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   The Father's Heart - 35th Anniversary Evening Service    
   Rev. Jaerock Lee
   1 John 1: 5


[1 John 1: 5]
"This is the message we have heard from Him and announce to you, that God is Light, and in Him there is no darkness at all."


Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, and guests,

Let us give all thanks and glory to God the Father who has been with us until this 35th anniversary of Manmin Central Church. I give thanks to all the guests who are here to celebrate together with us, and I welcome you all. I also give thanks to all the church members and viewers who are watching the GCN TV and Internet broadcasting. We will have the celebration performances after the service. I give thanks to all the performers and the staff.

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, and guests,

God the Father has been leading this church and me for the last 35 years. As God has commanded us, stroke by stroke like a picture on a white canvas, our church has been drawing a picture of the providence of God at the end time. The picture that our church has been drawing for 35 years is truly something great. We've almost finished this picture of our church; we are making the whole world our parish; we unfold the explosive works of God's power all over the world; and we are leading all peoples to salvation.

The title of today's message is "The Father's Heart." In the ministry that Manmin has been accomplishing for 35 years is embedded this heart of the Father. In this message, I will talk to you about the Father's heart that is shown through this church.


Dear brothers and sisters, and guests,

The Father's heart shown through this church, first of all, is love.

Unbelievers sometimes ask Christians the following questions. "God says He is love, so why did He make such a horrible place as hell?" "Why did God make the tree of knowledge of good and evil so that men would sin?" Furthermore, they misunderstand the Father thinking that He is God that creates disasters, punishment, and fear.

But we Manmin members can confidently say that God is truly love. It's because you have experienced the abundance of God's love that has been shown in this church for the last 35 years. God of love moved us from death to life and from despair to hope. He made the sick healthy and the poor rich. He gave peace to unhappy families.

Furthermore, we could experience God's love through, above all else, the words that were revealed in the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. Since the opening of the church, God gave us the messages on 'heaven and hell', 'why Jesus Christ is the only Savior', and 'why God made the tree of knowledge of good and evil', all of which contain the heart of God who wants to gain true children.

Through the messages on heaven, we could feel the love of the Father God who wants us to eternally enjoy good things in heaven. Through the messages on hell, God guided many souls to turn from their sins and lead a good Christian life. As we take the messages as our spiritual bread, we can feel God's love who wants to give only good things to His children.

These messages also embed the love of God the Father who wants His beloved children to receive blessings and answers during their lives on this earth. When we kept the words of God, He blessed us with material blessing, health, and divine healing as in Deuteronomy Chapter 28.

This church and I have been endeavoring in world evangelism to show this love of God the Father to numerous souls around the world. We are spreading the holiness gospel through overseas crusades and pastors' seminars, through GCN TV that currently covers more than 170 countries and through books that have been translated into many languages.

The book Message of the Cross is published in 59 languages, Heaven 1 in 34, Heaven 2 in 26, and Hell in 35 languages. And more than 100 titles among these messages were translated and published in 61 languages all over the world, leading countless souls to the way of salvation. Through these publications, many pastors will be awakened and many souls will come back to the Lord and experience the love of God.

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, and guests,

The heart of the Father shown in this church, secondly, is goodness.

Today's reading passage 1 John 1:5 says, "This is the message we have heard from Him and announce to you, that God is Light, and in Him there is no darkness at all." As said, God is Light itself and He is only full of goodness and love. That is to say, He has no evil at all; He hates evil very much.

Thus, I hope you beloved children of God will have no evil in your hearts at all. Proverbs 8:13 says, "The fear of the LORD is to hate evil; pride and arrogance and the evil way and the perverted mouth, I hate." For this reason, God has chosen this church and led its members to cast away evil and take after the image of God. Namely, He has been bringing about children who are sanctified.

In order to become holy, we must have prayers as well as the word of God, as said in 1 Timothy 4:5, "…for it is sanctified by means of the word of God and prayer. So, our church has never let the fire of prayer burn out ever since its opening. Daniel prayer meeting has been continuing with this fervor for prayers. It began in 1986, and under the leadership of Mrs. Boknim Lee of Manmin Prayer Center, many pastors, leaders, and lay members are offering fiery prayer every night. Through these fervent prayers, they realize their sins and evil and cast them away. They didn't just cast away big sins that are easily noticed, but minute forms of evil as well.

Daniel prayer meetings are broadcast on GCN and on the Internet so branch and associative churches all around the world partake together. Many pastors and believers from other churches expressed their amazement saying, "Manmin's members are extraordinary," and "You are like the Early Church members that prayed every day." At this end time, the flame of prayer is being put out worldwide. But Manmin members are changed by the baptism of fire through prayers and they will become beautiful souls that have the goodness of God.

Dear brothers and sisters, and guests,

The Father's heart shown through this church, thirdly, is God's power.

There have always been so many works of power in this church that we can't talk about Manmin without mentioning God's power. Explosive power of God that transcends time and space has been being manifested all over the world. Particularly, the power to control weather conditions was prominent during this year. It was to control the temperature and stop such natural disasters as typhoons and drought.

With regard to temperature control, I'm sure all those who attended the summer retreat clearly felt it. While extremely hot weather was going on all over the country, we Manmin had very cool weather. This year in particular, we had a whole new level of temperature control. Every year I harbored 24 degrees Celsius, but I harbored 25 or 26 degrees this year. It's because some church members felt 24 degrees was too cool and they felt a bit cold. So, the temperature was exactly 25 or 26 degrees, so you had the retreat with the optimal weather conditions. Just like the land of Goshen was protected from the Ten Plagues, only Muju, our retreat location, was exempt from the hot weather warning issued by the government among all parts of South Korea.

The power to control the weather conditions is working more and more powerfully and swiftly. Through my prayers, typhoons changed their course or lost strength. High waves calmed down and dry places had rain. Or, at other times rain was stopped.

Before this past summer retreat, the fifth typhoon 'Noroo' was coming up toward Korea, so I prayed that it wouldn't have any effect on our retreat. The news reports said the course of typhoon Noroo was very unpredictable. But this typhoon obediently followed my prayers. It changed its course eastward as soon as I prayed for it to change its course. When I prayed once more, it went about 100km further east from the previously projected course.

Such an amazing work of power did not stop there. By the request of missionaries, believers, and multiple number of pastors in the United States, I prayed about the hurricane Irma at 7:45 PM on Sep. 8. I prayed that the Category 5 hurricane would downgrade from a current 5 to a 4, 3, 2, 1, and then dissipate, and all our missionaries and church members would be protected completely, so that anyone could see and realize the powerful works of God.

What do you think happened? It was done exactly I prayed. Hurricane Irma changed its course, and it soon became Cat. 3, 2, and then 1, and at 9PM on the 11th, Korean time, it dissipated to a tropical storm. There are scores of typhoons, hurricanes, and cyclones that I've driven away through prayers.

Dear church members, and guests,

If you consider the ministry of this church just for the past couple of years, anyone will realize that such powerful works are always taking place in this church. For the past 35 years, there have always been powerful works such as solving problems in the aftermath of volcano eruptions and earthquakes, solving the situations of typhoons and drought, and deliverance and divine healings.

Why would God show such great power? It is to proclaim to the whole world that our God is great and is to be glorified. He is the Creator worthy to be honored and the master of all things. Think about the spiritual trend of today's world. People openly say there is no God, and even believers believe in Darwinism. As time goes by, an increasingly greater number of people disgrace and despise God's name. But our church will show God's power more and more greatly and prove to the whole world that God is alive, just as the waters cover the sea. Also, like guidance of a lamppost and a lighthouse, we will lead all those who call on the name of the Lord in this sinful world.


Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, and guests,

Just before the opening of the church, God the Father gave me the name of this church. "…name it 'Manmin' (meaning all peoples/all nations). When you go on a pilgrimage later, you will understand why I gave you this name." And in 1989, I visited the Church of All Nations at Gethsemane on a pilgrimage, and I understood why God gave me the name Manmin: it was to accomplish world evangelism through our church and to fulfill His providence for all peoples.

Today, this vision is being actualized in reality through us Manmin. The goodness, love, and power of God unfolded in the past will not be able to compare with what will be unfolded before all peoples soon. Let us give all thanks and glory to God the Father who has been with us Manmin until now. I pray this in the name of the Lord that all of you who are here will be overflowing with blessings and love of God the Father.