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   2015 Prayer Title(3) - Beautiful Sanctuary    
   Rev. Jaerock Lee
   Revelations 21: 10-11


[Revelations 21: 10-11]
"And he carried me away in the Spirit to a great and high mountain, and showed me the holy city, Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, having the glory of God. Her brilliance was like a very costly stone, as a stone of crystal-clear jasper."


Dear brothers and sisters,

In this message, I will talk to you about the Beautiful Sanctuary, the third prayer title for the New Year. Today's reading passage is a record of the apostle John seeing the city of New Jerusalem. John's spirit was being drawn by the Holy Spirit and as he continued to approach it, he began to see the city from afar and gradually more closely.

How do the outside scenes become different when airplanes lower their altitudes for landing? At first, you can see the whole city and then buildings will look increasingly bigger. Similarly, when the apostle John first saw New Jerusalem, he saw it at a distance from a bird-eye-view. And then the city gradually looked bigger and more detailed.

Concerning his first impression of New Jerusalem, John said, "...having the glory of God. Her brilliance was like a very costly stone, as a stone of crystal-clear jasper." The city of New Jerusalem reveals the glory of God in Heaven, and what will reveal the glory of God on this earth is the Grand Sanctuary that we are going to build.

The third prayer title, 'Beautiful Sanctuary' refers to a sanctuary that has the glory of God just like the city of New Jerusalem. Through this message, I pray in the name of the Lord that the heart of the Father God in giving us the prayer title 'Beautiful Sanctuary' will be delivered to you.


Dear brothers and sisters,

In 2000 God the Father gave me such an important duty to lead so many souls to New Jerusalem. And from 2001, He began to reveal to us the size and details of the Grand Sanctuary. What does this mean? It means the construction of the Grand Sanctuary and the flow of men of whole spirit coming forth are related to each other.

It means building the Grand Sanctuary is a proof that many souls have come forth who can enter into New Jerusalem. In other words, the more men of whole spirit are coming forth having the qualifications to enter New Jerusalem, the quicker the construction of the Grand Sanctuary will be accomplished. For this reason, the design of the Grand Sanctuary has many similarities with those of New Jerusalem.

Also, we can see that the general shape of the Grand Sanctuary is like that of a crown. It's because the Grand Sanctuary is a fruit that proves God the Father has achieved victory in human cultivation. Despite constant hindrances of the evil spirits, at the end time God the Father will gain so many true children with whom He can share love. This is the reason why the Grand Sanctuary is a beautiful sanctuary.

Of course, the building itself will be so beautiful that it will be able to reveal the glory and dignity of God. But the actual reason why it is so beautiful is that the hearts of those who worship in the Grand Sanctuary will be truly beautiful.

Believers will worship God in the Grand Sanctuary with pure hearts like silver that has been refined seven times. It will be full of the believers who praise God with utmost love for God. It will be full of the believers who dedicate their lives for the glory of God. God the Father wants to build a sanctuary that will be filled with such believers on this earth before human cultivation is over.

Brothers and sisters, in the city of New Jerusalem, the temporary houses are ready for those patriarchs who achieved whole spirit. Those patriarchs who cultivated whole spirit will stay in the temporary places in New Jerusalem until the Great White Throne Judgment.

Just imagine Elijah, Enoch, Abraham, Moses, apostle Paul, Peter, John, David, Samuel, Stephen, Phillip, Joseph, Daniel and his three friends, Mary Magdalene, Virgin Mary, Esther, Ruth, and those who have cultivated hearts like jewels through human cultivation who will be gathered together there!

Would there be any envy or jealousy among the patriarchs? They would just serve and love each other in the spiritual order, so they are full of peace, joy, and happiness. When we have accomplished the Grand Sanctuary here on earth your appearance will be the like that.

If you are changing in the flow of spirit, you will be able to achieve whole spirit by then. Among men, there will be so many of you who will be like Abraham, Joseph, David, Daniel, Stephen, or Phillip.

And women will not fall behind. If many of you become like Mary Magdalene, the Virgin Mary, Esther, or Ruth, how good it will be! And these believers who will have cultivated beautiful hearts will gather and shine the light in the Grand Sanctuary. That is why it will be the most beautiful sanctuary in the sight of God.

Therefore, I hope you will build the sanctuary of the heart more beautifully in the coming year 2015. Ephesians 2:22 says, " whom you also are being built together into a dwelling of God in the Spirit."

I hope you will earnestly long to have the beautiful, gentle, and good hearts of the patriarchs, too. I ask you to constantly pray to have the good points of the patriarchs as follows:

"Like Elijah, by having a humble heart, I don't want to have any conflicts with anybody. I want to have the firm faith like he did, that God the Father can do everything even though I cannot, and just obey the will of God. I want to be able to do anything for the Lord by having burning passion for the Lord."

"Like Enoch, let me enjoy storing up goodness in every matter. In the family or in the society, rather than trying to have, let me yield first, so I can have peace with everybody. Let me love God first and more than anything so I can communicate with God every moment. When I see the sky, the sea, trees, or flowers, let me feel the heart of God contained in them."

"Like Abraham, I want to trust God completely and obey completely. Let me have a kind and gentle heart so if others want to take the left hand side, I will just take the right hand side. Let me also do all my work without any selfish motives and only with integrity so there won't be any complaints or disputes."

"Give me the faith like that of Moses, who chose to endure ill-treatment with the people of God rather than to enjoy the pleasures of sin. Let me also have a meek heart to be able to harbor many people and become faithful in all God's household."

"Like the apostle Paul, let me never forget the grace I received from the Lord, and let my love for the Lord increase day by day. Let me also have the kind of love given to Paul with which he gave his life even for those who were persecuting him. As he gave glory only to the Lord even though he performed powerful works and received many revelations, let me also do the same."

Brothers and sisters, there are several women among the patriarchs of faith. To take after their good examples, why don't you pray as follows:

"Mary Magdalene did not complain even though she was despised by her family and others. But rather, she first considered whether or not her actions would give a hard time to others. Let me also have such a good heart so that in no situation would I put the blame on others or blame the circumstances.

Mary Magdalene did not have any grudges even though Jesus would not even look at her. But rather she understood why He had to act that way and just served Him. Let me also be able to understand the hearts of those whom I love, and let me love them the way they want me to. And, just like Mary Magdalene fulfilled her duty given by the Lord with all her life, let me also fulfill my duty given by the Lord with all my life."

"The Virgin Mary did not forget the message given by God or the words spoken by Jesus even as a child, but she kept them in her mind. Let me also cherish the words given to me, engrave them in my heart, and practice them."

"Like Esther, I want to love the kingdom of God and the people of God. Let me be able to sacrifice myself even to make up my mind to die if I have to for the kingdom of God and the souls, and not just choose to enjoy my own comfort."

"Like Ruth, I want to revere God from the depths of my heart. In doing so, let me cultivate goodness that follows the right way completely. I want to have a good heart to be able to follow the right way willingly and not out of compulsion, and also even if it is not beneficial for me and I might have to make sacrifices."

Brothers and sisters, pray to keep your faithfulness before God even in life threatening situations like Daniel and his three friends; Pray to be able to seek the good will of God and believe it in any trials like Joseph; Pray to love the sanctuary of God with your love for God and enjoy offering up praises to God like David; Pray not to commit the sin of ceasing to pray for the souls like Samuel; pray to deliver love like the apostle John;

In this way, if you keep on praying to take after the hearts of the patriarchs with longing, you will also be able to have good, gentle, and beautiful hearts.


Dear brothers and sisters,

If you are changed beautifully like the patriarchs who had cultivated whole spirit, it means you will be the beautiful sanctuary where the Holy Spirit dwells. The greater the number of such believers who come forth with this beautiful sanctuary of the heart, the quicker we will build the Grand Sanctuary.

Dear members, pastors, Levites, and workers! You have been diligently running during this past year 2014. And I hope you will never cease your march of faith towards spirit and whole spirit in the coming year. God the Father is also working diligently until the human cultivation ends completely. The power of re-creation through me will not cease either. It will show greater works. I pray in the name of the Lord that we will also help each other and march on in this race of faith together until we all cultivate whole spirit.