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| Manmin News   No. 628 | HIT 2151 | DATE 2019-02-03
I Got Healed of Permanent Disability!

I became disabled in my early 40's. I was working in a factory as an engineer in 2012. I got spondylitis tuberculosa and had surgery in March. It went wrong and I ended up with lower body paralysis. I couldn't support my family. I was bed-ridden all the time. I could see no way out, and the burden and pain in my heart was beyond words.

My wife had to get a job to make a living. My son had also been suffering from epilepsy. He had severe headaches, dizziness, and seizures. He couldn't go to school properly. We gave him supposedly good medicines and did some rituals in the Hindu temples but only in vain. His condition only got worse.

However, one day I witnessed something amazing. My wife heard the gospel from our neighbor, and she asked Pastor John Sang Hui Kim of Delhi Manmin Church to visit our family. He showed us a video about God's power.

I was so surprised to see so many people getting healed of incurable diseases, and I also wanted to be healed. Since then, Pastor Kim visited my house regularly and prayed with the handkerchief on which Rev. Jaerock Lee, the Senior Pastor of Manmin Central Church, had prayed (Acts 19:11-12).

MRI Image Before Healing: The No. 2 and 3 Thoracic Vertebrae are Damaged Banwari Lal, age 48, of Delhi Manmin Church had to live the rest of his life with lower body paralysis after his spondylitis tuberculosa surgery went wrong.

However, his son who was healed of epilepsy by God's power, began to read out loud to him the book The Message of the Cross written by Rev. Jaerock Lee, and he came to have faith. He repented of resenting his family and received prayer. Now he is healed and living a healthy life.

My family began to go to church from June 2012 but I couldn't because of my disability. I just stayed home. So, my son read Rev. Jaerock Lee's book The Message of the Cross to me every day. To my amazement, he was healed of severe headaches while doing so.

One day, I woke up in the middle of the dream in which all my family was caught up into the air but I was left alone and crying out to the Lord. Then, I remembered God's word telling us to love and pursue peace, so I repented of resenting and hating my brothers over a money dispute.

In February 2013, I received prayer with the powerful handkerchief, and I got feeling back in the lower body! I could even move it. The dead nerves were revived! Later, I went to the church with some help, and I was so surprised to see the scene of being caught up to the air that I had seen in my dream on the backdrop of the church podium! I kept on getting better as I kept on attending church. In the GCN TV Sunday morning service live-broadcast in Nov. 2014, I received the prayer of the Senior Pastor for the sick people and I was healed completely. Hallelujah!

Now I can move and walk like ordinary people, and I volunteer to work in the dining hall in the church every week (3rd from left). Furthermore, I was blessed to purchase a 3-wheeler vehicle and use it to add to my income. My tithe doubled since then. We had to live in a slum area but we were blessed to get a new house. I feel like I am dreaming.

Moreover, my son (4th from left) was healed of epilepsy that he had had for more than 10 years. He is playing the drums in the church.

My first daughter was healed of high fever by the handkerchief prayer, and my wife was healed of pain in the whole body. She volunteers in the church and spreads the gospel to her neighbors.

After the whole family accepted the Lord, we've received blessings of health, finances and happiness. We give all thanks and glory to the living God the Creator.