching of long range rockets, and re-start of reprocessing spent fuel rods.
May, second nuclear test, short range missile launch, proclamation of ending armistice and military attack
July, launching of seven missiles
November, North Korean warships crossing the border and a battle broke out

Especially, on October 4, 2009, I said North Korea would once twist the things. And one month after that, a coast patrol ship crossed the sea border and a battle broke out between the South and North.

Also, North Korea began to use the expression, 'Puppet Government', for the South, which they refrained from using for some time, thereby twisting the inter-Korea relationship. You couldn't have noticed at that time, but if you watch everything carefully, we can understand God gave us precise words and expressions for each event.

Before the sinking of the warship Cheon Ahn and the artillery attack on Yeon Pyeong Island, God the Father let me know some things in advance. Let me read some of the prophetic message given on March 22nd, 2010.

Right now, the US and China have tension because of North Korea, and when these embers of conflict flare up, your country will suffer the most damage.""Your country will suffer various messy things inside and outside the country."

In the week this message was given, the warship Cheon Ahn sank on March 26. Also, God said the following on October 11, 2010. "The one who inherited the throne will make radical decisions, and radical measures will be taken to keep their system."Then, on November 23, there was the artillery attack of North Korea on Yeong Pyeong Island, and the background for this attack was reported by the press.

[2010. 12. 1, 9]

A newspaper article on December 1, 2010 said Kim Jeong Eun ordered the artillery attack in the beginning of November, and there was another newspaper article on December 9 saying he was behind this attack in regard to inheriting the throne for the third generation. God the Father often lets me know about the internal affairs of North Korea.

Something shocking happened in North Korea at the end of 2013. The second man in the power was executed. It was said that he was killed by a machine gun. God the Father kept on telling me about the internal affairs of North Korea before that incident took place.

And let me read a part of the prophetic message given on October 27, 2013. "I explained that North Korea is having a hard time in all respects. The internal affairs seem to be covered or camouflaged, but internally they are having a very hard time. That is what I've been explaining"There are oppositions to current system. They are holding grudges. But they are being pressed down and they just keep quiet. But eventually, they will not. Gradually all the opposition will be revealed. And the domestic situations are getting worse. That's what the Father is saying."

Soon after this message was given, we came to know about Jang Seong Taek, who used to be the second in power, was executed, and the press reported it was caused by power struggle among different agencies in North Korea.

[Munhwa Ilbo 2013. 12. 20]

Also, God the Father let me know about the situations of North Korea after the execution of Jang Seong Taek.

According to the message given on December 22, 2013, on the outside they act as though they have no problems, but the internal problem is really serious. Those who are in power will persecute the opposition to keep their power, but the opposing side will gather together hiding their grudges, and it looks like the problem with the execution of Jang Seong Taek is OK now, but this is an apple of discord which will put the leader of North Korea in a difficult situation. As the situation gets to a point where it will be very difficult to keep their system, they will have to open their doors.

As the word given, after the execution of Jang Seong Taek who was a Chinawatcher, the relationship between North Korea and China aggravated, and North Korea is in a more difficult situation.

[Hankook Ilbo 2013. 12.20, United News 2013. 12.20, Nocut News 12.21.]

Also, according to the National Intelligence Agency of South Korea, it seems Kim Jeong Eun has no problem maintaining his power on the outside, but other powerful persons are planning something else while obeying on the outside. In this situation if the alienation of the public increases, the internal break down would accelerate.

[Seoul Newspaper 2013. 12.24.]

The execution of Jang Seong Taek who used to be No. 2 man in North Korea, why he had to be executed, the internal affairs of North Korea after his execution, and their relationship with China, all these things are in perfect accordance with the words of God given about North Korea.

Dear brothers and sisters,

Inter-Korean relationship is very closely tied with the flow of the end time. I am paying attention to their situation because we have the duty to evangelize North Korea. And God let me know recently that when the time comes, the doors of North Korea would open in a moment, and we will fulfill our duty of evangelism in North Korea. This in other words means when things are ripe, all things will race towards the end.

So, you must never think like, "I will try hard in my faith when I see the doors of North Korea open."You can keep your whole spirit, soul, and body blameless to welcome the Lord our bridegroom only when you ride on this flow now.I hope you will realize how precisely the Father God lets me know about future things to prepare for the end of days. In doing so, I pray in the name of the Lord that you will be awakened even more than now in your walk of faith.