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"Manmin" means "All Creation."

...offered to God its opening service with 13 people on July 25, 1982 under the scorching sun of summer. On October 10 of that year, when all kinds of cereal ripened, Manmin offered to God its "Founding Service" with 100 members. By October 2015, Manmin has grown to a 133,000-strong congregation with approximately 10,000 branch and associative churches all around the globe. Manmin has experienced such an astounding and rapid growth only in 30 years because, amidst God's abundant blessings, there are always the messages of life proclaimed by Rev. Dr. Jaerock Lee, marvelous manifestations of the fiery works of the Holy Spirit, and the unceasing prayer of its members..

In accordance with the will of God who
"desires all men to be saved," brothers and sisters in Christ at Manmin will be charging forward with the Gospel in their hands until the day of Our Lord's return.

Church Organization
A Global Church Collaborating with More Than 10,000 Branch Churches around the World Amidst God's limitless blessings and grace, Manmin Central Church is accomplishing national evangelization and world mission with more than 133,000 officially registered members, 13 branch sanctuaries in the Seoul metropolitan area, 43 branch churches throughout Korea and approximately 10,000 branch churches and mission centers abroad.

The Church is organized and divided largely into parishes and missions: 36 Parishes under 3 Great Grand Parishes and are and 57 Missions under 8 United Missions. In both the organizations, in sum, there are more than 1,800 cells and groups.
Under the leadership of Senior Pastor, Rev. Dr. Jaerock Lee, there are more than 850 people serving the church: 250 ministers including 147 pastors, 99 evangelists, and 4 praise leaders who are taking care of church members and serving at the worship service; 129 missionaries (including 43 pastors) commissioned to different parts of the world testifying to the holiness gospel; and 535 full-time or part-time workers who are helping the church with world evangelization.

Prayer - In the Relentless Flame of Prayer Overflows God's Grace and the Holy Spirit's Touch
Manmin Central Church was founded in 1982 by means of fiery prayers of Senior Pastor Dr. Jaerock Lee and his wife Mrs. Boknim Lee and a few more believers, and one year after the church offered its establishment service, Manmin Prayer Center was founded and she was inaugurated as its president. Naming after the prophet Daniel who prayed earnestly for 21 days as he had vowed until he was ensured of God's answers, she began leading "Daniel Prayer Meeting" and it has lasted for about 29 years.

Taking after members of the early churches who strove to meet with each other, brothers and sisters at Manmin gather at "Daniel Prayer Meeting" every night and pray for 3 hours. Through the Prayer Meeting they look back at their day, plan the new day to come, seek the righteousness and kingdom of God, pray for their country and its people, and glorify God by receiving God's answers and blessings.

The live-broadcast of the proceedings from the Meetings via satellite and on the Internet and GCN makes it possible for Manmin members at branch churches at home and around the world to participate in the Meetings. Encouraging all the more believers to call out to God in prayer habitually in obedience to God's commandment, "Pray without ceasing," doors to "Daniel Prayer Meeting" are open wide to anyone and everyone.

Practicing Love and Social Welfare - Sharing of the Heart Increases Love!
Abiding by the teachings and the will of Jesus Christ who personified the commandment, "You shall love your neighbor as yourself" and the concept of "service," Manmin Central Church actively shares the love of the Lord with its neighbors neglected and suffering from difficulties through various forms of community service. It has established "The Relief Committee" that regularly provides living expenses and scholarships to the elderly living in solitude and youths who find themselves as heads of households.

With the assistance of respective government offices, the Church is also operating such welfare institutions as "Manmin Welfare Town" and "Rainbow-rising House" specifically for the elderly with no one to whom they can turn. Furthermore, "Joint Weddings" for the disabled couples help them with starting joyful families while "Mission House" assists the foreigners living and working in Korea settle down with speed and greater ease.

"The Luke Medical Mission," a collection of medical professionals among Manmin members, visits social welfare institutions from time to time and offers medical examinations free of charge. "Volunteers of Manmin Central Church" participated in cleaning up oil spill areas in Taean County in South Korea and medical doctor David Eu volunteered to provide medical relief in the earthquake stricken Haiti. "The Edification and Welfare Mission" visits youth detention centers and prisons to worship together with inmates and presents them with gifts.

Fellowship - Time of Joy Spent with Brothers and Sisters of Faith!
Manmin Central Church divides all of its members according to the region in which they reside and the age group to which each of them belongs. A cell is formed among Manmin members living in the vicinity of each other and through the weekly Cell Services, they share grace from the Word, pray with and for one another, preach the Gospel to others, and have a joyful time of fellowship.

"Group" is the basis for Children's and Students' Sunday Schools, Young Adults' Mission, College Mission, Canaan Mission, Paul's Mission, Mary's Mission, Light and Salt Mission, as well as Men's and Women's Missions that place each member with others in the same age range. Every Sunday following the Second Morning Service, each group meets for lunch and fellowship, and a variety of events held amongst missions or united missions.

Through such times and opportunities of fellowship, Manmin members become one in the love of Our Lord and strive to even more greatly achieve God's will. Newcomers are also encouraged to lead more blissful lives in Christ.


Evangelism and New Believers' Education - How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!
Harboring in heart the love of God who deems one soul more precious than the entire universe, Manmin Central Church organizes and operates a variety of evangelization programs by which the gospel of sanctification could be preached to a greater number of people. On an individual level, each Manmin member also makes every effort to testify to Jesus Christ in season and out of season with his or her firsthand testimonies of faith.

Led by the Manmin Evangelization Brigade's "The Sharing of Meals of Love Event," street outreach designed for both Koreans and foreigners alike, and "Outdoor Outreach Concerts" with the Nissi Orchestra, the Church supports various efforts to bring the Gospel to those who have yet to meet God. Furthermore, with the regularly held, church-wide "Evangelization and Reclaiming of the Lost Sheep Campaigns," Manmin strives to bring back to salvation that one last soul. The hands and feet of those who bring the true gladness enjoyed by each Manmin member make the Church a place in which people filled with joy abound.

The Church assists the newcomers with "The 5-week Education Program" to help them adjust to the church life with speed and ease and in leading true life in Christ.


Education and Seminars for Spiritual Warriors - Spiritual Growth and the Fruit of Vigorous Efforts to Produce Faithful Workers
In order to wholly accomplish the Great Commission of our Lord ? the saving of souls ? Manmin Central Church recognized early on the significance of the need of many spiritual workers, and has developed and is operating a variety of education and training programs.

Every year the Church conducts "The Seminar for Cell, Sub-district, District, and Group Leaders," operates Manmin Biblical Academy (MBA) that arms its members with God's Word, and Manmin Mission Training Center (MMTC) that provides the trainees with a vision for world mission and aimed at nurturing layman missionaries. Manmin Christian Culture Academy (MCCA) also offers a wide arrange of curriculum in Christian culture for those who wish to partake in mission work through praise, dance, and performances.

The Church also educates its children at Manmin Kindergarten while Students' and Children's Sunday Schools, with such programs as the weekly "Saturday Praise Service," Bible Study Sessions, "Prayer Meetings to be Filled with the Holy Spirit," are making every effort to nurture children in the Lord and prevent them from becoming imbued with the ways of the world.

At the United Holiness Theological Seminary affiliated with the denomination, the Church strives to produce true servants of the Lord and church workers equipped not only with the Word and prayer but also with theological knowledge and established backgrounds.

Singing and Dancing in Christian performance culture - Heart-touching Performances that Filled the Eyes with Tears of Grace
With "The Performing Arts Committee," Manmin Central Church nurtures professional performers dedicated to Christ in different fields and is leading the mission work through the demonstration of Christian culture. With praising, instrumental performances, dances, rhythmic movements not only during worship services but also at a variety of events in the Christian circle throughout Korea, military bases, prisons, and hospitals, members of Manmin's Performing Arts Committee are sharing the love of Jesus Christ especially with the neglected in the society.

Furthermore, they are frequently invited to overseas crusades at which they magnify God with their top-notch performances that graft the local languages and tradition, and also showcase Korea's tradition and culture. The fire of praise set ablaze even before the crusades began more than sufficed to open the door to the hearts of those in attendance towards heaven. Performance teams of Manmin Central Church have touched the hearts of people in attendance at overseas crusades with their praising in the local languages and attires, and with traditional dances.

Their high-class performances are appreciated by many to have displayed and advanced the essence of Christian culture and their use of Korea's traditional "fan dance" has made them "goodwill ambassadors" in countries they have visited. The crowds throughout the world have confessed that the door to their hearts were touched and opened towards heaven from watching Manmin's mission teams' performances. Without conforming to the ways or trends of the world, the performance teams have made tremendous contributions with their spiritual praises that only magnified God the Creator.

Nissi Orchestra - Symphony of Praise Filled with the Spirit
Founded in 1992, the Nissi Orchestra (Kwanhyung Cho, Conductor), is Korean Christianity's first praise oriented, full scale orchestra whose members are united in their love for God with the goal of praising the Lord. All of the Nissi members have majored in music and are being utilized as God s precious vessels with their sincere faith and unsurpassed talent.

The Orchestra has spread the Gospel with performances at overseas crusades, Annual Prayer Breakfasts, goodwill concerts at embassies, and charity concerts. Nissi has also been spearheading mission work through performing arts by producing and distributing high class albums.


Healing Ministry - God's Manifestations of Healing
Through Rev. Dr. Jaerock Lee, whom God affirms with His presence and power, the kind of Biblical healing that is simply impossible by the might of man is taking place even today. At each overseas crusade, countless have received God's healing of such incurable and terminal diseases as AIDS, cancer, and the like on the spot when Rev. Dr. Lee prayed not by placing his hand on each of the sick but merely for all from the pulpit.


Signs, Wonders, and Extraordinary Miracles - "Power" is the unlimited authority and strength of the almighty God.
Recorded in the Bible are countless instances in which God manifests His power: the Red Sea was split; the sun and the moon stopped their movements; the mute began to talk; the blind opened their eyes; the deaf started to hear; and the crippled stood up and ran. All these are works of power only God can manifest. Since the creation, God has chosen prophets and apostles proper in His eyes and used them as vessels of His power, and the same God is earnestly seeking that kind of servants even today.

In the Last Days, God is using Rev. Dr. Jaerock Lee, who since the day he met God has desired to be used greatly by God and thus prepared himself with countless hours and days of prayer and fasting, as a great instrument of His power and leading countless souls scattered around the world onto the path of true salvation. God's power manifested through Rev. Dr. Jaerock Lee is a token of His work and love.

Rainbow - Rainbow, the sign of God's Covenant
As recorded in Revelation 4:3, which reads, "And He who was sitting was like a jasper stone and a sardius in appearance; and there was a rainbow around the throne, like an emerald in appearance," rainbows are symbols of God's presence amongst mankind.
Rainbows frequently appear in the sky above Manmin Central Church during major events as well as on ordinary days. In the skies above Manmin's branch churches in Korea and around the world and wherever in the world God's work is being done in the name of Manmin, rainbows of various shapes always appear and testify to God's presence and intervention.


Muan Sweet Water -The same biblical miracle took place: the salty water's changing into sweet water!
Seated on an island and surrounded by an ocean, Muan Manmin Church for years had suffered from the lack of sufficient supply of potable water. Yet, God who 3,500 years ago turned the bitter water at Marah into sweet water through Prophet Moses, manifested in March 2000 the work of creation by turning bitter seawater into sweet, potable water at the beseeching of faith by Muan Manmin Church members and the time-and-space-transcending prayer of Rev. Dr. Jaerock Lee. The bitter water that turned sweet at Marah had been standing water; the sweet water at Muan, however, is being produced as the inflow of seawater is continuously purified. Furthermore, an investigation completed by a public research institution (FDA, USA) revealed that Muan Sweet Water is of supreme quality full of minerals.

Experiencing God's spectacular works of power through Muan Sweet Water!

Vision has been restored when people, by faith, drank and applied Muan Sweet Water on their eyes. Extraordinary instances involving Muan Sweet Water, including of those receiving God's complete healing of their diseases, reviving trees that had long been dead, fixing of machinery equipment, receiving desires of the heart, and the like, have become commonplace at Manmin.
Moreover, people of all walks of life from around the world regularly visit the site of Muan Sweet Water to witness the place of God's creative work and have firsthand experiences for themselves. Upon experiencing works of God's power, visitors greatly magnify God.

The Aquarium of Muan Sweet Water in which fresh-water fish and sea fish dwell together!

From the Bible we gather that during the Flood in Noah's time, when sea water and fresh water mixed, the freshwater fish and sea fish coexisted. Except for a few species, a scientific fact dictates that freshwater fish cannot live in the sea and saltwater fish cannot live in the fresh water. It is truly amazing that the kind of God's work recorded in the Bible, i.e., the coexistence of saltwater fish and freshwater fish, is being repeated through Muan Sweet Water today.

Colorful Aurora-like Lights - The Original Light of God that Appears as Colorful Aurora-like Lights Create Various Images!
There is a very hot news that is attracting the attention of the world Christian communities: it is the beautiful images that the aurora-like lights form in Manmin Central Church. The aurora lights that are seen at Earth's magnetosphere are beautiful, but pictures of much more beautiful colored aurora-like lights have been taken by Manmin members. It was another present given to us from God since May 2011.

God opens the spiritual realm and surrounds us with the aurora lights. The lights appear in the form of various colorful images. Their pictures have been taken in all Manmin ministerial areas all around the world. The lights from the spiritual space are different from natural auroras in that the former includes the strong power of God that changes the heart of human beings, helps them cast away evil and circumcise their hearts, and heals all kinds of diseases.



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