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| Manmin News   No. 645 | HIT 7560 | DATE 2019-06-09
The Gospel of Jesus Christ Preached with Signs_ Pastors' Seminar and Handkerchief Meetings in UAE, Egypt

Pastor Taeshik Gil of Daejeon Manmin Church led pastors' seminars and handkerchief meetings in the UAE, Egypt, and Lebanon from May 9 through the 16th.
He has been continuously spreading the gospel in Pakistan since the 2000 Pakistan United Crusade with speaker Rev. Jaerock Lee, and he is also spreading the gospel of holiness and powerful works of God to the pastors who are ministering in the Middle East.
The first meeting was Sharjah pastors' seminar held in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates on May 9.
After the video presentation of the international ministry of Rev. Jaerock Lee, the speaker, Pastor Taeshik Gil, delivered a message under the title 'Ministry of Power'. He said that God shows His power through signs and wonders even today to confirm the gospel preached, and the power of God can be manifested through fasting and prayer upon the basis of a holy life. He also talked about the qualifications of true servants of God. Many of the attendees said they were touched by the words of life.
In the afternoon of May 10, a handkerchief meeting was held at a Pakistani church in Sharjah, ministered by Pastor Bashir Bahadur. Pastor Gil delivered a message under the title 'Blessings When Walking in the Light' and prayed for the whole congregation with the handkerchief on which Rev. Jaerock Lee had prayed. A man who couldn't hear well for 3 years came to hear well. Another man experienced the severe pain he had had for 6 months was gone.
Another handkerchief meeting was held in a church in Abu Dhabi at 4 PM the same day. The speaker Pastor Gil delivered the same message and prayed for the congregation. A man who couldn't bend his knee was able to bend it by the fire of the Holy Spirit. Another man was able to lift up his arm that he had not been able to lift. Many who experienced the power of the Holy Spirit came forward and testified.
The pastor of the church gave thanks saying, "The message was great, and I was so surprised that so many members were healed instantly." He also requested for further visitations.
In the morning of the Sunday the 12th, a handkerchief meeting was held at a Pentecostal church in Egypt. Pastor Gil talked about the 'Secret Hidden Since Before the Ages' and prayed for the whole congregation. Many believers experienced healing works.
Sister Marina was healed of severe headache that she had for 5 years. Om Emad was healed of severe coughing that he had had for 25 years. In addition to them, there were healings of mammary gland trouble, uterine tumor, and shoulder pain.
That evening, Pastor Gil preached a message in the church ministered by Pastor Aziz Morgan, the representative of Manmin Foundation in Egypt, and prayed for the congregation. Amira had only one kidney since birth and suffered from constant pain, but the pain was gone. Magdy was healed of the pain he had had for 3 years.
The Egypt Manmin Foundation Pastors' Seminar was held on May 13. Pastor Gil delivered a message with the title 'Ministry of Power'. He explained that it is important for the pastors to live by the word of God and that they had to realize what it is to fear God.
The visitations moved on to Lebanon. Pastor Gil met with the local pastors on May 15 to explain about Manmin's ministry. The next day, he was invited to a church to give a greeting and discuss further cooperation.


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