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   2016 Prayer Title(4) - A Church with Endless Power    
   Rev. Jaerock Lee
   Psalm 62:11


[Psalm 62:11]
"Once God has spoken; twice I have heard this: That power belongs to God;"


Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

Let us give all thanks and glory to God the Father who has guided us up until this moment, the New Year service for 2016. I welcome you all who are here in this blessed place in the name of the Lord. I give thanks to all the pastors and other members who have come from all over the country and all over the world, and all those who are participating through GCN TV and Internet. I give thanks to all those who have worked hard for the kingdom of God during the past year 2015 in your respected areas.

Dear brothers and sisters,
Do you have joy in your heart? Are you happy? We are having the most joyful and happiest New Year service yet.There was a test in 2015 that tested your trust in this flow of whole spirit. Those who focused on filling up the measures of justice that they had to fill up on their own passed this testing of trust. As a result they grew up to be on the rock, in spirit, deeper level of spirit, and whole spirit. This is the reason why we are joyful and happy in the Lord.

It's because we are worshiping God after having become one by trusting the shepherd in the flow of whole spirit in 2015. In every New Year service we have been filled with expectations and hope for the New Year. But now, we do not just have expectations and hope, but we will also have thankfulness. It's because our church will reveal the glory of God with the endless power in the New Year, as in the fourth prayer title of the New Year.


Dear brothers and sisters,

What kinds of meanings are contained in the title 'A Church with Endless Power'?It means just as the power of the Father God is endless, the works of power in this church will be endless, too.This is about the ministries that will be unfolded with the fully completed power of re-creation in the third phase of take-off. It is about how the pastors and leaders will become spiritual warriors, and how they will fulfill the providence of the end time with the consolidated financial blessing.

The power that will be unfolded without an end in the third phase will be the Power of Re-creation. Now, I will explain about the process to complete the Power of Re-creation until it is 100%.

God the Father gave us a different dimension of power after the 98, 99 incidents. In 2000, He let us know about the Power of Creation and explained about power that has four different levels. He then told me to perform with the Original Power of Creation and furthermore to complete the Most High Power of Creation.

But nowadays He says to complete the 100% of the Power of Re-creation. In the past, He said to complete the Most High Power of Creation, and now why does He say to perfect Power of Re-creation? If we remember the words of God that have been given since 2000, we can understand that we have been going toward the same goal of 'completing the Power of Re-creation 100%'.

Let me briefly explain to you the flow in the words regarding power of God during the past 15 years. You will be able to understand how God's words have been fulfilled precisely and without an error. However, because I am going to just mention the main flow, you might find it difficult. In order to understand this better, you can refer to the fourth prayer titles of each year.

Brothers and sisters, God the Father shows the 'Original Power of Creation', and He has told me to accomplish the 100% of the Power of Re-creation. The Original Power of Creation of the Father is the power that created the heavens and the earth with His word and the whole power that the Father has.

It is the power that carries out the word of God, just as there was light when God said "Let there be light."Here, the light is the original lightof creation. When God the Father created the heavens and the earth, He covered everything with the original light of creation and then continued each day's creation work.

And on November 4, 2000, God covered me with the original light of creation. Let me introduce to you the words of God given at that time. "Within the mystery and depth of the Father, the Father's light of glory, this beautiful light has come upon you and this church. This is the original light of creation. It is the light when the Father existed alone as the light. How bright this light must have been!How beautiful it must be! How pure, clear, and transparent it must be!"

And then the following week, on November 11, God explained the reason why He has given me the original light of creation. "As this Genesis Lectures begin, I will cover you with the original light of creation, and when the lectures are done, your authority will be beyond words.You will have more authority over your words; many people's spiritual eyes will be opened. By listening to these messages, they will be filled with the Spirit. The power of creation that is covered by the light of creation will be manifested greatly in 2001. Through this, many people will witness amazing works of this power of creation."

The first Genesis lectures began on December 1, 2000. God said in Genesis 1:1, "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth."While explaining the meaning of this verse, God covered me with the original light of creation so that I could show the power of creation.

Even before that, many powerful works were manifested. The power manifested prior to that time was the result of my will and effort in my march of faith. But the power manifested through the original light of creation given by God, is at a completely different dimension. God the Father said, "The powerful works after this original light of creation is given will be totally different from the powerful works that have been manifested."

And He said that the 2001 Philippines crusade will be a test stage of the original power of creation. He said, "Through the words that come out of your mouth, they will feel the dignity and power of the Father when He created the heavens and the earth. Many people will be astonished by this power."

So, although the size of the Philippines crusade was smaller than others, the dimension of the power that took place was very different.Especially, when I talked about rainbows in the message, a circular rainbow was formed right away around the moon.They experienced that the power of God was manifested as soon as I mentioned something.

And the Father added while on July 14, 2001, while He was explaining about the Philippines crusade. "Next year (2002), all these works of power will come to an end, but the end does not mean a complete end. You will go into deeper level of it. You will go into the depth of power that cannot be measured."

At that time I did not understand the meaning fully. But now I do. In 2002, God told me to pray for the perfection of the Most High Power of Creation, and the perfection of the Most High Power of Creation is same as the 100% perfection of the Power of Re-creation.

God gave me the original light of creation in 2000. He let us taste the Original Power of Creation in 2001. And from 2002, He began to teach me to operate that power at my discretion. For this, there were two conditions. Because the Original Power of Creation is the power of the Creator God, I could manifest it fully only when I had the balance of physical dimension and spiritual dimension. And He said I needed to go beyond the limit of human cultivation.

These two conditions were like the general principle of the spiritual studies and training that I had for many years after that. And just as there are details after the general principles, the spiritual studies began from 2003. In order for me to show the original power of creation, God first let me know about the original voice. And to go beyond the limit of human cultivation, He explained that I had to annul what I had accomplished as whole spirit.And He added there must be the [perfect balance between the humanity and divinity].

In 2004, He began to teach me about the specifics as to how I could have the balance of spiritual and physical dimension. Namely, He taught me about the spaces, which are spaces of 1st dimension through 4th dimension, andthe spiritual training began. It started with the first level spiritual training which was 'leaving of spirit.' The second level training 'division of spirit' continued until 2006. The third level training 'moving through spiritual space' continued until the middle of 2007. God let me know how to open and close each space as needed and let me get hands on practice in various ways.

And around July 2007, the 4th level spiritual training began which continued until 2008. The 3rd level of spiritual training was to move through the spaces in spirit, and the 4th level of spiritual training is to freely move around the spaces with a body like the resurrected body of the Lord. In particular, I had to learn the ways to open and close the 4th dimensional space on my own.

But if a person in a physical body goes into the 4th dimensional space, there will be complications. It's like going out into space without a space suit. So, my body felt the difficulty very strongly while going through the 4th level of spiritual training.

And when I had almost finished the 4th level spiritual training, from June 2008, I began to recover the original heart of God. By January 2009, I recovered 50% of it. As a result I reached a level where I could manifest the consolidated works of power. The greatest fruit borne through the consolidated works of power was the evangelism in Israel. It was the fulfillment of the prophecy in the Bible that the gospel would return to Israel.

In 2010, God gave us the prayer titles of 'unceasing power', and this meant that the scope of power expanded to church associations and the whole world. This means that the measure of justice that I had to fulfill became bigger. For this reason my body got into the situation where it could not endure it any longer. It's because the life-force of the body kept on leaking out.

In 2011, God let us know how the powerful works would be manifested in the future. He said it was going to explosive power. Explosive power is the power which anybody can recognize as the power of God and not that of any man. In order to manifest this explosive power at the end time, the Father let me fill up the measure of justice continually. And all the life-force in my body became almost zero.

On July 11, 2011, God explained why He let my life-energy drop to almost zero as follows:"Your life-energy becoming zero indicates'another beginning of power' that will be shown in different spaces to many people. You will not have the blood of men, the tissues of men, the flesh of men, or the skin of men, but the Father is going to transform you so you can exist in spiritual space."

Eventually, I could be filled with the spiritual energy only when my physical energy is drained out. And when spiritual energy is filled 100%, I can possess the 4th dimensional space as I learned in the 4th level spiritual training. I will be able to show the power without being restrained by any space.

In 2012, God gave us the prayer title, 'Great and Amazing Power'. Great and amazing power is the power to change the hearts of men. The kind of power to be able to change a man's heart is a must when we go out to the church associations and for world evangelism.

The next year, in 2013, with the prayer title 'Power', God let us know that the power to change the heart of men is the power to break even the freewill of men. Through this power, those who hear and see the works of power of this church will be able to catch the chance of salvation with their freewill.

At this end time, the world is full of sins and the people's heartsare also deeply stained by evil. So, even if UFOs are brought down in front of their eyes and somebody walks on water on live-broadcast, not everyone will believe it. They do not believe it, and they try to deny and question such things. What a shame if I show the Most High Power of Creation and only a few people believe!

But at the same time, God does not want anybody to believe out of fear just because the power is so great. God the Father wants men to be touched in their hearts when they see amazing signs and wonders and choose faith with their own freewill. For this reason the Most High Power of Creation must contain the power to break the freewill. It is the love of the Father God who wants to fulfill the genuine work of salvation.

In 2014, God gave us the prayer title of 'The Works of Re-creation'. Works of re-creation are worksthat change or renew what has been already created. In the works of re-creation, the highest level is to revive the dead spirit. It is the work of God's love,for even those who cannot be saved at all, to receive salvation. This power lets themcatch the chance of salvation.

And the power that manifests such works is the power of re-creation, which was the prayer title of 2015. Power of re-creation is the power that works with the original voice, just as there was light when God said, 'Let there be light'.This definition is the same as that of the Original Power of Creation given in 2000.

The definition of the power is the same, but the one who is performing it is different. God the Father shows the Original Power of Creation, and I work with the Power of Re-creation. When we began the first Genesis Lectures in late 2000, I could show the power of creation because God covered me with the original light of creation.

But for the past 15 years, I underwent spiritual studies and spiritual training so I could operate the original light myself. I also had time to fill up the measure of justice. As a result, I was enabled to perform the Power of Re-creation, and now I am in the process of perfecting it to be 100%.

For the New Year 2016, God gave us the prayer title, 'A Church with Endless Power'. Just as the power of the Father God is endless, I explained, the works of power of this church are also endless. This is about the ministry that will be unfolded in the third phase of take-off with the perfected power of re-creation.

Our church has been laying all the foundations very firmly and sufficiently for the last 33 years since the opening. The magnitude of glory that will be revealed will be beyond words. God the Father said we would gain unimaginably more fruits than what we have been sowing and doing.

In this third phase our church will lead countless souls to salvation in various ways and throughdiverse methods, being worthy of the name Manmin which means all peoples. We will spread the endless power until the glory of God fills the earth as the waters cover the sea.I hope you will visualize those moments in your mind and pray with faith. What you hope with faith will certainly become the actual substance.


Dear brothers and sisters,

On November 3, 2001, God the Father talked about the point in time when the kings of the nations would come forth as follows:"When the Father gave you the Most High Power and opened the doors, as the Father said, He explained about the kings of the nations. A little one would come forth and play a small part for you.After this little one plays his part, there will be more connections to lead others and to still others, and more and more."

And in October 2009, I came to realize who this little one was, who was going to be the connection to kings of the nations. And for the last five years, while I was filling up the measure of justice for others, that little one also changed his freewill and began to change. He began to help us. Recently, I heard the news that his heart is now thawed to a great degree.

God the Father has been working in a very complex way in everything. He guided me to perfect the Power of Re-creation. He let other pastors, leaders, and members to grow up quickly in their faith. He prepared the consolidated financial blessing and let it increase in value.

The foundations for the third stage of take-off are well-laid. Now, our church will reveal the glory of God greatly with the endless works of power until the Lord comes back. I hope you will play your respective roles for you are precious parts of this church. I pray in the name of the Lord that you will also stand before the throne of God the Father as glorious members 'Manmin' later in Heaven.