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New Year's address
How he met God
Power of Creation
Dr. Lee's writings
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Rev. Dr. Jaerock Lee's Profile About Us > Senior Pastor Rev. Dr. Jaerock Lee > Profile

- Chairman, The United Holiness Church of Jesus Christ
- Board Chairman, The United Holiness Theological Seminary
- Senior Pastor, Manmin Central Church
- President, Manmin World Mission
- Permanent President, The Christianity World Revival Mission Association
- Founder & Board Chairman, Manmin International Seminary
- Founder & President, The World Christian Doctors Network
- Founder & Board Chairman, Global Christian Network
- Doctor of Ministry, Honorary Doctor of Divinity
- His Sermon is broadcast to the world including the USA, Russia, India, and Australia.

- He has led many pastors' conferences and great crusades around the world in New York, Baltimore, Los Angeles, Hawaii, Japan, Israel, Argentina, Tanzania, Uganda, Pakistan, Kenya, The Philippines, India, Honduras, Russia, Germany, Estonia, Peru and Democratic Republic of Congo.

- Rev. Dr. Lee has written 64 books, including bestsellers Tasting Eternal Life before Death, The Message of the Cross, and Heaven I & II, Hell and his works have been translated into 73 languages.

1964. Accepted to Hanyang University (College of Engineering)
1983. Graduated from Holiness (SungKyul) Theological College
1993. Honorary Doctorate of Divinity in Christian Faith College, Florida, USA
1996. Doctorate of Ministry in Kingsway Theological Seminary, Iowa, USA

1982. Founded Manmin Church
1986, Ordained as a pastor at Annual Assembly of Jesus' Sungkyul Church of Korea
1992. Joint Chairman, Holy Spirit World Explosion Crusade
1994. Chairman, Seoul Holy Spirit Crusade
1995. Administrative Chairman, Peaceful Re-Unification Jubilee Crusade in 50th Anniversary of Independence
1997. Chairman, Korea's Re-unification Holy Spirit Evangelism Crusade
1999. Permanent President, World Christianity Revival Mission Association
2000. Speaker, Uganda Holy Gospel Crusade and Pakistan Miracle Healing Crusade
2001. Speaker, Kenya Holy Gospel Crusade and Philippine United Crusade
2002. Vice Chairman, 2002 World-Cup Mission,
Joint Chairman, Korea Ecumenical Association,
Joint Chairman, World Evangelization Central Council,
Permanent President, Nation Evangelization Movement,
Administrative Chairman, Prosecutors Evangelization Council
Speaker, India Miracle Healing Prayer Festival & Honduras Miracle Healing Crusade
2003. Speaker, Russian Miracle Healing Festival
2004. Speaker, Germany Healing Festival & P0eru Healing Crusade
2006. Speaker, DR Congo Miracle Healing Festival & New York Crusade
2009. Speaker, Israel United Crusade (International Multi-cultural Festival in Jerusalem)
2010. Speaker, Estonia Miracle Healing Crusade
Named as the TV Evangelist among the Top 10 Most Influential Christian Leaders of 2009
2011 Named as the Missionary among the Top 10 Most Influential Christian Leaders of 2010

Current Titles
Permanent President of World Christianity Revival Mission Association,
Founder and Board Chairman of Global Christian Network (GCN),
Founder and Board Chairman of World Christian Doctors Network (WCDN),
Founder and Chairman of Manmin International Seminary (MIS),
Board Chairman of the United Holiness Theological Seminary,
Senior Pastor of Manmin Central Church,
Chairman of the United Holiness Church of Jesus Christ

Ministerial History

1) Overseas Crusades
Dr. Jaerock Lee has been taking the lead not only in domestic mission works but also in world mission, conducting many mega-size crusades in and out of Korea to have become known as a worldwide and powerful revivalist. He has conducted united crusades in New York City, Washington D.C., Baltimore, L.A., Hawaii of the United States; in Ida, Nagoya, and Shinshu of Japan; Pakistan, the Philippines, and India of Asia; in Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, and Democratic Republic of Congo of Africa; in Russia, Germany, and Estonia of Europe; in Argentina, Honduras, and Peru of Latin America; and in Israel.
In 2002 he was called a "worldwide revivalist" by major Christian newspapers in Korea for his powerful ministries in various overseas crusades. Especially, his 'New York Crusade 2006' held in Madison Square Garden, the most world-famous arena, was broadcast to 220 nations, and in his 'Israel United Crusade 2009' held in International Convention Center in Jerusalem he boldly proclaimed Jesus Christ is the Messiah and Savior. His sermon is brodacst to 176 nations via satellites including GCN TV and he was listed as one of the Top 10 Most Influential Christian Leaders of 2009 and 2010 by the Russian popular Christian magazine In Victory and new agency Christian Telegraph for his powerful TV broadcasting ministry and overseas church-pastoring ministry.

2) Church Ministry
Since the founding of the church, Dr. Lee has shepherded the church very well and as of 2012, it has a congregation of 120,000 registered members in Korea and 10,000 overseas branch and associative churches around the world. He has commissioned 129 missionaries to 23 countries, including the USA, Russia, Canada, Japan, China, France, India, and Kenya.

3) Book Ministry
Dr. Lee has written 64 books including Tasting Eternal Life before Death, My Life My Faith I & II, The Message of the Cross, The Measure of Faith, Heaven I & II, Hell, Awaken Israel, and The Power of God and 30 of them have been translated into 73 languages, and 172 books published into 34 languages.

4) On Journals and Newspapers
His Christian columns appear on The Hankook Ilbo, The JoongAng Daily, The Chosun Ilbo, The Dong-A Ilbo, The Munhwa Ilbo, The Seoul Shinmun, The Kyunghyang Shinmun, The Hankyoreh Shinmun, The Korea Economic Daily, The Korea Herald, The Shisa News, and The Christian Press.

73, Yeouidaebang-ro 22-gil, Dongjak-gu, Seoul, Korea
- tel 82-2-818-7000 - fax 82-2-851-3846