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   2018 Prayer Title(1) - Utilizing the Space - The Power of Re-creation    
   Rev. Jaerock Lee
   John 14:12


John 14:12
Truly, truly, I say to you, he who believes in Me, the works that I do, he will do also; and greater works than these he will do; because I go to the Father.

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

Tonight, I will tell you about "Utilizing the Space," which is the 1st prayer title of 2018. The sub title is "Power of Re-creation." I've actually operated the space which is utilized by the power of re-creation. The reason God gave this as a prayer title of 2018, however, is that the operation of the space in 2018 will be done in much higher level than any other previous years. I hope you can listen carefully, understand, offer prayers for every little thing about it and, that you can also take advantage of the power of re-creation.

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, first of all, let me tell you what 'utilizing the space' is.

The term, 'utilizing' in this prayer title actually has the meaning of 'operating.' And, this 'operating' has the meaning of 'running' or 'managing' as in a business or a store. Now then, which space is it that is operated by the power of re-creation? It refers to all the spaces; the 1st heaven, which is this fleshly world, and the Second, Third and the Fourth Heavens. Controlling and operating all these heavens by the power of re-creation; this is 'utilizing the space.'

To help you understand the meaning of 'utilizing the space,' let me give you an example. Think about the house you live in. If the air in a room of your house is stuffy, what will you do? You can just open a door or window to let the air ventilate. If you turn on a fan, it will ventilate the air more quickly. If it is cold inside, you turn on the heater and make your room warm. If it is hot, you turn on the air conditioner and cool the air down. You may re-arrange the location of furniture. You can fix it when something goes wrong.

As in this example, you can manage the space which is your house. You can change anything as you please, and you can fix anything as you please. Within the confines of building regulations, you can change its structure or its appearance. Yet, you can manage the space ? your house ? as you please only under the condition that you own it completely. If you're renting it, the scope of 'managing' the house is quite limited, because you don't own the house.

As you may notice now, the ownership of a certain space decides your authority in managing the space. To operate the whole space requires the ownership of the whole space as well. The 'power of re-creation' is the ownership.

When the power of re-creation is completed 100%, even the space of the 4th heaven can be operated. If the 4th heaven can be operated, the lower levels of heavens can most certainly be operated as well. Simply put, all the space can be operated as one pleases through this 'ownership.'

When God created the spaces of the different levels, God set up the principle that the lower levels belong to the higher levels, and the higher levels can rule and subdue the lower levels. I actually delivered a 7-session series of messages from late 2008 to early 2009 regarding these spaces and levels. If you wish to know more, you may refer to those messages.

To help you understand the 'utilizing of the space,' let me briefly tell you about the 4th heaven first. The 4th heaven is the space for God the Trinity. Its level is the same as the level of the only heaven that existed in the beginning when God the Origin was in the form of light containing the original voice. If this 4th heaven can be operated, then the works that follow can be manifested.

The first is the work of creation. When God said, "Let there be light," there was light. During the 6 days, what God commanded with His words was done in this 1st heaven. This is the classic example of God the Creator's utilizing the space with original light and voice.

If the 4th heaven can be operated, secondly, life can be governed. In other words, the dead can be revived, and the living can experience death. Jesus' reviving the dead Lazarus, and the fruitless-fig tree's withering and death by the curse of Jesus are examples. As you can see, the operating of the 4th heaven includes the authority of governing life.

If the 4th heaven can be operated, thirdly, the works of transcending space and time can be manifested. It is because the 4th heaven surpasses the lower heavens in all aspects. No matter how far away something is in the physical space of the First Heaven, by the concepts of the 4th heaven, it can be very close. The physical distance has no meaning in the 4th heaven. That's why when Jesus only commanded with words, a sick person could be healed right away as if the sick one received the prayer right before Jesus.

If the 4th heaven can be operated, fourthly, time can be freely managed.

It is because the flow of time can be controlled at the discretion of the operator. The flow of time can be faster or slower than the time of this earth; the time flow can even be stopped. When the 4th heaven envelops the fleshly (physical) space, and the flow of time is controlled to go either faster or slower, mysterious things can take place, which are not in accordance with the physical laws of this earth.

The sun can stop moving in the middle of the sky for hours, a man can run faster than a chariot; a man can even travel from one city to another city in a blink of an eye. All the works that are recorded in the Bible are actually the results of utilizing the spiritual space.

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ.

God the Father wishes to save just one more soul in this end time when sin and evil are rampant, and so He has guided me to master how to utilize the space. He began with theories, and then He let me understand the spaces and master its utilization with hands-on practice.

To utilize the spaces completely, I must understand not only characteristics of each space, but also how to make passageways between the spaces, and how to open and close the spiritual gates. I must use the most appropriate method that doesn't violate the justice God had set in the beginning. And the result must be the most optimal and the best fruit just as I harbor in the heart, and just as I give out the voice.

For example, all the schedules of 3 day-long summer retreat this year bore the best fruits by utilizing the space. The temperature was adjusted to 25-26 in Celsius just as I proclaimed at the podium beforehand. Just as I decided to help you be more on the alert for sin and evil by revealing demons and showing the spiritual realm, it was done.

On the second day when you had the field games, the clouds, winds, and humidity were properly controlled as if I told them to be as they were. It was more amazing when we had the campfire-night on the 3rd day. When we sang the song 'the tears,' it rained. A wet fog came out of nowhere when there were fireworks; these automatic special effects presented us the greatest moment of grace and emotion. This summer retreat was just an example of utilizing the space. The utilizing of the space in 2018 will be done in much higher level than in 2017. In what ways will the space be utilized in 2018? I will explain the 2 major categories.

First is the utilizing the spaces for the natural world.

In 2018, the natural disasters will take place in many parts of the world in much stronger scale. But such natural disasters can be prevented, and resulting loss can be minimized by operating the space.

What happened this year regarding typhoons and hurricanes? Right before the summer retreat this year, a great amount of rainfall was forecasted due to typhoon 'Noru' starting on August 7 which was the 1st day of our summer retreat. On August 3, I prayed so that the typhoon would either dissipate or change its course. Then the typhoon changed from the forecasted course, the result allowed for the venue of summer retreat to escape the direct influences of the typhoon.

At the request of a member who is running a ferry line between Pohang and Ul-leung Island, I prayed once more, and the typhoon moved from its new course about 100 kilometers farther to the east. That is, the East Sea area would no longer be affected by the typhoon. And then when I prayed for the members who would come from Japan to attend the summer retreat, the typhoon became weaker. As a result, those members from Japan could safely come to summer retreat.

Don't you think someone was managing the typhoon and controlling it? It's like capturing 'Noru,' which means a roe deer in Korean, binding it, and controlling it so that it would not jump to the right or the left, but run a path in the desired direction.

It was the same with Hurricane 'Irma' last September. Upon the prayer request of many pastors and members in the United States, I prayed on Friday, Sep. 8th. Hurricane Irma, which was category 5 back then, was expected to become a category 4 hurricane and make landfall on the east coast of Florida and move up along the coastline. After I prayed, however, its course was changed to move westerly and then inland and north through the middle of the peninsula which was low in population. It quickly lost its power and eventually dissipated. The moment that I prayed, the movement, its influence, and its projected change in course were all identical. To help us collect enough evidences that it took place by the prayer, the category and the course of the hurricane were controlled each hour, minute, and second.

There may be some who could think like this; "Could it be possible to make a typhoon dissipate on the spot as if it disappeared into a blackhole? It could. However, the utilizing the space must produce maximum results in a way that doesn't violate the order of the natural world, which is basically the rules governing creation that God the Creator set up.

Although anything is possible, the rules of justice shouldn't be broken. Say, when I changed the course of the typhoon, could I order it to move to someplace where our church members are not found? Hurricane Irma changed its course more westerly where the density of population was low, and then it lost its destructive influences. As you can see, I must operate the space without violating the justice with the heart of God the Father who wants to give only the best things to His children to produce the maximum result.

In 2018, typhoons and hurricanes will occur more frequently, and the work of controlling them by utilizing the space will be more precise and correct. The ways of weakening their influence or changing their course will be different from case to case. It is because the space will be utilized in the most optimized way according to each situation and condition. All of them will produce evidences no one can deny so that everyone will admit that such signs were manifested by the work of God.

For this, we should make it known to the public actively but wisely. When I was inspired in my heart and harbored it, a posting concerning 'Hurricane Irma' was carried by a major daily paper. When these things occur frequently, even the worldly people cannot but rely on God in the face of an unavoidable natural disaster; they will request the prayer of the servant of God's power. And the press will compete with each other to announce it.

Brothers and sisters.
Droughts and floods will also occur frequently; how should the space be operated? Rainclouds can be gathered together where necessary. If urgent, the gates to the 2nd heaven can open to make rainclouds come out into the 1st heaven. If it can be done where a major forest fire occurs. So just how easily can the disaster be averted? In case of a flood on the other hand, all that must be done is to transport the rainclouds somewhere else or scatter them.

It is the same with the case of air pollution due to yellow dust or fine dust. Wind can blow to drive out the pollutants, or a gate to the space can be opened draw the polluted air into the space, and then move it elsewhere. When a cool wind is necessary, the air can be advected from a cold place, such as the North Pole, and be conveyed through a spiritual passageway where it is needed.

You already experienced in 2006 Summer Retreat. In the 2015 summer retreat, the spiritual space opened from the 3rd heaven, which is the Heavenly Kingdom, and the heavenly wind blew. Also in this year's summer retreat, by utilizing the space, a sweet and cool breeze blew.

There are various ways of operating wind as you can see. It can change its direction in the 1st heaven. Through a spiritual passageway in the 1st heaven, the wind can blow to a different place in a short period of time. The wind of the 2nd or 3rd heaven can be brought to the 1st heaven. In case of snow, if necessary, a spiritual passageway can be made to convey the snow of this earth or of the 2nd heaven, and then it can snow in a desirable place.

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ.

Secondly, the work of utilizing the space in 2018 will reveal more of the spiritual realm.

To help you believe in the spiritual realm, I have presented countless evidences. I've kept telling you that this visible fleshly space is temporary, and that the spiritual realm truly exists even though it is invisible. This earth is illusionary, but it is the spiritual realm that is the reality. I desperately wish that you can realize it, learn it, and believe it.

Since God the Father knows such a heart's desire of mine, He has revealed the spiritual realm in various ways. Especially this year, God revealed the identity of demons and showed clearly that the spiritual realm exists. By utilizing the space in 2018, the spiritual realm will be much clearly revealed.

First off, God said He would allow for the pictures of the spiritual beings such as angels and messengers of hell to be taken. He's not talking about the drawings on drapes or walls; the pictures of their actual forms will be taken by cameras. Angels are the beings in the 3rd heaven, and messengers of hell in the 2nd heaven. The picture of such spiritual beings as these will be taken by camera so that you can see them as in the fleshly form. You must have spiritual eyes open to see them, but God will make you see their actual forms without opening the spiritual eyes.

That is not the end of it. God the Father said He will reveal the actual look of UFO as it is. UFOs have been spotted globally, but people don't know their identity. As I explained in Genesis Lecture, however, a UFO is the aircraft that the people of the Garden of Eden in the 2nd heaven usually use.

When the people of the Garden of Eden come to the earth, they use what is known as a UFO. Since they are so fast and the airmanship is so unique, even when people take pictures of UFO, they mostly seem like flashing spots. However, God said He would make UFO's form and outline be clearly seen. It doesn't mean, however, that a UFO will hover in the air for a long time. That might cause people who don't know its identity consider it as a threat and declare a state of emergency.

In a boundary of avoiding such cases, He will show UFO in a way that people can realize there is another world than this earth. It is the evidence that the space of the Garden of Eden can also be operated. By the operation of space like this, God wishes that people can break their fleshly knowledge and their limited concept of the space.

When I reveal the spiritual beings by operating the space, I will at the same time deliver a message which will prove the 'Spiritual realm.' Just as you put a puzzle's pieces together to complete a picture, I will put all the evidences of the spiritual realm together, and proclaim that the spiritual realm does exist. This message of the spiritual realm will be like dropping a bomb.

Just as 2 Corinthians 10:5 says, the message will "destroy speculations and every lofty thing raised up against the knowledge of God, and take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ." It is because I will not only deliver messages, but I will prove the messages by the works of the power of Re-creation. Through those works, you will gain opportunities to cast off fleshly attributes such as changing of mind, craftiness, adultery, and selfish mind all the more quickly. It is because the ultimate purpose of utilizing the space is to help bear the fruit of changing of heart. Please memorize what I've told you so far tonight, and pray for them one by one.

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ.

In John 14:12, Jesus said, "Truly, truly, I say to you, he who believes in Me, the works that I do, he will do also; and greater works than these he will do; because I go to the Father." I took what Jesus said as the word given to me. I surely desire to accomplish what He said, and repay the price for the precious blood of the Lord.

I also desire to lead countless souls to reach salvation and become true children of God the Father in this sin & evil rampant world. I urge you to participate in this holy ministry with intercessory prayers that will accomplish the great providence for the end time. May you reveal the glory of God the Father by becoming spiritual warriors and accomplishing the ministry together, in the name of the Lord, Jesus Christ, I pray!