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   Justice - Prayer Devotees Devotional Service 2014    
   Rev. Jaerock Lee
   Galatians 6:7


Galatians 6:7
"Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, this he will also reap."


Dear brothers and sisters, let us give all thanks and glory to Father God who has blessed us to have this Prayer Devotees Devotional Service.

Dear Prayer Devotees, The God of love always wants to give us good things. Moreover, He considers those servants of God who are faithful in God's kingdom, saying, "What shall I give to you?"I believe those prayer devotees who have been completely fulfilling their God-given duties have already received blessing in spirit and body.

But those members who have been for 10 or 20 years, when they are not in accordance with justice, they cannot receive blessing from God, no matter how eagerly God wishes to. God has been performing all processes of human cultivation according to the law of justice. God lets us reap whatever we have sowed; when we sow goodness we reap good fruits, while when we sow evil we reap evil fruits. When we sow sparingly we will also reap sparingly, and when we sow bountifully we will also reap bountifully. When we sow by the Spirit we can reap spiritual fruits that last eternally and spiritual fruits and when we sow for the flesh we will reap fleshly fruits that perish.

Of course, it does not appear that the cause and result are apparently seen in all cases. A piece of cloth is composed of countless wefts and warps that are elaborately crossed and textured. Just like these warps and wefts, an incident is bound up with complicated causes and results. The most fundamental law of justice is written today's Scripture, which reads, "for whatever a man sows, this he will also reap."

What and how, then, have you sowed, for the last long years? 1 Timothy 4:5 says, "for it is sanctified by means of the word of God and prayer."In fact, you have stored a multitude of prayers, so that most of you should have entered into spirit or come near the level of spirit. You souls should have prospered, and accordingly you succeeded in everything and enjoyed good health, and blessing and peace and joy overflowed in your home.

If you sow complete seeds in the sight of God, you will naturally reap complete fruits. If your fruits are not beautiful, it means you failed to sow properly in accordance with justice. Through this message, I wish for you, all prayer devotees and all brothers and sisters to examine yourselves. I ask you to check once again what kind of fruits you have borne, what you have accomplished in your long years of faith and how spiritual your prayers have been. I pray in the name of the Lord that your prayers and all your lives may be offered up to Father God as sweet aroma.

[Main Message]

Dear devotees, and all brothers and sisters in Christ,

First of all, with how much love have you prayed in your prayer life?

Prayer devotees refer to those who have been offered to God. Animals sacrificed as an offering had to be completely slaughtered and sacrificed for people. You as Prayer Devotees are also offerings that are being sacrificed and offered for the kingdom of God. You have not been forced to walk this way. You yourselves chose this walk as a prayer devotee within your love for God. With the thankfulness for Father God and the grace of the Lord crucified, you have voluntarily walked this way with burning heart. God promised He would accept this heart of yours and reward you with great glory in Heaven.

But there was a condition. It is effective only when God acknowledges you lived the life of worthy of a prayer devotee and offered the prayer worthy of a prayer devotee's. How then could you be acknowledged by God? As I told you beforehand, above all, you have to offer the prayer from love. You have to love God and the Lord, and with your full love for Him, you have to pray to God.

Please bring people of faith to your remembrance. How do you think Esther prayed to God? In here time the Jews were at the verge of destruction, and she could dwell in the royal palace. When she came before the king of the Persian Empire to ask him to save the Jews, it might have been considered as the violation of the law of the empire and put to death. But she clung to God with faith, saying, "If I perish, I would perish," and prayed with fasting. She prayed at the cost of her life to save the people of God.

It was the same in Daniel's case. In his prayer Daniel didn't pray for himself.He prayed to fulfill God's will and repented of the sins His people committed on their behalf. Daniel gained the recognition in a Gentile kingdom and could have enjoyed a comfortable life. If he had wished for a comfortable life, he had no reason to pray for his nation with fasting at the age of 80. He had such a fervent love for God that he didn't consider his comfortable life. His intercessory prayer of love was accepted by God and God answered his prayer through the angel of Gabriel.

In the same way, your prayer must be offered in love. You have to let God's desire be your desire and the shepherd's wish must be your wish. For your past years of faith have you shed the same tears that the shepherd did? Did you feel how eagerly and lamentably the shepherd prayed to fulfill the God-given visions? Do you know the meaning of the tears that the shepherd shed for the souls that committed sins? If I were to erase them from my heart, I would be comfortable and quickly fulfill the providences of the Grand Sanctuary and world evangelization. But I come to think, 'If I abandon them there would be no possibility for them at all,' and then I cannot release them from my heart and must lead an unendurable life. You Prayer Devotees, do you understand my heart?

When I hear that hundreds of or thousands of people died of big accidents or natural disasters, my heart is taken by sorrow over sorrow. And I come to think, 'I wish I had accomplished world mission some earlier! If only we could have built the Grand Sanctuary some earlier! I wish the holiness gospel could have spread to them some earlier! If only we could show them God's power!' and then shed tears. In your prayers, do you feel this heart of the shepherd?

If you understand his heart, how eagerly can you pray for the world evangelization and the Grand Sanctuary! If you really love God, the shepherd and the souls, you can pray in the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. And you will offer God-touching prayers with the tears of the Father, the heart of the Lord and of the shepherd. Only then can you be deemed to have fulfilled your duty as Prayer Devotees.

Dear devotees and brothers and sisters in Christ,

The second point for you to check is how sincerely you have prayed.

To be sincere means to be unchanging, and to do one's best with faithfulness and truthfulness. Some people, when they are full of grace, they tearfully and fervently pray for the shepherd and souls. But when their fervor is cool, their heart becomes dumb and they repeat the same things in prayer with mouth. This is an action of changeableness, and cannot be deemed to be a sincere prayer.

A sincere prayer is from the truthfulness of heart. While you are praying for the Grand Sanctuary, world evangelization, various church events, each department of the church, each mission, and branch churches, how sincere is your prayer? Are you not repeating the same prayer titles only with lips habitually? If you are offering a sincere prayer, you have an earnest longing to accomplish the will of the Father and you will pray with a faithful and truthful heart.

With a sincere prayer, when you pray for a church event, you will be reminded of detailed prayer points for it by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. You will pray in detail for main workers who are preparing for the event, for the proper weather and finance, and for many detailed others. Above all, you will pray for the people who are scheduled to attend the event to be touched and change in the event and glorify God. You will pray more earnestly and in more detail than for your personal event.

When you pray for pastors and all other ministers, as a sincere prayer devotee, you will pray for the pastors as if your children had become such pastors. A pastor, because they are entrusted with the flock of the Lord, they must not lose a single soul. Whenever a pastor meets the souls, they have to give them a spiritual advice, plant true life into their hearts and solve various problems with power and authority.

If you have remembered all these things and prayed sincerely, how eager their heart is to become a powerful pastor who is worthy to perform working of miracles and power? When the shepherd was mourning for many pastors who have not stood on the rock of faith, you should have mourned with the same heart in prayer. If you did not mourn for it but had interest only in your level of faith and feeling sorry for your family members who have not received the notice of their level of faith, you are not worthy for a prayer devotee.

It is the same when you pray with other prayer titles.You have to sincerely pray for the shepherd, the Grand Sanctuary, and the world evangelization and many others too. If you pray that way, while you are praying for God's kingdom, you don't use meaningless repetition and don't fill your prayer time with a prayer of tongue. You can pray with unceasing prayer titles in accordance with the titles presented by the speaker.

Some others were praying for God's kingdom in the beginning but in the middle, they start praying for themselves without knowing. It is because personal matters come across their mind such as their family memberswill be healed and receive blessing. Still others cry out in prayer for their own desires but when they pray for God's kingdom, their prayer is not fervent. How could such prayers be offered as sweet aroma of a prayer devotee?

They may say, "I have prayed for God's kingdom every day" or "I have cried out for the shepherd in my prayer." But when God measures their aroma of prayer, it cannot be considered as the proper prayer of a prayer devotee that is pleasing to God.

Dear devotees, and all brothers and sisters in Christ,

When you check your prayer with justice, with how much goodness have you prayed?

Psalm 66:18 says, "If I regard wickedness in my heart, the LORD will not hear."When you pray with wickedness in your heart, God does not listen to your prayer. In Malachi 1:10 we can find God groaned at His people. It says, "'Oh that there were one among you who would shut the gates, that you might not uselessly kindle fire on My altar! I am not pleased with you,' says the LORD of hosts, 'nor will I accept an offering from you.'"God warned them of the sacrifices that they offered God in formality without having reverent fear of God.

It is the same with prayer. If you have a reverent fear of God, you throw away evils. If have not thrown away such evils and not accomplished good heartdespite long years of faith, God cannot accept your prayer with joy. When you meet with the things that do not give you benefits, do you have ill feelings and frustrations? Are you still jealous and envious? When the things are not in accordance with your plan, are you fighting, conflicting, and showing hot-temper? If you have not thrown away such evils yet, not only as a prayer devotee but also as a believer, your prayer cannot be pleasing to God all.

Of course a new believer's prayer can be accepted because God considers his/her level of faith. But suppose those prayer devotees who have learned the truth for decades or for years and prayed for God's kingdom for long have not thrown such evils. How could they be God-accepting prayer devotees? Even if they pray for the church and the shepherd for many hours, if their prayer is not accepted as sweet aroma, they are just doing a meaningless thing. That's why to fulfill the duty of a prayer devotee you have to throw away evils and offer good aroma of prayer.


Dear devotees and all brothers and sisters,

Today I have presented three points to you so that you can examine if your prayer can be answered according to justice. Have you prayed fervently with your heart full of love for God, the Lord and the shepherd? When you pray for the kingdom of God, did you do your best and offer sincere prayer? Have you honored God and offered Him the aroma of goodness? If you have not been proper in these aspects, no matter hours you have prayed, it means you did not sow properly in a spiritual sense.

You will have difficulty receiving blessing in spirit and body and be deemed to be unqualified for a prayer devotee. For this reason God has sometimes said among you, Prayer Devotees, some should check their qualifications and leave their place.

In preparation of the coming era of the Canaan Sanctuary, the Prayer Devotees must brace up themselves. In this end time of the world, while a myriad of spiritual warriors are accomplishing God's plans it is the very support of fervent prayers that is crucially necessary in every aspect.

Just as supplies are continually necessary in the battlefield, the support of prayer is really essential every moment in the spiritual warfare. Your fragrance of fervent prayer can move the heavenly host and angels and break the power of the kingdom of the air, and drive away the forces of darkness.

To offer such a powerful prayer first of all you have to accomplish sanctification. And you need to gain the strength of prayer that is powerful enough to move the heavenly throne of God. Through such a powerful prayer of yours a great number of souls will be saved all over the world and the glory of God will be greatly revealed.

I wish for you to offer the prayer that is proper enough to receive answers in accordance with justice. I pray in the name of the Lord that you may cry out in prayer day and night and through such a prayer the providence of God may be beautifully fulfilled in the end of the ages so that all your dedications and efforts bear complete fruits of blessing not only on earth but also in Heaven.