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| Manmin News   No. 553 | HIT 5288 | DATE 2017-08-06
"My Father Was Healed of Severe Dementia!"

Sister Cheisusun, age 35, Taiwan Manmin Church

In February 2013, I was guided to Taiwan Manmin Church and I was given assurance in Heaven and Hell. I began to pray and renew my life. And as I diligently preached the gospel, my family was evangelized, and I also experienced several powerful works including the healing of allergic ophthalmodesmitis, an inflammation of the eye tendons.

On June 27, 2016, my father suddenly could not keep eye contact with me. The following day, he burst out in anger and did not wear clothes. He said weird words and acted strangely. On July 20, he had a check-up and was diagnosed with serious dementia. My family members offered up 21-day vowed prayer in Daniel Prayer Meeting, fasted, and received the prayer for the sick. Meantime, he seemed to get less angry.

I visited Korea to participate in Manmin Summer Retreat 2016 and submitted my father's photo and his disease to the church. On August 7, Senior Pastor prayed for him in the Sunday Morning Service.

God worked on my father transcending space and time. After the service, I talked to my mother on the phone. She said he started to move and eat. In fact, he had not eaten well and had fallen into sleep.

On August 8, he attended the retreat on the internet in Taiwan and received Senior Pastor's prayer. After the prayer, his memory recovered and all other symptoms were all gone. Hallelujah! On September 20, he had another check-up and it showed he was absolutely normal. I give all thanks and glory to God who let us experience this amazing power. I give thanks to Senior Pastor who prayed for my father.

Doctor's Note

Before the prayer, diagnosed with dementia (left) After the prayer, no symptom of dementia with CDR score 1 (right)