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   Prophecy(2) - Prophecy (2)    
   Rev. Jaerock Lee
   Amos 3: 7


[Amos 3: 7]
"Surely the LORD God does nothing Unless He reveals His secret counsel To His servants the prophets."

Dear brothers and sisters,

From today, I will explain about the fulfillment of the prophecies that I made since the opening of this church. God knows everything. He knows not only the past and the present, but also the future. We can know about the future things if God lets us know about them.

But God does not just randomly tell any person about things to come.He lets us know the future things only through those who are right in God's sight. Today's reading passage says, "Surely the LORD God does nothing unless He reveals His secret counsel to His servants the prophets."It says He will reveal His secret to His servants, the prophets.

Genesis 18:17 says, "The LORD said, "Shall I hide from Abraham what I am about to do,"Abraham was perfect in the sight of God to the extent that God called him a friend of God. In addition to Abraham, God revealed future things to those people who were right in the sight of God in the Bible.

God fulfills His works by revealing even the things to come through the men of God who are right in His sight. rom the opening of this church until today, God the Father has let us know in advance many important things in South Korea and world situations. Of course, they include things about the church and the members. God revealed to me so many things that I cannot tell you all of them.

Now, let us look into some of the prophecies I made that you might be familiar with. The Manmin magazine video on June 13 showed you the prophecy about 6.29 Declaration, prophecy about the summit of South and North Korea in 2000 and the return visit of Kim Jong Il, the prophecy about the pandemonium that would be enfolded in 2010, along with clear evidences.

The prophecies I made couldn't be made by speculations or anticipations. 6.29 Declaration was really something dramatically unexpected, and there was a scheme behind the scenes. While everyone was saying Kim Jong Il would make a reciprocal visit to South Korea, I alone boldly said he was not coming. A word that I used on the altar was used by the press so many times the following year. These prophecies couldn't have been made by any men's ability.

Then who did it? They were revealed by God the Father. Many people said they felt tremors through the prophecies, and I hope you will continue to feel the same way hearing this message. Do not forget them, and keep them in your heart as faith. I hope you will engrave in your heart that God is alive, almighty, and all-knowing, so that you will have true faith.

Now let me first explain about the World Cup soccer in 2002.

2002 World Cup was held in Korea, but with the skill level of Korea, nobody expected us to go up to the semifinals. Just before the 2002 World Cup, South Korea was ranked 41st in the FIFA ranking. But after we went up to the semifinals, the rank went up to the 20th.

However, all the other countries that played against us were ranked higher than we were. Especially Portugal, our last opponent in first round, and Italy in the semi-quarter finals, and Spain in the quarter finals were all ranked within the top 10 in the FIFA ranking. And yet, we defeated such strong countries and went up to the semi finals.

While we couldn't guarantee passing the first round, who could have confidently said we would go up to the semi finals?But before the World Cup began God let me know the result of South Korea and I told it to some people around me. Also, to the church members, I gave you some clues each time so you could know the result.

South Korea played against the USA on June 10, 2002. It was a very important game for us to pass in the first round. On that day, I invited our mission delegation that just finished overseas crusade to my Galilee prayer house. So I let them bring a TV and everyone watch the game.

If we were going to lose, I wouldn't have let them bring the TV to my prayer house so we could watch it together. At that time, before the game began, I said, "We cannot win."I said we couldn't win, butI did not say we would lose either. Would I let them bring TV and watch a losing game with the mission delegation wasting precious time?So, since we were not going to win or lose, what would be the result?

Let us watch what I said on the altar at that time.


Before the game, I said, "We cannot win," and then we watched. And we were losing by 1:0. So, I said, "We will score a goal."Since we wouldn't either win or lose, it had to be a draw.

And since the USA scored a goal already, it would be a draw if we scored a goal too. I said, "We cannot win."And we had a very good chance to score. But the kicker didn't make it. It was a penalty kick, but he didn't make it. But then, they scored a dramatic goal by a header. Anyway, so the result was 1:1 draw. I was so thankful to the Father. I said to the mission delegation that the Holy Spirit gave me the answer already.

It was done as I said it would be before the game, but what would I desire? Of course, I would want Korea to win. I would cheer them in my heart, but God already gave me the answer. Likewise, God already gave me the answer about the final result, so I will explain it after the games are over. It wouldn't be any fun if I tell you now.

South Korea made it to the last 16, which nobody could guarantee, and nobody really expected us to go up to the quarter finals. It's because we had to beat Italy, which is a very strong team.But on the Sunday before our game with Italy, in the service I said, "Let us pray that Korea will win."


Last week, I asked you to pray for our country in the World Cup games so they could win. Of course, we should pray this week, too. If you were sensitive enough, you could have realized the result already. God the Father let me know the results beforehand, and if He told me we were going to lose, how could I ask you on the altar to pray for our country to win?

If you know me just a little bit, you would know I can never do such a thing. Namely, I can never ask you to do the opposite of the word given by God. If God said we were going to lose, I could never say, "Let us pray so we can win."

So, just by hearing that, you could have known the result. I said, 'Let's pray so we can win' during the first round, which means that we would advance to the round of 16. And for the round of 16, I asked you to pray so we could win, even though our opponent was strong Italy.

Then, what happened at the quarter finals?We played against Spain, currently No. 1 in FIFA ranking, and it was Saturday. At that time every Saturday the special evangelism team went out to the streets to preach. But I told them to take a rest that day. I told them to take a day off and cheer for our country. Would I ever tell you to stop a work of God, evangelism, for a worldly event?

Of course, on that day, the whole nation would cheer, so they could have disgraced the name of God by preaching on such a day. But a more important reason was that I wanted everyone to share the joy cheering for our team, because I knew we would win in the quarter finals.


We have a quarter final match with Spain in Gwangju. I hope the special evangelism team will take the day off. You might disgrace God if you preach today. People wouldn't like it. So you can take a day off to cheer for our team. Please cheer that we will win, as they have been doing until now.

I hope you will be happy today (22nd, the day when we played against Spain). Of course, you are happy because you had Friday all-night service, but also be happy in the afternoon, too. Why would you clap? Why?Because the Father let me know that we would win, I told you to cheer that we would win, and because the game was held in the afternoon, I told you to be happy in the afternoon. If God let me know we would lose, I couldn't have said such things. You understood what I meant and you clapped, too!

So, Korea advanced to the semifinals, which is a result that nobody (except me) anticipated. But there were some among you who misinterpreted my words within your own thoughts. So, I said the following before the round of 16 and the quarter finals.


On June 30th, on the last day of the World Cup, I will deliver a message. Then, some of you will have to repent.

If you look at the result, some of you will feel that you have to repent, realizing that you are living a life in faith with so many fleshly thoughts.


Next week, some of you will have to repent, and this week, too, some of you will come to repent.

You will understand everything when I explain everything to you on the 30th, the Sunday after next. You will understand why I have to give explanation at that point in time, and how precisely the word of God is fulfilled.

At that time, I said there would be some who would have to repent, and I said why I had to explain everything on the last day of the World Cup, Sunday the 30th. Those who were spiritually sensitive or were very smart would know the final result if you heard all those words. We played against Spain on Saturday the 22nd, and if we lost that game, we would have the final result by the next Sunday, the 23rd.

Then, I would explain everything about the World Cup on Sunday the 23rd. If South Korea lost on the 22nd and have the final result by then, it would be befitting to explain about the God-given prophecies on Sunday the 23rd.

But I said I would explain everything not on the 23rd but on the 30th. This means we wouldn't have the final result until the 23rd but have another game after that day. So, it means Korea would win in the quarter finals on the 22nd and advance to the semi finals which would be played on the 25th. Therefore, when I said I would explain everything on the 30th, it implied that we would lose at the semi finals. Why?

South Korea had the semi final game against Germany on Tuesday the 25th. If we won against Germany and advanced to the final, the final game would be held in the evening of the Sunday the 30th. Thus, the final result would come out only at the night of that Sunday. So, if South Korea advanced to the final, I shouldn't have said I would explain on Sunday the 30th, but the next Sunday.

I said I would explain how precisely God-given prophecy was fulfilled after we had the final result, and I couldn't have possibly explained the result during the daytime on Sunday, before the result didn't come out yet.So, when I said I would explain everything on the 30th, does that mean Korea would advance to the final or we would not?Obviously, it means we could not go up to the finals.

They wouldn't go up to the finals, but they would play to decide the third place on Saturday the 29th. For this reason I said I would explain the words of God on Sunday the 30th, after the fourth place was decided. So, my words contained the results for both the quarter final and the semi final. And because I knew we would lose the game to decide the third place, I did not tell the special evangelism team to take a rest. I did not say anything like 'cheer for our country' or 'be happy'. I did not tell you we would win or lose or we would advance to which round, but I gave you so many cluesthat you should have been able to know the result.

Now, listen to the full explanation that I gave you on Sunday the 30th.


I said I would explain everything on June 30th, the last day, regarding the World Cup soccer games, as to how many times South Korea would win and when we would lose. I said I would even read the original and explain each word, and I said you would know why I am explaining this on this particular day. Now, do you understand why I am explaining everything today?You know it from yesterday's results. I couldn't explain it last week. Why?I couldn't explain it last week because we were going to win. But because they were going to lose in the semi final, I am explaining it today. Why? The South Korean team had the final result yesterday.

We ended up being in the fourth place. That is why I am explaining everything today. If we went to the final, then, I couldn't explain the prophecy today. I have to do it next week. Why? The final game is still to be played. It won't be over until our evening service is over today. It will be held at 8 PM. But our service is at 3. So, I would have to explain it next week, because I have to explain after we have the final result. And I said there is a reason for me to explain the prophecy today, and you would know why.

It's that we would have the final result by yesterday, and that is why I am giving the explanation today. I did not say up to which round South Korea would go, but I gave you clues every week. I gave you clues about whether we were winning or losing. I gave you clues in Friday all-night service and Sunday services. I gave you clues when winning, and also when losing, too.

And I just told one person, elder Jung Soo Choe, who is my driver, that we would be in the fourth place. I told him a couple of times that we would win the fourth place. And we did exactly as I told him. Elder Choe was telling me yesterday. He didn't have any fun because he knew whether we were going to win or lose. Yesterday, he knew we were going to lose. Because I said we would win the fourth place, he couldn't have any fun.

If you know it exactly, you wouldn't be able to have fun. You should have fun while watching those games. That is why I only gave you a coupleof clues. What kinds of clues did I give you?What did I say just before the round of 16?I told you to cheer so we would win.I told you to cheer for our country to win. For the quarter finals, too, I told you to cheer for our country to win. If God said we were losing, I would never tell you to cheer for victory. Why? If God said we were losing, how could I stand against Him and tell you to cheer?Because God said we would win, I told you to cheer so we could win.

That is why I told you so. If we were losing, as the Father God said, I wouldn't have told you to cheer. So, I told you to cheer for the round of 16 and for the quarter final. But reaching the semifinals was difficult, because for us, it was a success if we just went to the round of 16. But after we made it to the last 16, there were some hopes arising for the quarter finals while others said it was impossible. Also, after we went to the quarter finals, there were mixed responses. Some said we could go to the semifinals while others were saying it was not possible. I think you remember.

But what did I say to you?I told you to cheer so we could win, and I told you watch the game happily. Also, I gave instruction for the teenagers to watch the game during the Saturday praise and worship. Also, in Daniel prayer meeting, I told you to watch the game. I told you so, up to the semi finals. And I gave you all the clues. Cheer for victory. And watch it happily. I told you in the worship services.

Now, for the semi final, what did I say to you?Did I mention anything about the semifinal last Sunday in any worship service?I never mentioned anything. I did not say 'cheer for victory'. I did not say 'watch the game happily'. I did not say, 'No Daniel prayer meeting tonight,' or 'No, Tuesday praise and worship', or anything like that. Why? Because I knew we were going to lose.

God the Father already let me know. We were going to lose and win the fourth place. We would lose the semi finals and the game for deciding the 3rd place. That is why I never said a word. I did not tell you to watch the game happily. I never mentioned anything about the semifinals.]

Dear brothers and sisters, and GCN viewing audiences,

The reason why I am explaining the situations of that time in so much detail is in fear that there might be some who would doubt and argue. In the late 80's, there were some church members who were doubting, so I said I would stop prophesying and did not give any prophecy for quite some time. Prophecy is given so you could gain faith and life, but if instead you judge and stumble, there is no need for prophecy.

But your faith has reached a level that has never been reached before. Through these sermons on prophecies, I hope you will gain greater faith. I hope you will believe that God is alive and almighty so that you will live by His word and possess true faith which makes everything possible. In doing so, I pray in the name of the Lord that you will become spiritual soldiers of faith and give glory to the kingdom of God greatly.