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| Manmin News   No. 646 | HIT 3499 | DATE 2019-06-16
Invitation to the Lord's Comfort

When King Saul was suffering from the evil spirits, David played the harp and the evil spirits left. Though Paul and Silas were in jail they praised God and the gates of the jail opened.
Today, members of our church are experiencing the power of praises that please God in various worship services and meetings.
Ye-Ok Lee (56, 5th Parish) was healed of migraines and vestibular function disorder during the consecutive 2-term special Daniel Prayer Meeting special praise session. As she praised God with all her heart, she perspired profusely during the whole session and her migraine and dizziness disappeared.
Hyena Jeong (17, High School) said, "I was healed of purulent COX-arthritis by Rev. Jaerock Lee's prayer when I was 4-months-old. I am thankful I can praise God with my healthy body. I am so happy that I can give praises to God during the 2nd part of the Friday all-night service."
The 2nd part of the Friday all-night service is live-broadcast on GCN TV ( Members from children to seniors receive the fullness of Spirit through praises. The 1st part, the worship service begins at 11 PM of which the initial praises starts 10:30 PM. After the 30-minute break between the 1st and 2nd part, praises and prayers continue until 4 AM Saturday local time.
Tuesday praise and worship services are held for Young Adults' Mission and Canaan Mission at 8 PM every Tuesday. The Saturday praise and worship for teenagers is held at 4 PM every Saturday. The Light and Salt Mission, a mission group for those in distribution and restaurant businesses, has their praise and worship service at 9 PM every Wednesday.

Mock Exams for Bible Quiz Competition

All answers are contained in the Bible, the word of God. We can hear the voice of the Holy Spirit clearly when we plant the word of God in our heart. When we obey it and give out the aroma of Christ we can give glory to God.
Our church members try to read a chapter and memorize a verse of the Bible every day. Since 2000, the Men's Mission has been holding Bible quiz competitions. It's going to be the 19th session this year. The 1st and 2nd rounds will be held on Aug. 25, and the final round will be on Sep. 29.
They had a mock exam this past May 26. Participants fill out the answer sheet and submit, or they can do it online on the church website. Some gifts will be presented as well. The next mock exam will be held on June 30, July 21, and Aug. 18. There are other tests or Bible reading campaign conducted by different mission groups as well.

Special Daniel Prayer Meetings to Be Held

Mark 9:29 says, "This kind cannot come out by anything but prayer." Believers must pray not just to hear the word but to live by it and bear the fruits of the Spirit in their heart.
Our church has Daniel Prayer Meetings held at 9 PM every night. We've been praying for national and world evangelism without ceasing. Many members gather from different countries to pray together. They receive fullness of the Spirit, give up their old selves, and are changed by God's love to live a renewed and blessed life.
The 1st term of the Special Daniel Prayer Meeting will start from July 8. Unlike the previous 2-term consecutive meetings, in the 2nd half of this year each term will be held separately in July and then in September.


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