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"God protected my son from death, and blessed me to get promotion!"

I used to be a Muslim but in November 2010, I was guided to Manmin by my brother and became a sheep of Manmin. I was so
  | Manmin News   No. 567 | HIT 67 2017-11-19
"I was given a new life through the power of God!"

From September 11, 2017, I had a cold with high fever and suffered from muscular pain, but I did not take it seriously.
  | Manmin News   No. 567 | HIT 83 2017-11-19
"Dr. Jaerock Lee's sermons changed my whole life!"

One day in 2014, I happened to watch a sermon on YouTube. It was a sermon entitled "Hell". I received much grace from th
  | Manmin News   No. 565 | HIT 137 2017-11-05
"The Holy Spirit guided me to Manmin Central Church!"

Seven years ago, I heard that a person on the threshold of death was healed by a pastor's prayer. It meant the pastor ha
  | Manmin News   No. 565 | HIT 126 2017-11-05
"Manmin Church's pastors and workers are amazing!"

Mrs. Bozena Gasiorowski, Director of Helping Hand Coalition I joined Manmin Central Church's 35th anniv
  | Manmin News   No. 564 | HIT 168 2017-10-29
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