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   Prophecy(3) - Prophecy (3)    
   Rev. Jaerock Lee
   Amos3: 7


[Amos3: 7]
"Surely the LORD God does nothing Unless He reveals His secret counsel To His servants the prophets."

Dear brothers and sisters,

Today is the 32nd anniversary of church opening. Manmin Central Church had the first service on July 25, 1982, following the word of God saying, "Open the church when the sun is scorching."Let us give all thanks and glory to God the Father who has been with us Manmin, protecting, blessing, and guiding us for the last 32 years. I also give thanks to all my dear church members who have been here in times of not only joy, thanksgiving, and happiness but also trials, tests, sorrow, and tears until now, until Manmin has been set high above the world.

I earnestly hope that we will all be able to share happiness together between the first and second floor of the main building of the castle of the shepherd in New Jerusalem, remembering the things of this earth. I pray in the precious name of the Lord that you will receive and enjoy the blessing fully that will be given in the grace and truth of the Father God today.

Dear brothers and sisters,members of over 10,000 branch churches in Korea and all over the world, local sanctuary members, those who are attending the service on the Internet worldwide, GCN viewing audiences, [children of Sunday school],

2 Peter 1:21 says, "for no prophecy was ever made by an act of human will, but men moved by the Holy Spirit spoke from God."Prophecies given by the almighty God through men of God are certainly fulfilled as spoken. Isaiah 55:11 says, "So will My word be which goes forth from My mouth; It will not return to Me empty, without accomplishing what I desire, And without succeeding in the matter for which I sent it."This verse is proven through this message on prophecies.

This is the third session on 'Prophecy'. I pray in the name of the Lord that you will keep your heart wide open as you listen, so that you will gain faith and life.

Dear brothers and sisters,

From now, let me explain prophecies about important political events of South Korea as well as internationally well-known figures. There are some prophecies I made in small groups or unofficially during the 80's and 90's, and for these the contents are not documented. In these cases, I can only show to you the videos of the sermons, in which I gave explanations on these prophecies. I hope you will be understanding for this.

1. Assassination of President Park Chung Hee

On October 26, 1979, I was in theological college. I felt very nervous from early in the morning. When I prayed about it, to my surprise, God revealed to me that President Park would die. I couldn't say anything to anyone. I just told my wife there would be a great misfortune in the country before I went to classes. But in the college, I mourned all day long shedding tears, and I couldn't help but feel very uneasy.

I spent a day in sorrow, and the next day, I heard the news about the death of President Park that took place the previous day (26th). It was a prophecy about such a shocking event, but I could not leave any evidence of it, and I can just tell you from my memory. Sometimes Mrs. Lee also talks about it, too.


Prayer Center director Mrs. Lee was talking about something in the Daniel prayer meeting a couple of days ago. Even when I was a new believer, I knew when someone was going to die. I knew if someone in the church was going to die. I knew about the death of the President Park. I knew about his assassination in advance. For that reason, I spent a whole day in so much pain, and he died that night. And I knew when somebody in the church was going to die because God let me know about it. That was even when I was a new believer. And when I became a deacon, I knew these things very clearly.

2. Assassination of Indian Prime Minister Indira Ghandi in 1984.

God let me know about the assassination of the Prime Minister Indira Ghandi, the first woman prime minister of India, several months before it happened. I couldn't say it on the altar but just told several church members about it. It was reported in October that she was assassinated by her body-guard who was a Sikh.

3. Death of Chernenko, the Secretary General of Soviet Union.

God showed to me a vision about his death several months prior, and it was fulfilled.


I proclaim to the church members several months ago prophecies such as, who would be elected as the President of the United States,Indira Ghandi's death, Soviet leader's death, and so on. Manmin church members can vouch for it. Why would I say something in advance? They could not have been right had they not been given by God.The enemy devil cannot control the life, death, blessing and adversity of men. Such things solely belong to God.


What was the name of the leader of the Soviet Union? Chernenko? I am reading in the papers nowadays that he is seriously ill and he will die in several weeks. It seems now there is no turning back for him. I had told you about this several months prior. I told you God showed to me this prophecy in a vision, and within several months, it is being fulfilled.

4. Reagan re-elected, Thatcher elected for the third term

In 1984, it was not easy for Reagan to be re-elected, and in '87, it was not easy for Thatcher to be elected for a third term either.But God the Father let me know in advance that they, respectively, would be re-elected. Let us hear a sermon from that time.


Since the word 'manly' is mentioned. God sometimes reveals to me some important events of the world situations. I usually don't talk about them. He lets me know about things that will happen in Korea, but I usually keep my mouth shut. But Friday I spoke a little bit. I read the newspaper article about Thatcher's third term as a lady Prime Minister. When God was explaining to me about her, He commended her very much. God says she is manly or manlike. God says she loves God and her people, and she is good-hearted and she is a manlike lady.

That's what God reveals to me. God did not exactly say Thatcher would become the Prime Minister for her third consecutive term but He explained to me about her. It is in the same way He explained to me about Reagan and other important world events. So I prayed about it. If I don't pray about it, I wouldn't know what it really means. Where is pastor Sung Sook Lee? Please find the cassette tape and play it. Just the part about Thatcher. Just play that particular part, so we can hear what words God gave to us. Please find it and play it later so we can all hear.

The result was as God revealed to us, and later He additionally explained to me how and why they could be re-elected.


About Thatcher, the lady Prime Minister of the United Kingdom; before she was elected for the third term, God let me know about it. God also revealed to me about Reagan, that he was going to be re-elected.He also explained why they were being re-elected. But regardless of that, giving me these messages on the book of Revelations, God gave me some explanations about Thatcher and Reagan, so I am delivering them to you.

Thatcher of the United Kingdom is bold like a man yet humble and gentle, and she reveres God and tries to be without any form of shame. She doesn't take her own honor but tries her best in her politics. That's what God explained to me. For this reason she could be re-elected and she is a Prime Minister who is loved by not only her own people but also by the whole world. God said such was the case with Reagan. God once explained to me about these two important people among the leaders in the world.

I will read the prophetic message of that time again.

[About Reagan]

The leader of the country that helped your country, he tries to live a righteous life following the righteousness and the right way of men. He also tries to pay the price to be worthy of the leader of the people of his country. I can acknowledge his efforts. Therefore, he will gain the support of the people and be elected once again, and he will do his term once again as the President of his country.


You heard and know about the country where there is a lady ruler. She is lovely in My sight. She has boldness like a man, and she is always humble and gentle in all respects. Even though she doesn't know clearly about God, she looks up to God. She tries to have no shame before God. She tries her best in all the politics. She does not want to take her own glory. She tries the best to have all the qualities of a lady leader in an attempt to govern her country. For this reason I love and acknowledge this country.

Truly I say to you, even if she was put in a dark alley, she can handle all the things with boldness. She acts in a way that she can be recognized. For this reason she will receive the grace of God.

Likewise, the flow of world situations continues through the people whom God the Father can acknowledge at each generation.

5. 1985, prophecy about the congressman election of Dong JakGu district

God sometimes reveals to me somethings in dreams. In 1985, God showed to me in dreams who would be elected as congressman from the district of Dong JakGu, the district our church belongs to. I had two dreams, and three of the candidates were shown. At first, I saw two of them, and in the next dream, I saw three of them. One said with smiles he was elected, and another said he was elected, but with frowns. The other said he was not elected and was feeling ashamed.

At that time, they elected two congressmen from one district. So, I already had the answer as to who was going to be the first and the second, and who would not be elected. Let us hear my explanation I gave you after the elections.


The election ended on the 12th. This district is Dong JakGu. And God let me know who would be and who would not be elected in this district of Dong JakGu. It was mid-December in 1984. There were two candidates who were running for congress. Seo Chung Won and Heo Chung Il. God doesn't usually give me dreams, but once they are given, they are correct because they are given by God.

When there are tests heading our way, He shows them to me in advance. He usually gives me inspiration or speaks to me directly about future things, but sometimes He works through dreams. It was mid-December or a little past that. God showed to me two people. They asked me to shake hands with me in my dream. And one of them was Heo Chung Il. The congressman Heo Cheong Il. He asked to shake hands so I did. And he said to me, "I have been elected as a congressman." But then he frowned. So, it didn't look good to me.

I didn't feel quite good in my dream. He said, "I have been elected a congressman," with a frown on his face. Why would he frown? But then Seo Cheong Won came to me and said, "I have not been elected." And he was really ashamed and embarrassed when he said it to me. His face was covered with shame and embarrassment saying he was not elected. So, after about 15 days I said such things to the church members, towards the end of December or in the beginning of January. I remember telling about this to the church members at that time. I certainly remember.

What I said to the church members was, I think many of you deacons also heard it, that Heo Chung Il came to me and said he was elected, but he was frowning, so I didn't feel good about it. And Seo Chung Won came to me and said he was not elected, and his face was full of shame. So, I said to some of the deacons that I didn't know what it meant.

If you heard me say it, please raise your hands! So many! Deacon Jung Ho Lee, or elder, pastor Sang Tae Kim, and his wife Mrs. Kim, Pastor Joo, yes, many of you. When was it? Beginning of January? But I didn't know the meaning of the dream, so I asked God what it meant. Then, God showed me another dream at the end of February. This time, there were three people. The other one was congressman Park Shil. At that time he was not a congressman. But now he has been elected as a congressman. And he appeared and told me that he was elected.

So, there were three. Congressman Seo Chung Won appeared again and said he failed to be elected and he was again full of shame. Also, Congressman Heo Chung Il appeared again, so three of them appeared at the same time. He said he was elected, was not bright. When God showed to me the two men previously, Park Shil was not running for the election. He began his campaign only in January.

God showed to me three persons and two of them said they were elected and the other said he was not. And he was very embarrassed. So I was wondering what this dream meant, and what I was supposed to do with it. Why would God show me this dream two times? Actually, at that time, nobody could imagine that Seo Chung Won would fail to be elected. He had once won by a great margin, and he is running again, and it seemed natural that he was going to be re-elected. Nobody imagined he would fail. He himself never thought it was possible. No one else thought so.

But what was the result? Seo Chung Won was not elected so unexpectedly, and Heo Chung Il and Park Shil were elected. God showed to me clearly who would be the first and the second, and who would not be elected. God doesn't have to show to me all the other congressmen who are not from our district. But for those running for our district, God showed them to me. Do you believe it? Haven't I told you church members before? So it was done as it was shown.

6. "ChooJaGi" 1987, election of Roh Tae Woo, Kim Young Sam, and Kim Dae Jung

President Roh Tae Woo was elected in the presidential election in December 1987. At that time, I told you all about who God wanted to be elected, and who would actually be the first, second, third, and fourth. I let the church workers put the will of God in the church bulletin. Let us look at the weekly bulletin of that time.

[Weekly Bulletin]

Some people were questioning this, and once I explained what it meant. I explained why I put 'ChooJaGi", and who would get the first, second, third, and fourth place during the sermon.


I certainly told you about the presidential election, too. I told you who God wanted to be elected. And I told you not to spread it because it could cause tests. I told you later I would explain in detail. I played even the audio of the prophetic word of God, didn't I?

Yes, I did. You heard who would be the first, second, third, and fourth. God gave it long time ago. He told even the order in the election result. I played the audio which said which candidate would get the most number of votes and which candidate would get the least. I explained it, so you know it.

I even wrote a letter to one of the candidates, which explained the prophecy of God, too. I knew all the details because God let me know in detail. I also played the cassette tape so you also heard everything. But there are still some who have misunderstandings.

Some said what was printed on the weekly bulletin was not rignt. What was not right? It was there on the weekly bulletin who God wanted. But he wouldn't be elected. And God explained through the Bible why he wouldn't be elected. It was all there in the cassette tape and I explained to you.

I did all those things so you would have no misunderstanding, but some of you still do not understand and they stumbled.

There are some who pass judgment on the word of God and even condemn God for that. And I really hope they will not do such a thing.

Then, no matter how much you pray and ask, you won't receive the answer because God doesn't like such an act. There are many other things, too."

At that time, I knew in advance not just the election of Roh Tae Woo but the other two presidents who would be elected. God the Father showed me a vision in which Roh Tae Woo, Kim Young Sam, and Kim Dae Jung were in that order going into the Cheongwadae or the presidential palace on a flower palanquin. And Kim Jong Pil was not going in, and I could see him dimly. He was not on a palanquin. Later, we saw that those people became the presidents in the order I saw, and only Kim Jong Pil never became the president, but only the prime minister.


"God also let me know who would be elected in the presidential election that year, and the ranking of number of votes, and who would become the next president."

Namely, God let me know who would be the first in the rank. Roh Tae Woo was the first and elected as the president, and Kim Young Sam was the second, and Kim Dae Jung was the third.

Kim Dae Jung is currently the president. The fourth was Kim Jong Pil. And it was done as spoken. The president after president Roh, and the one after that, everything was done as God said.

Elders, and those who were there at that time, wasn't it done as God said? Yes, it was. There was no error. The results were actually quite unexpected. The second in the rank, the third, and the fourth, who would get the least number of votes,it was all done as God said.

And the next president was Kim Young Sam. I saw him go into the presidential palace on a flower palanquin, and Kim Dae Jung followed him. That's what God showed to me.

So, God let me know everything in this way, so precisely, and it was accurately fulfilled. And then God showed to me Prime Minister Kim Jong Pil. All our church members know about it. I was wondering why God would show this man to me.

I saw him dimly and not clearly. So, it meant he couldn't be the president. I think at that time he was not doing the policits any longer.

So I was wondering why God showed him to me. And now, you see that he is the Prime Minister."

Moreover, in the election held in 1997, it was not easy for President Kim Dae Jung to be elected based on the political situation of that time. [Press documents]But because I knew since long time ago that Kim Dae Jung would be the president after president Kim Young Sam, I confidently told the people around me. Some people remember clearly what they heard from me.

[Testimony of Dr. Hwang]

They also gained great faith through such a prophecy.