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   Justice in Receiving Answers    
   Rev. Jaerock Lee
   Genesis 27:4


[Genesis 27:4]
"...and prepare a savory dish for me such as I love, and bring it to me that I may eat, so that my soul may bless you before I die."

Dear brothers and sisters,

We are already at the end of the first half of 2015. In the rapid flow of whole spirit, many of you came close to the whole spirit, into spirit, or onto the rock. It is just as God the Father had let us know. Towards the end of the year, there will be more abundant fruits for which we will give glory to God.

What is thankful is that as the measure of faith grows up, there will be fruits of blessings, too. It is just as 3 John 1:2 says, "Beloved, I pray that in all respects you may prosper and be in good health, just as your soul prospers."This is the heart of God.

We can feel this heart of God in Numbers 6:23-26, too. "Speak to Aaron and to his sons, saying, 'Thus you shall bless the sons of Israel. You shall say to them: The LORD bless you, and keep you; The LORD make His face shine on you, and be gracious to you; The LORD lift up His countenance on you, and give you peace.'"

Although God is full of mercy and compassion, however, He cannot just give away blessings to His children unconditionally. He can give them blessings only when it is in accordance with justice. In this session, I will talk about some important rules of justice that you should know in order to receive answers and blessings.

This message will give you great strength to go into deeper level of spirit and whole spirit by understanding the heart of God. I pray in the name of the Lord that you will diligently bear the fruit of the rock, spirit, and whole spirit, and also receive answers and blessings.


Dear brothers and sisters,

The first rule of justice that you have to know to receive answers is that you have to believe without any doubt the power in the prayer for blessings and the words of blessing that are once proclaimed.

Isaiah 55:11 says, "So will My word be which goes forth from My mouth; it will not return to Me empty, without accomplishing what I desire, and without succeeding in the matter for which I sent it."God proclaimed His will through His men, namely through prophets and apostles both in the Old and New Testament eras. And when this will of God was written, it became the Bible.

Among those proclamations were words of blessings for individuals, countries, or races. As in the verse in Isaiah I just read, whatever was proclaimed was certainly fulfilled. It's because it's not just an ordinary person's word, but it was the word proclaimed in the name of the LORD God.

For our church, I pray for the prayer titles for the year in the beginning of each year. When God gives me the prayer titles, He lets me proclaim about the flow of each year, too. In this year 2015, He gave us the titles of 'Glory' 'Fruit' 'Beautiful Sanctuary' and 'Power of Re-creation', and gave us a rapid flow of whole spirit.

Especially in this past Lunar New Year, I proclaimed the words of blessing, urging you to bear the fruit both in spiritual and material sense. Also, I also prayed for your blessings so that you would bear the fruit of the rock, spirit, and whole spirit, and also the fruits of blessings in your everyday life, and you will be free of poverty, diseases, or disasters.

Now, do you experience the power in that proclamation and the prayer?Those who believed the power ought to be experiencing it. But what is pitiful is there were people who couldn't believe in the power on that day and asked me to pray for you personally again. When you were touching my hands, some of you said, "This part hurts, please lay your hand here." "This is my family, pray for them."This means that you annulled all the proclamations I made and all the prayers I offered for your blessings.

Let us find the reason why from an event recorded in the book of Genesis. In Genesis chapter 27, we see that Jacob cheated his father Isaac to receive blessings. Isaac was too old to see clearly and recognize people's faces. He asked his beloved son Esau, Jacob's older brother, to go hunting and bring him a savory dish. It was to give full blessing to Esau, the first son before he died.

But Isaac's wife, Rebecca, and the mother of the two sons, loved Jacob more and she wanted Jacob to receive blessings. She had Jacob bring goats from the flock, cooked a savory dish and gave it to Jacob so he could bring it to his father Isaac. She made Jacob appear to be Esau, who was a hairy man.

Eventually, Isaac mistook Jacob for Esau and blessed Jacob. Genesis 27:29 says, "May peoples serve you, and nations bow down to you; be master of your brothers, and may your mother's sons bow down to you. Cursed be those who curse you, and blessed be those who bless you." Isaac gave him all the blessings he could.

After Jacob received all the blessings, now Esau came to Isaac with asavory dish. Only then did Isaac realize he blessed Jacob and trembled violently. It's because he knew very well that he couldn't annul or cancel the blessing he proclaimed in the name of the LORD God. Esau cried out with an exceedingly bitter cry, but Isaac couldn't do anything.

So, he said in Genesis 27:37, "But Isaac replied to Esau, 'Behold, I have made him your master, and all his relatives I have given to him as servants; and with grain and new wine I have sustained him. Now as for you then, what can I do, my son?"After all, the blessing for the firstborn was given to Jacob. Jacob became a wealthy man, and his people Israel became a people that was set above all peoples.

Now you might have a question here. How could Jacob receive the blessing even though he cheated Isaac?It's because it was in accordance with justice. Jacob believed the power in the prayer of blessing and received it with a longing heart. After that, by going through many trials he made his vessel capable of receiving the blessing.

On the contrary, how did Esau act? He sold his birthright just for a bowl of lentil stew. Also, he took Gentile women as his wives. He did not show any longing of heart or acts of faith. Although the method was not perfect, Jacob deserved to receive the blessing of the firstborn. Of course until he did, there were trials.

He suffered a lot working as a labor under his uncle, and when he came back to his hometown, he had to deal with the dire moment of his brother Esau trying to kill him. In every step, Jacob showed the kind of faith that could be recognized by God. He overcame a man of God after wrestling against him all night long, and received a new name 'Israel'.

Brothers and sisters, the blessing prayed for by a man of God never disappears without accomplishing anything. Of course, the man who is praying must be a man who is guaranteed by God and trustworthy.

Deuteronomy 18:22 says, "When a prophet speaks in the name of the LORD, if the thing does not come about or come true, that is the thing which the LORD has not spoken. The prophet has spoken it presumptuously; you shall not be afraid of him."On the contrary, if the things spoken come about or come true, then it means that prophet actually delivered the word of God.

The words that I proclaimed to you and the blessing prayer that I offered for you are original voice of God. It is the voice that God spoke forth when He created the heavens and the earth. You believe this because you experienced and witnessed so many signs and wonders and divine healing works through my prayer. Just to talk about divine healing, the dead nerves are revived, and cancers just go away.

And for those who believe, they believe until the prayer is answered, until the end. They do not doubt or become disheartened wondering if the prayer will actually be answered. Once the word of promise is given by God, I never forget any of them, even though it was given years ago, even at the beginning of the church. It's because I believe God will certainly fulfill His word. And I remember them in hope and see how God fulfills His words.

If you truly believe, you will not take any word of blessing or prayer of blessing lightly. For example, about the prayer of blessing and the message you heard in the Lunar New year, how much of it do you remember?If you really believe that it will surely be fulfilled, you can never forget it. You have to believe the word of God proclaimed and the prayer for blessing, and you have to believe without any changing of your attitude. This is the rule of justice that you have to remember to receive the answer. Mark 11:24 says, "Therefore I say to you, all things for which you pray and ask, believe that you have received them, and they will be granted you."

Dear brothers and sisters,

The second rule of justice for receiving an answer is that you have to offer the 'savory dish' that pleases God.

Savory dish is some foods that have a very special taste. In order to receive answers and blessings, and especially to receive them quickly, you have to give to God such savory dish. The blessings come immediately for some people while they come upon others more slowly.

This difference comes from whether they offered savory dish to God or not. Genesis 27:4 says, "and prepare a savory dish for me such as I love, and bring it to me that I may eat, so that my soul may bless you before I die."Isaac loved the food cooked with what Esau hunted. That is why he loved Esau more than Jacob. Because Isaac loved Esau, he wanted to bless Esau to the fullest extent.

But Isaac knew that the prayer of blessing wouldn't just come upon him unconditionally. Namely, he knew there had to a 'deed of sowing' with faith that the blessing would actually come. For this reason he had Esau bring a savory dish that would please his mind.

The same applies when you ask God to receive something. There must be a deed of sowing. It's because the faith is revealed before God through the deed of sowing. James 2:22 says, "You see that faith was working with his works, and as a result of the works, faith was perfected;"You should prove to the spiritual realm that you have the faith to receive blessings.

The widow of Zarephath served the prophet with her last bit of food, which she was going to eat with her son and die. Through this deed of faith, she received such a great blessing that her food never ran out until the drought was over.

Also, in Philippians 4:18-19, we see that Paul blessed the church in Philippi when they made offerings for his ministry. It says, "But I have received everything in full and have an abundance; I am amply supplied, having received from Epaphroditus what you have sent, a fragrant aroma, an acceptable sacrifice, well-pleasing to God. And my God will supply all your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus."

The blessings will come upon you when you give a fragrant aroma, and acceptable sacrifice, well-pleasing God. Therefore, when you come to receive prayer, you have to prepare a savory dish that can please God. Namely, you have to move the heart of God with your love and devotion.

I've explained how you can do this numerous times. Just as I just preached, to rejoice always, pray without ceasing, and give thanks in all things is also a savory dish. If you rejoice, pray, and give thanks with all your heart, mind, and soul, even though the situations do not allow, it will become your savory dish.

There are also the standards of measuring of the seven spirits: faith, joy, prayer, thanksgiving, keeping the commandments, faithfulness, and love. For example, when I tried to keepthe commandments of God, I tried to keep them as they are with all my life. Also, when I wanted to be faithful, I tried to be faithful until death as in Revelation 2:10. When I worked for the souls, I tried to work until it overflowed like in the case of Paul.Then, God surely paid me back with great answers and blessings.

It is also to give God savory dish if you understand and follow the rules of sowing and reaping.

Let me briefly mention the rules in sowing and reaping. First, you have to plow the field of your heart.

Second, you have to keep the Sunday holy and give whole tithes.

Third, you must not ask with greed.

Fourth, you have to walk the right way.

Fifth, you can reap much when you sow much.

Sixth, you must not change your attitude regarding your faith and deeds.

Seventh, you have to give to those whom God is pleased with.

Eighth, you have to be faithful to the kingdom of God.

Since I was a new-believer, countless times I've experienced the joy of bearing many fruits by applying such spiritual rules. If you do not know these rules, it means you do not know what savory dishes God likes, and how you can make them.

Then, how can you receive it even though the blessing is proclaimed?I hope you will understand through the word of God and prayer what kinds of savory dishes God wants from you, and make them for Him.

It is not something very difficult. When you pray and attend worship services, do it with all your heart. Give all you have with dedication, including time, money, or your talents, with thanksgiving for the grace received. Focus on evangelism and taking care of the souls and revive the souls. All these can be savory dishes.

As Ephesians 5:10 says, "...trying to learn what is pleasing to the Lord," diligently look for something you can do. In doing so, I pray in the name of the Lordthat, all your prayer points will be answered through the original voice that has been already spoken forth.


Dear brothers and sisters,

Do you want to change? Do you want to be healed? Do you want to be blessed?Believe without any doubt in the original voice that has been already spoken forth. Also, give God a savory dish which is your deed of faith acceptable to God. In doing so, I hope you will bear beautiful fruits in spirit and body in this year of glory 2015, through the original voice that is already sounded forth. I pray in the name of the Lord that God the Father will receive glory greatly through you who are receiving blessings.