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   2010 Prayer Title(4) - Unceasing Power    
   Rev. Jaerock Lee
   Joshua 10:12-14


Joshua 10:12-14
[12] Then Joshua spoke to the LORD in the day when the LORD delivered up the Amorites before the sons of Israel, and he said in the sight of Israel, "O sun, stand still at Gibeon, And O moon in the valley of Aijalon."
[13] So the sun stood still, and the moon stopped, Until the nation avenged themselves of their enemies Is it not written in the book of Jashar? And the sun stopped in the middle of the sky and did not hasten to go down for about a whole day.
[14] There was no day like that before it or after it, when the LORD listened to the voice of a man; for the LORD fought for Israel.

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ.

Tonight, I'm going to explain the 4th prayer title, "Unceasing Power."
To help you understand this message better, let me first give you an allegory.
Long ago, when I wanted to catch fish in a brook in my hometown, I used to do it like this.
First one person took a place in the middle of the brook holding a casting a net.
The other person stood in the brook at a point some distance from the other, and drove fish toward him.
We were able to catch many fish this way.
This way of catching fish is very similar to the way this church produces much fruit both in spirit and body in the flow towards the end time.
Now, what kind of fish do we need to catch?
They are the world mission, national evangelization, Canaan Sanctuary, the Grand Sanctuary, and men of whole spirit who will enter New Jerusalem.
Of those there are people among us who have accomplishing these things already of course.
It's also true, however, that there is more we should accomplish such as North Korea Mission and taking a part in the Korean Christian Community.
In addition, in order to construct the Grand Sanctuary, we should meet with the 'kings' from around the world.
All these things are taking place at the same time.
Just as many fish swim toward the one spot, they are running toward the one time point that God the Father has set.
Once they reach the point, we will be able to receive the fulfillment of all of the providences at the same time.
By the way, I told you that, when catching fish, there was someone who was driving the fish toward a certain point.
Likewise, there is a force that pushes the flow of spirit toward the final goal; the time point when God the Father's providences are all accomplished. That is "the Power."
The closer the final goal is, the stronger the power becomes just as a windstorm gets stronger and stronger.
There is a reason why God gave us "Unceasing Power" as a prayer title for this year 2010.
Again during this year, God the Father will manifest the power without ceasing. that will far exceed anyone's expectations.
This power will become the driving force for us to accomplish the providence of the end time.
Tonight, as I explain with what kind of power God's providences will be accomplished, I hope that you will listen closely and can understand it well.
And I urge you to pray properly according to the will of God when you pray for the kingdom of God.
I pray in the name of the Lord, that the unceasing works of God's power may take place in your life, and thus you may receive unceasing blessing this year.

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ.
What does it actually mean by 'unceasing works of God's power'?
First of all, it means that the scope of the power will be much broader and more extensive than before.
A whole new level of works of God's power has taken place since the feast of blessing that was held in March 2009, and do you remember what it was?
It was "the comprehensive works of God's power."
You use "comprehensive" to describe things that consist of more than two things, involve many people, or have many uses.
As the word implies, with the comprehensive works of God's power, we can draw more than two answers and blessings at the same time.
Now, these comprehensive works of God's power will take place all the more strongly beginning this year.
In fact, as the end time draws nearer and nearer, we desperately need these comprehensive works of God's power.
Jesus said in Matthew 24:12, "Because lawlessness is increased, most people's love will grow cold" as it would be close to the end time.
Due to this situation, many kinds of problems will occur in a man's life.
For example, one man is swindled by an acquaintance he trusted.
He may not only suffer financially, but he may also have to take the legal responsibility.
Moreover, his family will suffer along with him, and thus chances are that the peace in his family may be broken.
If his family is a family that is united as one in love, they will encourage each other to overcome the difficulty.
In the end time when love cools down, however, chances are that the peace of a family may be easily broken even due to a small difficulty.
If the one who is swindled falls into this kind of situation, he will be deeply injured in his heart, and he may suffer physically as well.
Just one swindle may bring these multiple difficulties in a series.
Now, if he is healed of his physical suffering by the power of God, he will be much thankful for this one thing.
However, through the multiple works of God's power, he can not only be healed of his disease, but he can also recover the peace of his family and receive financial blessing.
Just as tangled-up ropes are untangled by themselves, many complicated problems are unraveled all at once.
The original ratio of the work of God's power between justice and answer was 1 to 1.
But, the ratio of the multiple works of God's power is better than 2 to 1, or 3 to 1.
In addition, the elapsed time to receive multiple answers becomes much reduced.
Say, if the one in this example prays to receive the answer by himself, he may have to offer hundreds of vowed prayers daily.
However, with the comprehensive works of God's power, if he prays from the depth of his heart even for a week, he can receive answers, resolution and blessings.
This kind of multiple works of God's power will not cease in this year, but it will be much stronger.
And the scope of this multi-power will go beyond an individual; it will be expanded to the whole Christian community, the entire country, and the whole world.
In fact, however, the scope of this multi-power has been widened and broadened since long before now.
Works are being accomplished in the background in many corners of the world.
And the result of such behind-the scenes works will be clearly revealed beginning this year.
As you heard from the "Flow of Spirit" sermon, the whole world is aching seriously due to many problems.
This difficult and serious situation will ever get worse.
The world-wide economic recession makes people around the world cry.
In addition to this, new diseases and their variants will break out.
How much did the whole world become anxious about the swine flu alone?
Even if the swine flu seemed solved thanks to human power, there will come a different variant that is much stronger, resistant to any kind of medicine.
But the problem doesn't end here.
Natural disasters around the globe due to abnormal climatic changes will drive people to be overcome with fear.
And the leaders of nations where such problems are not solved will incur the resentment of their people.
Can a president stop any natural disaster or disease?
Even knowing this, people still vent their anger, resentment and grievances towards their leaders.
And thus, the leaders of nations are taking great pains over these.
Those who have great wealth or authority are not the exception.
Diseases don't avoid the rich.
Disasters don't avoid those with great authority, either.
If they have wealth or authority, they may be able to prepare themselves for diseases or disasters better, but they have limitations.
Therefore, those with great wealth and authority cannot but tremble in fear when they see the situations of the world.
And they realize that the solution to their problems is in the hand of God, not of man.
By the way, the word about me is being well spread to many corners of the world.
I am already well known to the world by those who had connections with us through the overseas crusades that begun from 2000.
In addition, the news about the Multicultural Festival in Israel has been the topic of conversation for most Jewish people around the world.
They do know not only the news that many sick people were healed of their diseases, and the swine flu settled down, but also the news that my prayer brought rain to end the long-lasting drought.
Since Jewish people always pay great attention to their homeland, Israel, they hear such news very quickly.
By the way, a majority of the wealthy around the world are Jewish.
These people have also heard about the power that I manifested, and they will hear it again.
Likewise, most of those who possess great wealth and authority in the world already heard about the servant of God who can manifest the power of God.
When the time comes, some people among them will be networked with me, and they will ask me for prayer.
And I will pray for them upon their request.
If they want to receive my direct prayer, I will meet them in person to pray for them. If they want me to pray from the altar, I will do as they wish.
They will not be requesting me to pray for them just because they have great faith as you do.
Some of them are Christians, but there are others who are not.
Some of them might approach me because they trust the man of God, but some others may come to me only because they heard that I could manifest the power of God.
However, no matter what kind of heart they may have to come to me, the fact that they request me to pray meets the condition to receive the work of God's Power.
In addition, as I manifest the works that they may ask of me, the justice is fulfilled to receive the answers.
Then, in the comprehensive works of God's power, they will receive answers even for what they haven't asked.
For example, someone comes to me to protect his wealth from the unstable world situation.
Thanks to his confidence that his wealth can be protected through the prayer of the man of God, he comes to find peace in his heart.
And later, he realizes that he has received answers even for what he hasn't asked.
He and his children had genetic diseases that they inherited from their ancestors, but they will have been healed of them.
The diseases were not serious enough to threaten their lives, but this sort of genetic disease is passed down to future generations of their children.
And they are ashamed of the diseases, and most people keep it secret.
Moreover, such genetic diseases cannot be healed even if they have great wealth, and thus they have to accept it as their fate.
Then, how happy will they be when they find themselves healed of such diseases?
From the fact that they are healed of their diseases that they didn't even mention, their trust in the man of God grows stronger and stronger.
Based on this trust, he will convey his experience of these multiple works of God's power to his acquaintances.
He will introduce the man of God to those who suffer from the problems similar to his.
People tend to maintain social relationships with those who possess a similar level of wealth or authority.
Therefore, through this one individual, many people who are connected with him can also be connected to me.
This way is more effective in spreading the news about the power to those in high social community.
By the way, those who are high officials in their nations may ask me to pray not only for their personal matters but also for their national matters.
As I mentioned earlier, it is not sufficient enough to solve just one of many problems that each nation is facing.
Once a problem occurs, even before they can resolve it, another problem breaks out.
When their economic situation may seem to get better, for example, they see another serious problem breaking out.
Moreover, the world of today is well connected. When a serious situation shows up in one country, it affects many other countries as well.
When they finally seem to put the problem of one disease to rest, a more resistant one rears its ugly head.
It is the same with natural disasters.
The natural disasters continue to be on the rise and people are driven into situations where they cannot do anything about it.
Therefore, just stopping a natural disaster or driving away a disease alone cannot solve many problems that the nations face.
All these should be solved by the comprehensive works of God's power.
If the head of a nation asks me to pray out of his love for his people and his nation, how can God not work for him?
Through the comprehensive works of God's power, his nation and its people will find the way to survive and they can then be protected by God.
Those who experienced the power of God in this way will help this church greatly to accomplish the providence given to this church.
Some will some provide us with significant financial support and some others will provide us with strong political influence.
Many people who are involved in various fields such as law and technology will be connected to us in the providence of God.
Dear brothers and sisters.
While listening to me so far, do any of you have thoughts like:
"Alright, beginning this year, many kings (who are VIPs from the political, social, and financial world) will visit this church. Will they come next month? Or the month after? Ah, Senior Pastor will go out to overseas countries to have a meeting with heads of many nations."
Of course, the meetings with the kings should be arranged, but the time that people expect and the time that God has set can be different.
God the Father knows when it is the best time to produce the best and the most fruit.
Moreover, God the Father has prearranged all the times when the works should be done by this church.
We should correctly figure out these prearranged times and reap the fruit by faith and in obedience.
Just one such example might be the participation in the Korean Christian community might have been accomplished before the Israel ministry.
However, according to the order that God the Father has set, the Israel Ministry was the first priority, and Korean Christian community was the second.
It is because God the Father knows very well when the best environment will be set to produce the best fruit.
Therefore, we cannot plan for the time to meet with those wealthy people or those with great authority as we please.

We should find the best time to produce the greatest fruit.
The time to produce better and greater fruit may be somewhat later than when people may expect.
You may think, "The answer is slow," or "It might be delayed."
However, what if you can produce ten-fold the fruit by waiting a little longer than you first thought you should?
Say, there is a work, and it takes 10 years to produce 10 fruits.
However, if you wait 5 more years, you can produce 20 fruits. Don't you think you can eagerly wait for five more years?
Even though you don't produce 10 fruits in the 10th year, if you believe that you will bear 20 fruits in the future, you will be able to wait for longer.
If you think of the time you wait there are 5 more years added. But if you think of the number of the fruit, 5 years are actually abridged.
To produce 20 fruits, it originally takes 20 years, but it actually takes only 15 years.
You should know that it is also possible to shorten the time period thanks to the power.
Some of you are waiting to see walking on the water or calling down UFO's.
God the Father might have allowed me to walk on the water, or to bring down the UFO's earlier.
However, the works of God's power takes place precisely at the best time when the greatest number of fruit can be produced.
There will be a time when the most number of people will see the event to acknowledge God the Creator and to believe that the Bible is true.
Of course, not all the people around the world will believe in God and accept God.

Even when they see the works of God right before their eyes, there will be people who don't believe in God the Creator.
But still, there will be a time when the greatest number of people will believe in God, and we should be correctly guided for the time to accomplish it.
The ultimate reason for God the Father to give me the power is to save just one more soul.
We should give all the people everywhere the opportunity to receive salvation.
Giving the opportunity to receive salvation through the unceasing power of God to high-ranked officials, to those with great wealth, to those who study, or even to those who believe in other religions or shamanists; this is the will of God.
In such love of God the Father, the scope of God's power is getting wider and broader, and all things are accomplished in the precise order that God has set.
Dear brothers and sisters in Christ.
I said that the scope of God's power is getting broader and more extensive to save more souls.
Secondly, at the same time this scope of power will become deeper and deeper.
Through this work of deepening the scope of God's power, more souls will go to better (dwelling places) in Heaven.
In others words, it will help people accomplish sincere hearts and perfect faith so that they can reach New Jerusalem.
What does it mean by saying the scope of God's power will be deeper?
It means that when people see the same works of God's power, what they feel in their hearts will be different.
When the power is manifested in this fleshly world, the works should be covered by the spiritual space.
This way, the things that are impossible in this fleshly world can become possible.
For example, if a cancer is healed by the power of God, the cancer was covered by the spiritual space for the moment.
Many of you experienced the spiritual space through the appearance of the dragonflies.
You will continue to see, hear, and experience such signs and wonders in the divine healing works, dragonflies, rainbows, and the movement of stars.
However, in the power whose scope has been deepened, even when you see the same works, the grace and impression you receive will be different than before.
If you were just surprised to see them and enjoyed them, you now come to feel the God's heart contained in the spiritual space where His power is manifested.
You will come to understand the intention of God the Father who opens the spiritual space and manifests the power.
In addition, you can feel all the more deeply how the shepherd fulfilled the justice to manifest such power.
And now, you truly come to love God from the depth of your heart and to enjoy practicing the truth.
As its result, the space of your heart can become like the spiritual space where the power is manifested.
In other words, your heart will change into the heart of pure spirit that has no flesh and darkness at all.
To the extent you accomplish such a spiritual heart, you can advance to a better place in Heaven and you can eventually reach New Jerusalem.
Therefore, I hope that Manmin members can feel the love of God the Father in your hearts when you see, hear, and experience the unceasing power of God.
I pray in the name of the Lord that you may come into the deeper world of the Spirit.

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ.
Tonight's scripture describes account of Joshua and the stopping of the sun and the moon.
God showed this work of power at the most proper time that had never taken place before and would never again.
Likewise, the unceasing power of God that will be manifested through this church will take place in a pre-ordered manner according to the best time to save the greatest number of souls.
And, as the time approaches, just as I explained how to catch fish, the results from all such works will be revealed.
The world mission, national evangelization, Canaan Sanctuary, and the Grand Sanctuary; we will be able to harvest all these perfect fruit.
At the same time, there will be the best fruit that can enter New Jerusalem.
It is what God the Father has promised, and what He will accomplish.
However, Ezekiel 36:36-37 says, "I, the LORD, have spoken and will do it. Thus says the Lord GOD, "This also I will let the house of Israel ask Me to do for them."
Therefore, I urge you to put the messages of the 4 prayer titles in your hearts, and continually pray to God to accomplish them.
How sweet the taste of the fruit will be when what you have fervently prayed for comes out as real fruit!
May you also come out as the beautiful fruit of the Spirit in the ever deeper scope of God's power, in the name of the Lord, Jesus Christ, I pray!