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| Manmin News   No. 597 | HIT 4817 | DATE 2018-06-24
"I was healed of diabetes by the power of God!"

Elder Songyeol Ryu, age 48, Parish 11, Manmin Central Church

I had a chronic skin disease affecting the backs and inner sides of my thighs. In summer of 2017, it became so serious that I could not sleep due to itchiness. I lost my appetite and drank a lot of water since I often felt thirsty.

Meantime, I had a regular medical check-up in September 2017, and it showed fasting blood sugar level was 257mg/dL. It was way too high compared to the normal level 100mg/dL. The doctor recommended me having additional tests for diagnosis of diabetes and told me to take medicine for it. My serious itchiness and thirst were caused by diabetes.

I began to earnestly pray with reliance on God and thought over the reason why I came down with the disease. I had thought that I had been doing well in my believing life, but I realized that I had been lazy in some parts. I sometimes dozed off during worship services or prayer meetings. I sometimes fulfilled my God-given duties with a sense of obligation. I tried to etch the love of God in my heart and changed my bad habits including eating habits.

I did not take any medicine. Instead, I received Senior Pastor Dr. Jaerock Lee's prayer for the sick with faith in every worship service and Daniel Prayer Meeting. Three weeks later, my fasting blood sugar level drastically dropped to 150mg/dL from 257, and later to 138. After I received the handkerchief prayer from Pastor Heejin Lee (Acts 19:11-12), it fell to 128. I felt thankful that God had worked on me. As I tried harder to renew myself, the level became 105, which was almost normal level.

I believed that God would heal me completely, worked more earnestly, and endeavored to change myself to have an unchanging heart. In May 2018, the fasting blood sugar level finally became normal. Not only diabetes but I was also healed of high blood pressure and chronic dermatitis. Hallelujah!

Moreover, God blessed my soul to prosper. I realized all of things that happened to me were from the love of God.

My daughter Seungri is a 12th grader. When she was five, serious atopic dermatitis affected her whole body. She looked as if she had been burnt. Her skin peeled off, and I had to move her on my back since she could not walk due to discharge. But after she received Dr. Lee's prayer, she was completely healed. Now she has beautiful skin and has grown up in the Lord. My wife Senior Deaconess Hee Sung is also working faithfully as a leader of Women's Mission and a choir member.

I give all thanks and glory to God who healed us with the power and blessed us to be a happy family.


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