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   The Flow of Whole Spirit    
   Rev. Jaerock Lee
   Haggai 2:9


Haggai 2:9
"The latter glory of this house will be greater than the former," says the LORD of hosts, "and in this place I will give peace," declares the LORD of hosts.

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, Tonight, I will tell you how the 'Flow of the Whole Spirit' is progressing in 2015 the 'Year of Glory.'

I explained why God calls 2015 the 'Year of Glory' when I delivered the message for the first prayer title of this year.First off, it is because God will reveal a totally different level of glory through me as the shepherd of this church.The other reason is that God will reveal the glory also through the people of spirit and of whole spirit who have come out as the fruit of the shepherd. For these reasons, Father God has allowed the 'Flow of Whole Spirit' this year.

Tonight, I will briefly explain how God the Father has led this flow of whole spirit in the first half of this year.I pray in the name of the Lord that you may conduct the interim check, and run the race of faith toward spirit and whole spirit all the more vigorously in the 2nd half of this year.

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, the 4 years after December 25, 2010 was the period when I, as your shepherd, paid the price for the justice which is necessary to make the 'flow of whole spirit' possible. Thanks to December 25, 2010, many Manmin members recovered the 'Father-Child' relationship with God.But God the Father wants you to become not 'ordinary children,' and 'true children' who possess a sincere heart in full assurance of faith.

Hence, God allowed you the rapid flow of spirit for these 4 years.Meanwhile, as your shepherd I had to pay more than 90% of the price for the justice that you should have acquired to become the true children. In 2011, it was the justice to check your measure of faith, and in 2012, it was the justice to make rapid growth in faith.

In 2013, I received the sword of punishment for you, and paid the price for the justice to make 3 month-long suspension period. As the result of all these, your measure of faith leveled off to 'spirit' on March 31, 2014. In the 2nd half of 2014, however, the trials for the people of spirit began. God allowed them time to realize that they came into spirit because the shepherd paid more than 90% of the price for the justice on their behalf of, and how well they managed their portion.

When God the Father made the 'Original Light' slightly miss the people of spirit, their traces of flesh, deficiencies, and shortages which they had not cast off were discovered. This period of time paved the way for them to put into their heart the idea that they came into spirit not by their own effort and strength, but by the grace of the shepherd.

And finally, 2015 the 'Year of Glory' began. In the 'Year of Glory,' the glory will be revealed not only through the shepherd, but also through the people of spirit. God said that one's glory would be different from the other according to the justice they fill up by themselves.

Along with them, I was inspired to take a 'sabbatical year.'This 'sabbatical year' doesn't mean that I take rest away from the church. It is the time when I am inspired with the works of the end time which are in the providence of God the Father and plan them one by one. And I'm giving out the original voice without ceasing to the entire world, to Christian communities, and to all Christians although I stay physically in the prayer house.

In addition, since I am taking a sabbatical year, the members, workers, and pastors of this church are able to ride on the flow of whole spirit better. You don't look up only to the shepherd, or depend only on the shepherd; by taking care of your duty for yourself, the condition is set to pay the price of the justice of your own.

It does not mean, however, that one can accomplish the work of God only by one's effort and strength. According to who kneels down and prays more before God, and who can draw more power of God, the fruit that the Father can guarantee in the space of the shepherd will vary. That's why, in the New Year's Day Service, God the Father told the president of Manmin Prayer Center to help church members, especially the people of spirit to receive the strength of fiery prayer.

In January, however, those who were like 'goats' among 'sheep' were found. They made false rumors and deceived our members to lose faith.Most of our members, however, remembered the lesson from 1998 & 1999 Trials, and kept their ears, lips, and hearts.In addition, you became desperate to truly come into whole spirit.

And so, God the Father assured me to have the 'Lunar New Year Meeting' with you in February although it is my sabbatical year.God said that the meeting would become an opportunity for you to pay the price for justice to reach the whole spirit, the ultimate goal, instead of being satisfied with the rock of faith or the faith at the level of spirit. He said that the condition would be set so that the entire members from children to grown-ups to the old can desperately run with a longing heart for whole spirit.

And there was the special prayer meeting for 6 weeks from March to April. The time for you to ride on the flow of whole spirit well was given to you. During that time, I came down once for the devotional service of pastors and church-workers. During that time, thanks to the original voice, your heart became filled with joy and fullness as many things were resolved, and you can now walk with perfect hope as you felt the whole spirit more deeply in your heart.

The faith of our pastors and of Levite workers greatly changed when compared to that in the suspension period of 2013. Many of you truly understood in your heart the love of the Father, of the Lord, and of the shepherd, and you are diligently changing. The heads of all the departments are sharing the same vision with the shepherd, and are bound tightly together under the name of Manmin.

And then, the trials for the people of spirit began to be finalized. As they looked at their true-self, they discovered their deficiencies and shortages. And, as they understood the goodness and love of the shepherd all the more deeply, they came closer to whole spirit.

There was the feast of spirit on May 5. God the Father was truly pleased with the fact that I consoled Him with the long-waited fruit of spirit, and that I cheered and praised the people of spirit.

In return, God said He would give more grace and chances to those who couldn't come the feast of spirit so that they could change all the more quickly. He said He would help more people to stand on the rock and to come into spirit. We can see how much God the Father was pleased with the fruit of spirit for the month of May.

And He added that my joy would be doubled in June through my birthday. And He said that I could clearly see the fruit in the Group Leader Conference. The biggest spiritual blessing you will receive on my birthday is that you will change your will for yourself, and possess the submissive heart of obedience with thanks.

"Ah, it was all because of me. My shepherd lost all his strength, he couldn't see, and he couldn't hear and it was all just for me."As you make this confession from the depth of your heart, you'll possess the submissive heart of obedience. And you make up your mind and resolution. It is not a low level generalized resolution such as "I will cast off worldliness and sin," instead it is the resolution to walk till perfection and New Jerusalem."

Since you will participate the group leaders conference in this kind of flow, how many fruits will be born?The title of the upcoming group leaders conference is 'Love.' The higher levels of love and justice will be explained.Moreover, it will be the time to understand the change of nature in the level of whole spirit not in your head, but in your heart.As a result, the flow of whole spirit will flourish more greatly and more fruit of spirit and whole spirit will be born in the summer retreat and through the end of this year.

Brothers and sisters, the flow of whole spirit became possible since I paid the proper price for the justice needed. It is the outcome of the sacrifice that I make for souls over and over again though it is the sabbatical year.It's been a long time now since I totally lost my body's energy. From head to toe, my eyes, ears, mouth, tissues and cells, I didn't spare anything at all but gave up everything for God's kingdom and souls. This year alone, many times I overcame the moments of breathing my last.

But God said that I would recover my energy percent by percent as you possess the submissive heart of obedience starting from my birthday so that it could be easy to manage everyday life. The symptoms of unclean and darken vision will gradually disappear. To the extent you choose goodness and truth with your free will, my body condition will get better.

Of course, I will recover 10% of my strength back rapidly according to the comprehensive financial blessing.Because it's been such a long time since I lost my strength, when I recover it even by just 1 or 2 %, the pain in my body will greatly decrease. Therefore, I hope that you can quickly cast of the flesh and come into spirit and whole spirit.

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

Along with this flow of whole spirit, the flow for the comprehensive financial blessing is gradually progressing. God the Father does not force men to change against his free will.To make even the worst rebellious man of this generation change his free will, I and church workers have piled up the justice week after week.To help him feel in his heart the goodness, love, and trust, we've worked according to the ways of God.

Only when he is touched in his heart and changes, he will be able to walk together with us without changing of mind. Starting from the worst rebellious man to come out as the fruit of change, the work of the power of re-creation to change the free will of people will be dramatically unfolded in Christian communities and whole world.

For this time period, God the Father governs the flow of the world situation. Therefore, from time to time, God the Father tells me such things as stances of China and USA, the relations between Russia and China, and even the internal affairs in North Korea. I cannot tell you the actual stories, but the flow of world situation also goes hand in hand with the comprehensive financial blessing.

It is because the economic power of a nation greatly affects the relations with other countries. The political and economical conditions are being developed so that we can hold the forces of the antichrist in check as the power of re-creation is completed 100%.

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

There is a reason why God allows the flow of whole spirit, makes more people of spirit come out, and help more to come into the deeper levels of spirit and whole spirit. It is to prepare them for the time when the power of re-creation is completed 100%. When this time comes, people in the world will zealously accept the gospel of holiness and abundant fruits will be born.

It is just as Haggai 2:9 says, ""The latter glory of this house will be greater than the former," says the LORD of hosts, "and in this place I will give peace," declares the LORD of hosts."When the power of re-creation is 100% complete, we will be fruit, great fruit, which is far greater than when we conducted overseas crusades in 2000's.

By the way, as I complete the power of re-creation 100%, the forces of the antichrist will also grow greater and more powerful. For this time, I need strong spiritual warriors who can support me. That is, more of people of spirit and whole spirit who possess the sincere heart in full assurance of faith should be born than there are now. They will be the ones who will accomplish the providence of God in the end time and enter together into the great glory.

May all of you possess the heart of spirit and of whole spirit and welcome the day of glory, in the name of the Lord, Jesus Christ, I pray!