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Feature Story Series of 12th Anniversary of Evangelism in Israel

Editor's Note: 2019 marks the 12th year of the start of our missionary works in Israel. Spreading the gospel in Israel i
  | Manmin News   No. 626 | HIT 3 2019-01-20
Prayer of Pastor Yang Won Sohn The "Nuclear Bomb of Love"

Pastor Yang Won Sohn took care of the lepers with all his strength. He was also put in prison for refusing to worship at
  | Manmin News   No. 625 | HIT 55 2019-01-13
The Spiritual Meaning in the Three Gifts That the Magi Presented to Jesus

Gold usually represents wealth and prosperity but as Matthew 6:21 says, "for where your treasure is, there your heart wi
  | Manmin News   No. 623 | HIT 125 2018-12-30
Difference between Jesus and Jesus Christ

There is a great difference between when we pray in the name of Jesus and when we pray in the name of Jesus Christ. The
  | Manmin News   No. 622 | HIT 111 2018-12-23
B.C. and A.D., Secrets in the Calendar

Amazing secrets are found in calendars widely used around the world. This calendar era is based on the year of the birth
  | Manmin News   No. 621 | HIT 116 2018-12-16
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