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   2009 Prayer Subject(4) - The Power of God the Father    
   Rev. Jaerock Lee
   Genesis 1: 1


[Genesis 1: 1]
"In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth."


Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,
The title of this message is the fourth prayer point of this year, 'The Power of God the Father'. In the last three worship services we had, you came to understand the will of God the Father.
God tells us that this year 2009 will be a year of blessing, despite the worldwide economic downturn.
As a fruit of that blessing, God has given us the great vision that our church can be a church set high above all nations.
In today's morning service, you also heard what spiritual and material blessings we will receive through the construction of the Canaan Sanctuary and the Grand Sanctuary.
And for all those three things to be achieved, we must have one more thing. It is the 'Power of God the Father' which is also the fourth prayer point of this year.
Jeremiah 32:27 says, "Behold, I am the LORD, the God of all flesh; is anything too difficult for Me?" Our God the Father can do everything.
As said in today's passage, the One who created the heavens and earth is our Father God.
If He just harbors something in His heart, it will become reality and if He just commands by His word, it will be done.
By this power of God there is nothing that impossible for Him, so let us pray for this power of God to be manifested in our church in even greater magnitude this year.
I pray in the name of the Lord that your families, workplaces, and schools will receive overflowing blessings through the power of God the Father.


Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, now, what kind of power is this 'Power of God the Father' that He is giving as a prayer title this year?
Now you understand to some extent about space and dimension.
God the Father originally existed as a Chiming Sound within the Light.
Then, to begin setting the stage for human cultivation, He first divided the original single heaven into many different spaces with different dimensions.
He established the physical world as the 1st dimensional world and it is the First Heaven, the 2nd dimensional world as the Second Heaven, and the third dimensional world as the Third Heaven.
The space that is the same as that of the original heaven is the 4th dimensional world and was set by
God as the Fourth Heaven.
Also, He established Justice which dictates that a higher dimension rules over the lower dimensions.
And God the Father dwells in the Fourth Heaven, which is the space of the fourth dimension. God the Father created all things in heaven and earth with His word.
It is just as Genesis 1:3 says, "Then God said, "Let there be light"; and there was light."
As God the Father spoke, the work of creation was done.
As God the Father harbored them in His heart and spoke, the third heaven, the second heaven, and the first heaven were made.
This is the power of God the Father.
By His word He creates something from nothing and He can revive the dead. He can do anything.
It's because God the Father possesses the space of the Fourth Heaven, which transcends all other dimensions.
In the Fourth Heaven solid substance can change to become liquid, a liquid can become a gas, or a gas can become a solid substance freely without transition. God can determine the exact point in time when what He has harbored in heart will be realized.
For example, the 6-day creation and the 6,000 years of human cultivation are also fulfilled by the decision of God the Father.
When God the Father does something, He does not do it arbitrarily as He desires.
He does it according to the justice of the fourth heaven.
Therefore, if there is somebody who meets the standard according to the justice of the Fourth Heaven, God can also cover him with the space of the Fourth Heaven.
Then, works and things of the Fourth Heaven can take place in the first heaven, too.
Namely, things that go beyond the Justice of the First Heaven, such as works of creation and reviving the dead, can take place.
It's because, it is also the justice of God that if somebody is right according to the justice of the fourth heaven, God can cover that person with the space of the fourth heaven. To be right according to the justice of the fourth heaven means that he is qualified to operate within the space of the fourth dimension.
For example, we call the space that is connected with Internet 'Cyber Space'. This cyber-space is open to everybody, but the magnitude of utilizing it is different from person to person.
Those who are familiar with computers and are knowledgeable of the Internet can enjoy many benefits in everyday life. For example, even from a distant place, one can operate the electronics in his house.
Also, one can take care of banking operations on the Internet while at home and not have to physically go to the bank.
Without going to a physical market place, we can buy and sell goods in the cyber-space market.
People of the world utilize cyber space and gain convenience of their daily life as they like.
You can enjoy such convenience to the extent that you know knowledge and skills to use cyber space.
Similarly, we can use the space of the fourth dimension to the extent to which we understand and learn about the justice of the Fourth Heaven.
Jesus is God Himself in origin, and He possesses the space of the fourth dimension completely. Thus, even while He was on this earth, He was covered by the fourth dimensional space.
The reason why Jesus could show so many signs and wonders in His public life was because He possessed the space of the fourth dimension.
Everything was fulfilled as He harbored it in His heart and as He commanded it to be done.
He walked on rough seas with strong winds and waves. He calmed the wind and waves. He also fed thousands of people with two fish and five loaves.
He brought the dead back to life and healed many incurable diseases.
All these signs and wonders took place because Jesus possessed the space of the fourth dimension.
But Jesus said in John 14:12, "Truly, truly, I say to you, he who believes in Me, the works that I do, he will do also; and greater works than these he will do; because I go to the Father."
According to this, those of us who believe in this power can do what the Lord did and we should be able to do even greater things if we know how to utilize the space of the Lord, the space of God the Father.
In fact, Jesus' disciple, Peter, showed signs in the space of the Lord.
In chapter 3 of Acts we see a record of a person who was born lame. Acts 3:6 says, "But Peter said, "I do not possess silver and gold, but what I do have I give to you: In the name of Jesus Christ the Nazarene walk!"
When Peter held his right hand and brought him to his feet, his feet and ankles received strength and he could walk by himself.
This kind of work is possible only when the dead nerves in the legs are revived. Namely, it is possible only in the space of the fourth dimension.
God the Father opened the space of the fourth dimension at that time because Peter completely believed in and relied on the Lord.
Brothers and sisters, you have also experienced these signs in this church so many times.
Many times now you have seen things take place that cannot really occur in the first heaven.
These are things that are possible only in the fourth heaven. Namely, the dead were raised.
Those whose optic nerves were completely dead and couldn't see came to see. Those whose hearing ability was destroyed came to hear again.
Those who couldn't move on their own because of paralysis or degeneration of nerves recovered normal function.
These things are something that cannot be explained with the medical science of this world.
These are works of power possible only in the fourth dimensional space, which is like the Fourth Heaven.
Until now, God the Father has opened the fourth dimensional space to the extent that we were qualified according to the Justice of the Fourth Heaven.
Learning about the Justice of the Fourth Heaven and being able to utilize that fourth dimensional space was not something that was accomplished in a short period of time.
We had to pay the full price needed to be in accordance with the Justice. I mean I had to take all the steps of the spiritual studies and the spiritual training.
Namely, God allowed me to learn about the justice of the Fourth Heaven and gave me the time in training to practice it.
As much as I acquired the justice of the Fourth Heaven, you believers experienced the works of God's power in different dimension.
The justice of the fourth dimension transcends the justice of all the other dimensions.
For example, the Justice of the Fourth Heaven can also transcend the Natural Laws of the First Heaven. That is why we could change the course of typhoons or even cause them to weaken.
Also, because it transcends the Justice of the Second Heaven, we can also control the power of the enemy devil, Satan. When we command a demon to go out, it has to obey and go out.
The same principle applies for the fact that the heavenly host and angels and spirits of other patriarchs can come and go from Heaven to this church.
It's because we have fulfilled the justice of the Fourth Heaven which transcends the justice of the Third Heaven.
We can also manifest the things that are possible only in the fourth dimensional space in the first heaven to the extent that we learn the justice of the Fourth Heaven.
Why does God the Father want us to show the things of the higher dimensions through this church?
It's for His providence that He wants to accomplish through this church at the end time.
God wants to gain countless children through our world evangelism and He wants to receive glory greatly through the Grand Sanctuary.
We have achieved the world evangelism to some extent with the powerful works that have been manifested up until now. We are also actively preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ, the gospel of holiness to Israel, which is 'the end of the earth'.
Of course, even evangelism in Israel was possible because we had the power of God the Father, namely the power of creation.
Not only healing incurable diseases but also changing the rock hard hearts of orthodox Jews is possible only by the power of God.
It's not easy to change a person's way of thinking.
God the Father has given everyone the freewill.
And if we can change this freewill of men at our own discretion just to accomplish God's providence, it is not right according to justice.
And to achieve something that is against the justice without going against the justice is the work of God's power.
Works of God's power are a must to move the heart of people and to build the Canaan Sanctuary and the Grand Sanctuary, which is our ultimate goal.
God the Father is giving me the training for this at this end stage of my spiritual training.
To build the Grand Sanctuary, we must receive help from leaders around the world who have great wealth and social power.
But even though God loves us so much, He cannot just appear to them and tell them to help Manmin Church.
This is not right according to (Spiritual) Justice.
But if they are touched in their heart and help us at their own will, it is not against the Justice.
This is what we need to do. We can bring about the circumstances and situations in which those people will be moved in their hearts and be willing to help us because they want to help.
This is why there is a relationship between the flow of world situations and the things happening in our church.
We have experienced similar things already. Some of the countries' world leaders are already helping us.
For example, we were able to have the 2000 Pakistan Crusade with the help of a minister who was like a right arm to the president at that time.
We had received a permission from the government to use a certain place for the pastors' conference before the crusade. But in the morning of that day the permission was suddenly canceled.
The reason was the there was a danger of terrorism from some of the Muslims who disliked a Christian meeting being held. There were many police officers and the location for the event was completely closed.
Fortunately, they didn't stop me and our mission team from going into the meeting place.
In physical sense it was depressing and there seemed to be no way out, but I had peace of mind and I was touched in my heart and professed that we would begin the conference at noon.
And at noon, the gate of the place was suddenly opened.
What happened? A minister of the government in Pakistan heard about it and took care of the matter for us.
He was scheduled to go to another city in that morning, but he postponed his schedule to come to where we were.
He helped us because he had previously visited our church in Korea and had gotten a good impression of the church.
Likewise, in advance, God gave His grace to those who would help us later, so that they could be our substantial help as needed.
Something similar happened in the 2004 Peru Crusade.
Because of the administrative works, the permission to use the crusade location was not given until the morning of the first day of the crusade. But there was somebody who solved this problem.
He was not only a wealthy man, but he was respected by various different groups of people, even to the point of referring to him as 'father'.
But when I arrived in Peru, he was wanted by the police because of some false-accusations brought against him.
Still, putting himself into the danger of being arrested, he came to me and received my prayer. But the next day, God moved the heart of a judge and his name was removed from the wanted list.
As he had this dramatic experience, he actively helped us for the crusade.
Something similar happened in the 2006 Congo crusade, too.
We had the crusade in the stadium for the first two days, but on the third day, the last day of the crusade, we had to move the location due to a reason that could not be changed.
It was an important soccer match that was scheduled to take place in the stadium, and the Minister of Sports politely asked us to change the crusade location.
It was something very difficult to do, but we just accepted his request to follow the law of goodness.
But the problem was that we had to receive the permission for the new location too.
We wanted to use the road called 'Triumph Boulevard' and the open area around it. To use that place, we had to close down the roads.
And they said that boulevard was closed down just once in the history for an event for the president of that country.
Moreover, on the same day, they had a very important national event for the DR Congo. It was not easy to close down that boulevard since it was very close to the Parliament building. It was possible only by the permission of the president himself.
But for this, God had already moved the heart of the president.
Before we started the crusade, we were scheduled to meet with the president of DR Congo. Through that meeting, he came to have positive attitude towards me and the crusade.
He wanted to help us, and his elder sister who was acting first lady, also attended the crusade.
Of course, the permission was given for the new location on the third day, and we could accommodate many more attendees than the first two days.
Brothers and sisters, this is how we can build the Canaan Sanctuary and the Grand Sanctuary: by moving the hearts of people.
We have to touch and move their hearts within Justice beginning with the residents of the area where we will build the sanctuary; then the civil workers; and finally leaders of countries and kings of the nations.
God the Father has told us that He has planted people since long ago to help us, and there are also people who have not yet been made known.
As I possess more of the space of fourth dimension, they will be revealed one by one and be connected with us.
As a result, the great providence of God that He wants to accomplish through us will be completely fulfilled. For this, I urge you to pray continually with love this year, too.


Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, God the Father gave us Isaiah 60:1, "Arise, Shine!" as the motto of our church.
Then, God promised us as verse 3 says, "Nations will come to your light, and kings to the brightness of your rising."
Through the nations and kings that come to us, the treasure of nations will come to this church and we will be able to build the Grand Sanctuary.
But for these things to take place, I have to learn the Spiritual Justice of the fourth dimension.
And it's almost done.
I learned extensively about the justice of the fourth dimension through spiritual training, and I came to utilize the space of the fourth dimension.
We will manifest the works even before people of flesh, the works that are beyond men's imagination and that cannot be imitated by men.
This way, we will see that the promises of God in the Bible and His words that He said to us are fulfilled in reality.
I ask you to pray for this even more.
Those who united their hearts together in prayer will also enjoy the fruit of glory that will be revealed later.
Also, they can ride in the spiritual space with the shepherd, and they will receive the blessing to be able to change their heart more completely.
I pray in the name of the Lord that you will give glory to God on earth and dwell in New Jerusalem together eternally.


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