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   God Answers and Blesses    
   Rev. Jaerock Lee
   Deuteronomy 6: 22-25


Deuteronomy 6: 22-25
'Moreover, the LORD showed great and distressing signs and wonders before our eyes against Egypt, Pharaoh and all his household; He brought us out from there in order to bring us in, to give us the land which He had sworn to our fathers.' "So the LORD commanded us to observe all these statutes, to fear the LORD our God for our good always and for our survival, as it is today. "It will be righteousness for us if we are careful to observe all this commandment before the LORD our God, just as He commanded us."


Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,
There are quite a few men of God among the patriarchs of faith who had done amazing works of God.
In the New Testament, we see that Peter, the apostle Paul, Stephen, and Philip performed the power of God.
Many people accepted the Lord and received salvation through those powerful works.
They were set free from the yoke of pain of life-problems and gave glory to God.
Yes of course the power of the patriarchs of faith was great, but the power of Jesus was at a different dimension.
Jesus did not just cure a particular disease and solve a particular problem; He solved the problems of each person as a whole.
Jesus understood the fundamental cause of people's problems. Jesus first solved the problem of sin when people came before Him with a problem.
Then, they were set free from the problems of diseases, poverty, children, and their spiritual thirst.
The power and authority were so great that many were changed just by hearing Jesus' words or seeing His works.
The power and authority of the Son of God and His overflowing love infiltrated into them, drove away darkness, and gave them true joy and freedom.
Even today, those who meet this Lord can receive the solutions to the problems as a whole.
Not only salvation and the kingdom of heaven but also they will receive the answers to life-problems such as diseases, poverty, and problems with children.
They can also receive health, wealth, or fame as they ask. It's because everything will go well with them as their soul prospers.
Also, our Good Father God loves His children and always wants to give them good things.
The Good God has proclaimed the year of blessing in this year in this church.
This blessing is at a different dimension than the previous blessings.
It is truly amazing blessing in which you will receive the answers to your life-problems as a whole.
It is the blessing in which we will reap whatever we have sown, and abundantly.
God the Father has given us a particular day to announce the beginning of this blessing.
It is the party that we will have on March 31.
Through this message, I hope all of you will understand what kinds of blessings God will give to us.
I pray in the name of the Lord that you will prepare for this party of blessing very well so that you will all receive such blessings.


Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, recently in the sermons about space and dimension, you heard how the powerful works in the Bible took place.
You understood that they took place in the space of the spirit.
You didn't just hear about it, but you also saw and experienced firsthand those powerful works taking place through the spiritual space.
Through these, you came to more firmly believe that all the words in the Bible are true and that the spiritual realm does exist.
God has been guiding our church very delicately and He showed us more and more wondrous things as the power became greater.
Recently, as the original power went over 50%, He commanded us to have a party of blessing.
What is the reason?
It is to show us what kinds of works will take place when more than 50% of the original powe is achieved.
Through this party of blessing, you will experience another dimension of power.
Brothers and sisters, the essence of this party of blessing is 'Comprehensive Works'.
'Comprehensive' means 'covering completely or broadly'.
Then, what kinds of works are comprehensive works?
For easier understanding, let me explain the meaning of it in two aspects.
First, it means the answer will come in a comprehensive manner.
When you receive prayer for your heart's desires, you will receive the answer not just for that particular matter but also for many other problems as well.
When we see those who have problems, we see they usually have many kinds of problems together.
Some of them have multiple number of serious illnesses, or complex problems in family, workplace, and many other areas.
Of course, I know that most of you have received answers to many problems attending this church.
God must have answered you to the extent that you repented of past sins and you live by the word of God.
But sometimes you still have some other things for which you have to receive the answers.
Here, because you listened to the word and know how to receive answers, you try to fast and pray and work faithfully for God.
Some of you have received my prayer many times. But still, you haven't received the answers.
Some of you think, "While all others receive answers, why can't I?"
While you don't receive the solution to your problems, other problems rise as time passes.
You may get some complications of a sickness, or once your business begins to go wrong, other problems constantly arise.
For some families, the children may go astray a little bit, and they go too far to come back.
This way, various problems grow up like snowballs.
It's like, when the threads are mingled up and if you do not loosen it right away, it becomes irreversibly mingled up.
Then, what is the reason that you don't receive the answers? Is it because the power of God is too weak? Of course not!
It's because the original cause of the problem is not resolved.
In order to receive the answer to a problem, you have to realize the original cause of it, namely the wall of sin that is standing between God and you. You have to repent of it completely to tear it down.
But you don't realize the original cause of the problem. You just know it vaguely, so you cannot get to the core of the problem.
God the Father said that through this party of blessing He would give us the blessing for you to realize the fundamental cause of problems.
Just like a teacher gives the correct answers after an exam, He will let us realize the original cause of problems. He will also give His grace so that you can truly repent of it from the heart.
If you resolve the original cause of the problem this way, God said that not only one problem but many problems will be resolved comprehensively. How amazing this is!
For example, suppose there is a family that has constant calamities due to idolatry done in previous generations.
But because they listened to the messages, they know that the reason of calamities is idolatry.
So, they repent and try to erase all things that are related with idolatry.
But they still have problems. For example, they are disturbed during the worship services, so they cannot worship in spirit and truth.
Or, because they are not protected, they may get into unexpected accidents. Some new problems are derived, too.
It's because, although they repented to some extent and they tried to erase the traces of idolatry, there are some things of which Satan can still accuse.
Recently I heard a testimony from one of our members.
I appeared in his dream and pointed at a particular place. When he saw that place there was an amulet and he got rid of it.
Likewise, you can find the cause even through a dream or inspiration in prayers. You have to get rid of these causes from the bottom so there won't be any more problems.
Of course, it is important to remove these things, but the most important thing is the repentance from true heart.
You have to realize from the bottom of your heart how meaningless idolatry is and repent of it and turn away from it completely.
Isaiah 44:15 tells us how foolish it is to make and worhsip idols.
It says, "Then it becomes something for a man to burn, so he takes one of them and warms himself; he also makes a fire to bake bread. He also makes a god and worships it; he makes it a graven image and falls down before it." How ridiculous it is when people cook and heat up with wood, and with the same wood they make idols and worship it!
If you thoroughly realize this, you will never worship an idol.
You will repent that you did not worship and love God, and you will do away with idols from your heart.
When you repent from heart this way and turn away completely to remove the original cause, the curse of idolatry will be completely broken.
It's same with other kinds of problems. Suppose there is a believer who has paralysis.
He realizes that he had a lot of hot-temper while listening to the messages.
Now in order to be healed, he tries to cast away his hot-temper by fasting and prayers. So, he has recovered to some extent, but he is not completely healed. In the meantime he has got complications, too.
If such a person receives the comprehensive works, he will understand the original cause of the problem.
He will remember each of his evil words that he said out of anger and his giving hard time to his family members.
He will realize how evil this hot-temper is and repent completely. He will hate hot-temper from the depth of his heart, and he can now throw it away.
Then, the walls between God and him that were created because of his anger will be destroyed, and along with that, all other problems will be solved, too.
The problems of finance and family and other problems are solved.
From the book of Job, we can understand this principle of 'Comprehensive Works'.
Job was upright and perfect and shunned evil. But he always worried that his children might commit sins.
Job himself also was a little bit afraid of God.
His deeds were perfect. But he still had evil nature in him, and he couldn't realize the true love of God.
Because of this, Job was accused by Satan; he lost all his wealth and children.
His whole body was struck with sore boils. Now, Job, who used to be upright and perfect in deeds, began to give out evil.
But after all the trials, he cast away this evil from his nature, and all problems were resolved.
God blessed him twice as much as he had before, and gave him many children.
His daughters were the most beautiful in the country. As he solved the original cause of the problem, he received the blessings of wealth, fame, and long life.
Of course, I am not saying you have to cast away all forms of evil from your nature right now to resolve the original cause of the problem.
What I am saying is you have to find out the original cause of the problem to receive the answers.
Brothers and sisters, with the 'Comprehensive Wroks', I said, that you can receive the answers to all kinds of problems of sickness, family, business, etc.
Here, let me briefly explain how the Comprehensive Wroks can take place in relation with diseases.
For example, suppose a believer is receiving prayer for a brain stroke.
Here, with the Comprehensive Wroks, not only the brain stroke will be cured.
The original cause of the brain stroke, which is the circulatory system, will be made complete. Circulatory system is the organs and parts that make the blood flow.
For example, if this brain stroke is caused by high blood pressure, he will be healed of his high BP when he receives prayer for brain stroke.
His circulatory system will be healthy as a whole, so there won't be any danger for further health problems.
Moreover, he will be healed of other diseases that he was not aware of before.
Of course, this kind of Comprehensive Wroks can take place when the original cause of the problem is resolved.
Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, the 'Comprehensive Wroks', secondly, is to manifest all the works that have taken place so far altogether.
Let me give you examples of signs and wonders. God the Father has showed us signs and wonders utilizing the spiritual spaces.
Do you remember May 1998, when God first showed us the circular rainbow?
This rainbow is also made through the spiritual space.
Also, do you remember the first moment when you saw the clouds coming out from sky and going back in again?
Through this, we could understand that there is spiritual space of another dimension, and that there were gates that lead to that space.
Since then, through the spiritual studies and spiritual trainings, God has shown us different kinds of works one by one.
When we had church events such as summer retreats, God gave us the optimal weather conditions by controlling the rain, wind, and temperature.
Some typhoons and hurricanes were weakened or disappeared.
God let us have a summer without harmful insects by sending us a swarm of dragonflies.
Furthermore, there were many other wondrous works that we couldn't understand with worldly knowledge.
Finally, we came to experience the works of utilizing the fourth dimensional spiritual spaces, which is the highest dimension.
Now, as necessary, Comprehensive Wroks will take place through various dimensions of spiritual spaces.
It's not that each miracle or sign will take place one by one, but all things will take place as a whole.
For example, when we have church events, the optimal weather for that day will be given.
Everything – temperature, rain, wind, and clouds – will be in perfect harmony to create the best weather condition.
Also, wondrous kinds of rainbows may appear. Some natural disasters such as typhoons may go away, or snow or rain may stop or begin to fall.
For example, Korea suffers a lot in spring because of yellow dust.
And we can solve this kind of problem through spiritual spaces. Things will take place in spiritual spaces in a comprehensive manner at appropriate points.
It is like if you put the information of current situation into a computer program, the optimal environment will be created.
When I travel to many countries to meet the kings of the nations, these Comprehensive Wroks will take place more wondrously.
For example, when they come before me, they will ask me to pray for major agendas of their countries.
Then, upon the prayer even their personal desires will be answered along with those prayer requests.
How marveled they will be! When this kind of news spread, many more people will come with a longing heart.
Do you look forward to such Comprehensive Wroks? Pleaes do, and also please pray for this.


Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, what is the most fundamental cause of life-problems?
In one word, it is 'sin'. In other words, it is not to love God. The Bible tells us that we do not love God if we live in sins.
Therefore, we come to love God to the extent that our problem of sin is resolved.
This is the kind of blessing that God wants to give us through the Comprehensive Wroks.
It is the blessing for us to become true children of God who love Him truly.
Of course, this kind of Comprehensive Works will not just take place to anybody.
They will be given to those who are qualified according to God's justice.
Pslam 103:13 says, "Just as a father has compassion on his children, So the LORD has compassion on those who fear Him."
These blessings will be given to those children who fear God, namely those who try to cast away evil and resemble God.
Of course, you Manmin members try to find yourself and change yourself when you have problems or heart's desires.
Here, some of you cast away sins and come into the light relatively more easily. But some others find it more difficult.
It's because you grew up in different environment and you have different inner heart.
Also, regardless of your will, sometimes the wall of sin created by your ancestors stands between you and God.
But the Holy Spirit who is dwelling in us knows very well these situations and hearts of men.
He has compassionon us and intercedes for us to God.
Romans 8:27 says, "...and He who searches the hearts knows what the mind of the Spirit is, because He intercedes for the saints according to the will of God."
Through this intercession of the Holy Spirit, the way for us to cast away sins and receive blessings is opened more widely.
Of course, there are certain qualifications which you have to meet to receive the answer.
They are the six things that I explained during the Lunar New Year holidays.
Brothers and sisters, suppose you are living by a river, and suddenly the river stops flowing.
As you go to the upstream, you find that somebody has built a bank across the river.
When you destroyed the bank, the river began to flow freely.
What is the fundamental cause that is blocking the river of blessings for you?
I hope you will solve the cause in the party of blessing, so that the blessing of God will be poured on your life as rivers and waterfalls.
I pray in the name of the Lord that this blessing will overflow your family, workplace, and even your neighbors.