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| Manmin News   No. 634 | HIT 868 | DATE 2019-03-24
19th Anniversary of Muan Sweet Water

Beginning at 11 AM on March 7, the 19th anniversary celebrations and worship service of Muan Sweet Water were held in Muan Manmin Church in Muan Goon Jeollanamdo Province. It was commenced by the presider Pastor Myeongsool Kim that was followed by the prayer of Pastor Taeshik Gil, and then a special song by Jinhee Kim before Pastor Miyoung Lee, the vice chairperson of the Pastors' Association of Manmin Central Church delivered the message.
Before the message, Pastor Miyoung Lee read the handwritten message of Rev. Jaerock Lee saying, "Muan Sweet Water is a proof of the living God and confirms many events in the Bible. Please do not forget the grace given to us through Muan Sweet Water and keep marching on toward the kingdom of heaven." Then she delivered the message with the title, "Chance".
It was then followed by congratulatory message of Dr. Yoonsuk Chae, the president of WCDN, and the benediction of Pastor Sangtae Kim, academic dean of United Holiness Theological Seminary.
The Crystal Singers' and the Sound of Light Chorus presented splendid performances of singing and Korean fan-dance for the 2nd part of the service.

Muan Sweet Water: Sign that Confirms Infallibility of Bible

Pastor Myeongsool Kim, Muan Manmin Church

In Exodus 15 is a record of the event in which God through his servant Moses changed the bitter water of Marah into sweet water. The members of Muan Manmin Church prayed for their lack of fresh water, and the faithful God heard them. On March 5, 2000, through Rev. Jaerock Lee's prayer that transcends time and space, God changed the salty well water that was like that of the seashore into sweet water. When we've applied it with faith, various diseases were healed and problems resolved.
Before this anniversary, the local government issued an order for reduction of fine dust for 3 days. I asked the Senior Pastor to pray for good weather conditions. And by 8 AM on March 7, all the warnings of heavy fine dust were lifted all over Jeonnam province and we had the event under such a clear sky.