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Construction of the Grand Sanctuary
When Manmin Church started in 1982, at the Veillée de Vendredi, God showed 17 church members the Grand Sanctuairethat would reveal the great glory of God at the end of the age. Here you will find the brief explanation of the Grand Sanctuary.

Grand Sanctuary to Be Built by Faith and Love

The Grand Sanctuary is not merely a building in which a large number of people will come together to worship; it is the best sanctuary that worships God the Creator and Ruler of all things who is worthy of honor and praise forever and ever.
During Old Testament times, God revealed His glory through all the earth by permitting King Solomon to construct a beautiful temple in His honor. In those days, God's people received salvation by abiding by the law only through deeds and thus, Solomon's Temple was a place at which people worshipped God only through deeds.
In New Testament times, however, Jesus fulfilled the law with love, and by our faith in Jesus Christ, we arrive at salvation. By receiving the Holy Spirit, we can now abide by God's law not only through deeds but from the heart and by accomplishing goodness with God's love, we can now become His true children. The kind of sanctuary with which God is pleased in New Testament times is the one that is built not only by deeds alone but also by faith and love.
God seeks and desires a sanctuary of true significance that will be built by His holy and sanctified children who will have taken after His heart in their love for Him. For that reason, God allowed the destruction of the Temple during Old Testament times and now desires to accomplish a sanctuary of true significance rooted in faith and love.

Dimensions and Structure of the Main Sanctuary

Embedded in the structure of the Grand Sanctuary are a wide range of spiritual secrets on the cultivation of mankind as well as much significance on God's goodness, beauty, vast wisdom and power.
Just as God gave even the minutest details of the Tabernacle that Moses built or the Temple that King Solomon constructed, God has revealed in detail the dimension and the structure of the Grand Sanctuary, and all this He will accomplish Himself.
On the outside of the Grand Sanctuary are 12 large pillars and between each of the 12 pillars are 7 smaller pillars, totaling in 96 pillars.
The Main Sanctuary of the Grand Sanctuary is in the shape of a circle whose diameter is 600 meters (about 1,968.5 feet). This signifies the width, length, and height of New Jerusalem, each of which is 6,000 Ri(a traditional Korean unit of measuring length; about 2,403 statute miles). The depth of the underground is 20 meters(about 65.6 feet), the height above the ground level is 40 meters (about 131.2 feet), and the height of the cross steeple atop the roof of the Grand Sanctuary is 10 meters tall, bringing the overall height of the Grand Sanctuary to 70 meters (about 229.6 feet).
In between each of the 12 large pillars will stand 7 smaller pillars. The number "7" signifies "perfection" and these 7 pillars will refer to the 6 days during which God created the universe and the seventh day on which He rested. Building of the 7 smaller pillars symbolizes that God will have completed the cultivation of mankind with the construction of the Grand Sanctuary. On each of the 7 smaller pillars will be engraved beautiful patterns that sequentially depict God's creation of the universe.

A Symbol Revealing God's Glory through All the Earth

The Grand Sanctuary is a model for New Jerusalem in the kingdom of Cieux and will be constructed with the wisdom and touch of God which the limit of man cannot surpass.
Merely by looking upon the Grand Sanctuary will compel people to feel the majesty and glory of God the Creator and people who come from all over the globe to the Grand Sanctuary in their earnest desire will come to grasp the Providence of the creation and magnify and praise God.

" And I saw the holy city, new Jerusalem, coming down out of Cieux from God, made ready as a bride adorned for her husband" (Revelation 21:2)


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