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   Prophecy(1) - Prophecy (1)    
   Rev. Jaerock Lee
   Amos 3: 7


[Amos 3: 7]
"Surely the LORD God does nothing Unless He reveals His secret counsel To His servants the prophets."

Dear brothers and sisters,

Today, I will continue with Deuteronomy chapter 28 that I could not finish in the last session and then go into the message on prophecies. I will continue with the 'Blessing' series after I finish with the prophecies. I will soon explain why God moved my heart to deliver sermons about prophecies at this point in time. I pray in the name of the Lord that you will all gain great faith through these messages on prophecies.

Brothers and sisters, during the course of human cultivation, spiritual war always continues in this world. It is a war between the power of light belonging to God and the power of darkness belonging to the enemy devil and Satan, with Lucifer as their leader. God accomplishes His work through His people, and Lucifer disturbs the works of God through those who are instigated by her.

I have been able to see this fact clearly in my pastoral ministry. Especially during the overseas crusades, I could see this reality more clearly. Mostly I had crusades in countries where evangelism is prohibited or where there were threats of terrorism. As I proclaimed God the Creator and Jesus Christ, the enemy devil and Satan utilized everyone who is under their control to hinder with the crusades by all means.

But once I set my foot in that country, we witnessed that all those who were disturbing us so much hid themselves, just as darkness goes away when light comes. And we successfully finished the crusades, greatly giving glory to God. And after the crusades were over, some of those who had disturbed us came to me to apologize and repent, while others did not repent and suffered disasters.

In 2001 Philippines crusade, after the crusade was over, some local pastors came to the hotel I was staying and repented and apologized to me. They repented for themselves and on behalf of some other pastors that they stood against my ministry because of false rumors and deceptions, without understanding what kind of person I was. Seeing the works of God that took place in the crusade, they repented that they did not recognize a man of God and did not cooperate with him.

After the 2006 New York crusade, I heard heart-breaking news that most of those who were at the lead in disturbing with the works of the Holy Spirit faced miserable deaths. On the first day of the crusade, there were people who were demonstrating against the crusade with signs in their hands, because they were instructed to do so by those who disturbed our crusade. But the signs they had said, "Jesus is the only Savior, and we can be saved only through Jesus."It clearly showed to us that even those who were demonstrating were deceived by false rumors and groundless accusations against me.

They came out there to demonstrate just by hearingthe lies from those people who were leading the hindrance. And all those who were coming to attend the crusade watched them. And guess what kind of message the attendants heard on the first day. The title of the message was, "Why is Jesus our Savior?"

So, those who were at the crusade could clearly discern between the truth and falsehood. Those who were demonstrating outside argued as if I were teaching there was another way of salvation than Jesus, but in the crusade, I was preaching Jesus Christ.

Also, as the powerful works of God exploded from the first day of the crusade, more people gathered at the crusade on the second day. On the other hand, those who were demonstrating on the first day had to hide themselves. They realized that they were wrong.

And there was an interesting factor there. God moved my heart in advance so we could get such a wonderful victory like we did. Usually, in my overseas crusades, I talk about God the Creator on the first day, about Jesus Christ on the second day, and God the healer on the third day. But in the New York crusade, my heart was moved to change the order and preach about Jesus Christ on the first day. God the Father knew what the demonstrators would say on their signs on the first day of the crusade, and He moved my heart to change the order of the messages.

So, we did not have to explain ourselves or argue back anything against their arguments. Not just those who were attending the crusade, but also even the demonstrators came to realize which side was true and which side was not. Those who participated in the demonstration just by hearing false rumors came to know the truth on the first day, and they hid themselves from the next day.

So, since there was such clear evidence, for those who manipulated the people to demonstrate against me, what would they have had to do?They should have come before me and repented.They should have repented for judging and condemning a man of God, or at least they should have repented that they took me wrong and disturbed me. And yet, even at the light of the truth, they did not repent, and God on our behalf judged them with justice.

Brothers and sisters, our enemy coming out against us one way and fleeing before us seven ways means their complete defeat. For those who are loved and protected by God and with whom God always walks, they are protected and guaranteed in any situation, and thus, when their enemy comes out against them one way, they will be defeated completely and run away. If you ae also loved and guaranteed by God, any disturbing force will leave your business, workplace, family, and whichever place you are. All problems will be solved and God's blessing will come upon you. I pray in the name of the Lord that such works of God will come upon your life abundantly.

Dear brothers and sisters,

2 Corinthians 8:9 says, "For you know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, that though He was rich, yet for your sake He became poor, so that you through His poverty might become rich."Because Jesus redeemed us from poverty, we children of God should no longer be poor. But why is it that some believers are still poor?

The answer is found in Deuteronomy chapter 28. They can just diligently obey the LORD God, being careful to keep all His commandments and obey His words, but they don't. It's not that God sets the way of blessing and prosperity before only certain people, but for some others, He sets the way of disasters and curses at His own discretion.

Deuteronomy 30:15 says, "See, I have set before you today life and prosperity, and death and adversity;" And in Deuteronomy chapters 28 and 30 and many other parts of the Bible, God teaches us how we can have life and prosperity and how we will face death and adversity. The decision is up to each one of us. Until now, you have considered yourself believers who know the word of God. But you did not obey the word and thus you could not receive blessings or prosperity. But now, you can just turn around and go the way of blessing.

Because the original voice has sounded forth, your freewill is broken, and your heart is changed to be able to obey. Many of you are testifying that now you can cast away what you couldn't cast away even though you tried so much and so hard. You can now do the things that you couldn't do at all and you now have the willingness to obey whereas in the past you couldn't obey even though you tried. I pray in the name of the Lord that many of you will be one of these witnesses, and you will receive the answers of the Father God that He has promised you in the 'blessing chapter'.

Dear brothers and sisters, and GCN viewing audiences,

You've been hearing about ways to receive blessings, and the blessing will not come upon you just because you hear the message. As I explained many times, when I sound forth with the original voice, God's works will take place for those of you who have prepared the vessel. To the extent that you prepared your vessel the Father will give you spiritual faith from above, and you will receive answers and blessings according to that faith.

And one of the most important things in having spiritual faith is to demolish fleshly thoughts. Fleshly thoughts are one of the greatest hindrances in having faith. The more evil in heart, and the more knowledge and experience you utilize, the more fleshly thoughts you will have.

But when you see, hear, or experience the things that cannot be done by men at all, your fleshly thoughts will be destroyed. You will acknowledge that God is really alive and almighty, so you can have faith from your heart, cast away sins, and live by the Word of God.

This is the purpose of making many prophecies since the opening of this church. It is to let you have true faith. By having true faith, I want you to not commit sins and not look at the world but only look forward to Heaven. If we collect all the prophecies that I made during the sermons, in small groups, or to people around me, they will be so much.We will publish a book of collection of such prophecies, too.

Even though I gave so many prophecies, you did not keep them in your mind, and you could not have greater faith. Just by seeing several prophecies being fulfilled, it sounds natural that you will believe everything unconditionally without any doubt, but in most cases you did not. But I believe this will also change now. Your faith is increasing quickly in the flow of spirit, and many of you obey only with Yes and Amen.

In this flow of spirit, from today, I will explain once again about some of the prophecies that I made, which you can easily become familiar with. I hope you will gain faith through them and have more rapid spiritual growth. Also, many young people and students are not aware of the prophecies I made. So, through this opportunity, I'd like the young people and the students to have great faith, too. I pray in the name of the Lord that you all church members will have a leap in your faith through the messages.

Dear brothers and sisters,

Right now the World Cup soccer is going on. In the past, you would wonder about the results and make sure to watch South Korea's games, but I think you would not miss the Sunday service or other services, Daniel prayer meeting or other meetings watching those soccer games. Especially many of you have quit watching TV, and I believe there are few who are watching the game all–night or whose mind is taken by such games. It is a proof that you have cut off the world and you only long for spirit.

But in 2002, I made prophecies, mentioning such soccer games on the altar. I prophesied what would happen to South Korean team. It was truly a result that nobody expected, but I precisely prophesied it. From now I will explain it to you.

But there is one thing we should think about. Brothers and sisters, have you ever seen me talk about sports on the pulpit?Even when there are Olympic games or World Cup soccer, I never said on the pulpit 'Let us cheer them,' or 'South Korea will advance to which round', although I have a desire to cheer them up as a citizen.

And yet, I gave prophecies about the World Cup games in 2002 because it was held in Korea, and God the Father let me know in advance that we would get a good result. I prophesied so that you could have an experience in faith through the World Cup games where the eyes of the world were on.

In sports games, the result will come out according to how well the players play. Of course, by prayers, mistakes or other circumstancial influences might be reduced. Also, according to the extent to which the players depend on God, God can work in some areas. But just by praying you cannot win all the games or you can play much better than your usual skill level.

But in 2002, the result was really extraordinary, and not just Koreans but the whole world was surprised. If the results were ordinary, God wouldn't have moved my heart to prophesy like I did. But because the results were so different from people's expectations, God the Father let me know the results in advance and moved my heart to prophesy it on the altar, so that the church members could gain faith through that experience.

Also, in 2002 World Cup, our church was actively doing overseas missionary works, and it was also God's providence to let South Korean be known all over the world. Because of such special reasons (eg. India crusade) I made prophecies about World Cup games.

I always guided you to pray more, to learn the Word and long for spiritual things, and why would I make you pay attention to such worldly events?So, since 2002 World Cup, I never prophesied about sports games. Especially as you have quit watching TV, I do not have to mention sports games of the world.

So, right now, the World Cup is going on in Brazil, but I do not pray about it. Of course, if I pray, God the Father will let me know precisely. But I have no need to do it. From now on, I will explain about the prophecies I made during the 2002 World Cup so you can believe the prophecies, too.