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   Justice for Healing and Answers(2) - Justice for Healing and Answers (2)    
   Rev. Jaerock Lee
   Isaiah 59:1-2


Isaiah 59:1-2
"Behold, the LORD's hand is not so short That it cannot save; Nor is His ear so dull That it cannot hear. [2] But your iniquities have made a separation between you and your God, and your sins have hidden His face from you so that He does not hear."

Brothers and sisters, just in the case of disease alone, there can be problems of sins, or complex connections of binding by spiritual cords among the family members.
Sometimes, the situations of two or three relationships are inter-related with one another.
Therefore, in order to receive an answer according to justice, we have to understand each case and solve the problem accordingly.
You can receive the healing or the answer to your problem only when the faith of everyone who is bound by the spiritual cords meets the conditions of justice.
For example, suppose there are two persons with the same disease, and both of them repented of their sins and received prayer.
Here, one of them was healed just by one prayer, but the other is not healed even after receiving prayer two or three times.

This is not because God's power is insufficient or because God shows favoritism.
It just means one person met the conditions of justice, and the other did not.
Maybe for the one who is healed by just one prayer, his case was that the disease was caused by his own sins, so he just had to repent of his own sins.
But in the case of the other person who is not healed even after receiving prayer many times, not only his sins but also the sins of his ancestors or parents are the cause of the problem.
Thus, in this case, he was not able to meet the conditions of justice to receive the healing just by repenting of his own sins.
Also, even if the disease is caused entirely by his own sins, the conditions of justice are different according to the magnitude of one's sins.
For example, suppose there are two persons who have the same kind of cancer, and one of them got the cancer due to blasphemy against the Holy Spirit.
But the other person did not commit such a grave sin, but he accumulated sins over a long period of time and this disease developed.
So, when they come before God to receive healing, the conditions of the justice they have to meet for a healing are different for them respectively.
There are so many different kinds of situations, and that is why in some cases it is difficult for them to receive the healing.
So, for some people, even dead nerves and cells revive easily, but for others, they do not receive the healing even though they pray for a long time, because they do not realize and resolve the fundamental cause.
Brothers and sisters, one of the most pitiful cases I see among the many cases of sick people is when the sick person himself has faith, but he does not receive healing because of spiritual cord binding him with his family members or ancestors.
Just for the sick person himself, he has enough faith to receive the healing.
But he only gets worse even when I pray for him.
When I pray about such a person, God lets me know that the disease was caused by the spiritual cord with his ancestors or family members.
In these cases, it is very fortunate if the sick person resolves the problem related with his family members through spiritual cord, but in some other cases, it doesn't happen.
The family members who are connected with the sick person by a spiritual cord do not repent before God, or the sins of his ancestors are so grave that it's not easy to resolve that problem.
In such a case, I try to pray for that person, but I do not get the assurance of healing from my heart.
Then, I can only shed tears of compassion.
In a country where the law is enforced very well, even the son of the president will be punished justly if he violates the law.
Even though the president wants to forgive his son, he cannot do it as he wishes. Spiritual law is even more strictly applied than man's law.
Even though my power is great and I want it so much from my heart, there are cases where they cannot receive the answer because of the law of the spiritual realm.
Of course, sometimes God the Father sees the love going beyond justice and solves the problem.
But to show this kind of love that goes beyond justice before God the Father, one has to offer such earnest prayer of love and devotion.
It is actually filling up the amount of the conditions of justice which are short of receiving the answer through great sacrifice.
Some people receive healing and answers this way.

But hearing this, some of you may wonder thinking, "Do we have to see to all the different causes in order to receive healing? It is very complicated!" But actually it's not the case.
In most cases, the cause of the disease or the problem lies with the person himself.
Therefore, if you check yourself and repent of your shortcomings and wrongdoings, you can receive the healing and answer to prayer.
But the cases I explain to you are for those who resolved the sins of their own but have not received the healing yet.
In these cases, it may be because of not only one's own sins but he is connected with the problem of his ancestors' or parents' sins. Or, it is because of a much bigger fundamental problem than the person realizes.
That is why I briefly explained to you about the cases where people are connected by spiritual cords.
In the beginning of this year, I explained about the fundamental problems of sins in many sessions.
For example, there were cases of people committing sins leading to death, but they did not realize it themselves, so they cannot receive the answer to their prayers.
If you want to reexamine these cases, please refer to the lecture series 'Justice of God' that I preached in 2004, and 'God of Answer and Blessings' which I preached this year.
In doing so, I pray in the name of the Lord that you will resolve all the problems caused by spiritual cords, or other fundamental problems, and receive the answer before this year of blessing 2009 ends.

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, now, let me explain to you another kind of case in regard to satisfying the justice of God needed for your healing.
I hope you will listen to this carefully, and if you fall into this category, realize the cause of your problem and resolve it.
I am going to explain about people who are born with weak 'Ki' that is otherwise called 'life-energy' or 'life-force'.
Mankind is born by the unification of their parents' sperm and ovum.
And at the moment of the unification, the fetus is greatly influenced by the condition of the sperm and ovum.
For example, one of the parent's life-forces may be very weak, or a certain part of the makeup of their body may be very weak.
Then, genetically, this weakness of the parents may be contained in the sperm or ovum and it affects the fetus.
Also, the circumstances or the conditions of the moment of conception may affect the fetus.
For example, if they are drunk or under influence of some drugs, it will affect the fetus at the moment of the conception.
This way, the fetus may have some form of weakness as of life-energy at the moment of conception.
Also, during the time fetus is in the womb of the mother, the fetus will be affected by many kinds of environment or conditions.
For example, the mother may eat good food and breathe clean air in a good environment, or she may not have all these things. Then, it will affect the fetus in different ways.
Furthermore, the mother may have only good thoughts and mind during the pregnancy, or she may not. This will also affect the fetus differently.
Because of these various reasons, the baby may be born with some weakness in a particular body part.
For example, the baby may be born with weak eyesight or weak stomach, or the bones may be weak.
Or, the baby may have a weak body in general.
Of course, on the other hand, those who are born with good influences may have greater strength in terms of life force.
Brothers and sisters, the existence of these conditions may take place because of sins or the virtuous deeds of the ancestors or the parents.
People may be born with weak life-energy due to the sins of their ancestors or parents while others may be born with strong life-energy due to the virtuous and good deeds of their ancestors.
But what I am explaining right now is not about such cases.
I am talking about the cases of those whose life-force is affected by the environmental cause.
Some of you will agree with me as you hear this message.
When people are born with weak life-energy, in some cases it is shown immediately while for some others it shows after they grow up to some extent.
Then, in these cases, do they just have to accept the situation because they are born like that?
Of course not!
Even though they are born with weak life-energy, they can lead a healthy life if they realize the rules of the justice and applies it properly.
When they are very young, the weak part of the child may be revealed or not, according to the faith of the parents.
When they are little children, they are directly influenced by the faith of their parents.
But after they grow up, the influence of their own faith will affect their life-energy more greatly.
When they grow up old enough to lead a life in faith by their own will, their life-energy will be completely influenced by their own faith.
Thus, if some children have weak life-energy since birth, their parents have to lead a good Christian life.
They have to raise their children in a way that they will also be faithful in their faith.
Then, even though they are born with some weaknesses, they will not only be protected but also become healthier.
But in some cases, they are protected by God when they are young, but after they grow up, they are not.
If they live according to the word of God and dwell in the light and truth even after they grow up, they will finally recover and have healthy bodies by the healing works of God.
On the other hand, if they depart from the truth and build up a wall of sin against God after they grow up, their weak parts may be revealed.
If they still act in untruth, that weak part may cause diseases.
But in some other cases, such weak life-energy may come up to the surface as they go through some severe trials in heart.
As they go through some trials of heart, they have so much pain in heart or mourn excessively.
For example, the wife suffers so much in heart because of her husband.
In these cases, the wife should follow the word of God; she should rejoice and try to be thankful, and overcome the trials with goodness.
But some people pile up the pain of heart again and again going through trials.
As they do that, the pain and sorrow in their heart that is accumulated can be revealed through diseases in weak parts of their body.
In the world, if this kind of case happens, they will complain against their husband thinking they got the disease because of their husband. But in the Lord, everything is one's own fault.
Even though they suffer so much in heart undergoing the trials, as God's children they have to rejoice, give thanks, serve and try to understand the other person.
But because they have accumulated ill-feelings and evil emotions in their heart through the pain and sorrow, such things cause diseases in weak parts of the body.
Even in this world they say cancers are often caused by too much stress.
So, in faith, if we rejoice always, pray continually, and give thanks in all circumstances, we will not get such a disease as cancer which is caused by stress or hard-feelings.
Even if they are born with some weak life-energy, they can be protected and healthy all the time.
Another case where the weak life-energy is revealed is when they do not show faith at the moment when they are supposed to show their faith.
For example, some people accept the Lord and lead a good Christian life, so their weak life-energy is not revealed by God's protection.
But from regular medical check or other diagnosis, they find out that they have some weakness in their body.
Until then, they were healthy even though they had some weak part in terms of life-energy, for they led a good life in faith. But when they find out they have some weakness, they begin to fret over it.
So, they begin to get some health food or do exercises that are supposed to be good for that part.
As they do such things more and more, they begin to rely on the world more than they rely on God.
God has been protecting them, but from this moment He cannot protect them.
It's because they don't leave the matter with God by faith.
It is fortunate if they can recover the weak part through the physical methods, but otherwise, they will get a disease in that weak part that has been protected by God until now.
Brothers and sisters, even though you are born with some weak life-energy, there won't be any problem if God protects you.
Moreover, if you lead a good Christian life according to the word, your weak part will be healthier and perfect.
But if you commit sins before God or do not follow the truth, you may not be protected by God any more.
It's the same when you do not leave all the matters to God by faith.
Finally, that part with weak life-energy will become diseased. This is in accordance with justice.
Thus, in this kind of a case, you have to realize why you were not protected by God in accordance with the justice, resolve that cause, and go before God.
And, if you live in the word of God, then your weak part can be protected and you can become healthier.
Brothers and sisters, in some cases, in order to meet the conditions of justice for receiving an answer, you need tearful prayers and deeds of faith for a certain length of time.
I am talking about some cases where you have to store up goodness in order to resolve the complex problems of spiritual cords.
For example, some people got into an accident and became disabled due to some spiritual cords that connect them with their ancestors' evil deeds.
In this situation, to break the spiritual cord completely, they have to store up as many good deeds as their ancestors committed evil deeds.
Suppose God can answer their prayer when they store up good deeds equivalent to one measure.
Then, they will have to try to store up good deeds until that one full measure is filled up.
And the duration of time to fill that amount is completely dependent on the individual.
They have to offer tearful prayers repenting of their ancestors' sins in their place and store up deeds of faith and goodness coming from the heart. They must not deviate in their effort.
According to all these situations, the length of time to receive the answer will vary.
For some people, they may get better to the same extent that they are filling up the amount of the measure of good deeds required, while others become completely well when they finally completely fill up the amount of good deeds that is required.
Brothers and sisters, the justice in God's view and that in men's view are different.
For example, sometimes you bring your unbelieving family members or neighbors or friends for them to receive my prayer.
Then, even though they are unbelievers, some of them receive healing just through one prayer.
Such a case is when those people lived a good life even though they did not believe in God.
Because they had the good heart, they trusted me from hearing about me and came to me to receive my prayer.
At the time of Jesus, those who came before Jesus for healing and answers to problems were relatively good people.
At that time there were many bad rumors about Jesus, too.
So, the fact that they believed the news about powerful works of Jesus despite many other bad rumors about Him proves that their hearts were good.
Because they came with such good hearts, they could receive healing or an answer to the problem from Jesus.
In the same way, those who come before me also heard about the news of the power of God manifested.
They did not deny the fact that such powerful works take place even today.
They believed the news, and they came before me with a good heart thinking, "If there is such a person, I will receive prayer from him."
God considers their act of coming with a good heart of itself to be faith.
And this meets the conditions of the justice to receive divine healing.
That is why they are healed or they receive the answer to problems just by one prayer.
Of course, even though they are healed at once, it doesn't mean they have faith immediately.
But because of their good hearts, they can have faith and an increasing of their faith after experiencing the divine healing.
Or there are some other cases like the following. Some believers do not receive the answer to prayers even though they receive my prayer.
In fact, if they as believers come before me with faith, it is natural that they receive the answer more quickly than unbelievers.
If they still do not receive the answer, it means some of them have the kind of heart that is not as good as even unbelievers.
For these people, it is not easy to receive an answer according to the justice, even though they come and receive my prayer many times saying they believe they would be healed by prayer.
Of course, even in these cases, if they repent of their wrongdoings of the past and turn from wrong attitudes, they can be healed any time through prayer.


Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, today's reading passage Isaiah 59:1-2 says, "Behold, the LORD's hand is not so short that it cannot save; nor is His ear so dull that it cannot hear. But your iniquities have made a separation between you and your God, and your sins have hidden His face from you so that He does not hear."
If there is a wall of sin standing between God and us, even though God wants to answer us so much, that answer cannot reach us.
Therefore, receiving healing of a sickness or an answer to problem begins with breaking down this wall of sin that stands between God and us.
And today, I explained about the cases where this wall of sin is not just about one's own problem but also others' sins that are inter-related.

In some cases such walls are so thick and strong that it is very difficult to demolish it.
But even though there are so many threads that are entangled, if we loosen them one by one, we can finally loosen them completely.
Of course, depending on how many threads are entangled, the duration of time to loosen them completely will be different.
But even though they may have stored up so much sin and they cannot receive an answer easily, they can surely receive the answer finally if they keep on demolishing that wall and store up goodness before God.
In the Bible, even the lepers, who were considered to be cursed, were healed when they came before Jesus.
Anybody can receive healing or an answer to a problem if he repents and receives prayer with faith.
Therefore, if any of you have not received an answer to your problem, you have to understand that, it is not because God's power is not enough or the power bestowed upon me is not enough.
It is because you have not met the conditions of the justice yet.
But if you keep on trusting God and praying to Him, you will one day fill up the amount that is needed for your answer.
Furthermore, in our church, you can meet the conditions of justice more quickly in the spiritual space.
Even though you have not received healing or an answer to your problem, I urge you to be thankful for the great grace of God and pray with faith and thanksgiving.
Then, the grace and blessing of God, who always wants to give us good things, will overflow in your life.
I pray in the name of the Lord that all of you will experience such grace of God.


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