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| Manmin News   No. 677 | HIT 5537 | DATE 2020-09-06
Active missionary work in cooperation with the government and local communities

Kenya Nairobi Manmin Church modeled with warm love for neighbors

Kenya Nairobi Manmin Church (Bishop Dr. Myongho Cheong, Chairman of United Holiness Church of Jesus Christ, Africa) is helping the government and local communities amid the COVID-19 situation, and is carrying out missionary works in a friendly atmosphere with the recognition of administrative offices and residents.

On-site service resumed, local residents and leaders registered as new believers

As the government eased the COVID-19 regulation, on July 26th, Nairobi Manmin Church resumed on-site service after 4 months.

Since the government assigned the number of members to attend the service, 100 people attended the each Part 1 and Part 2 services. 22 local residents and leaders registered as new members. Mr. Onyanggo, a head of government-driven baby daycare center said with joy, “I am happy to attend the true service which was full of grace and inspiration.”

On August 2nd, total of 470 people attended the Sunday services. Among them were 8 new registered members, which included 4 local leaders. “We will actively encourage local residents and youth to come to Nairobi Manmin Church,” said Miss Vera, a trusted leader from the Umoja where Nairobi Manmin Church is located.

Meanwhile, the members who couldn’t come to the church due to the government regulation on the number of attendees have local small group meetings and offer family services listening to audio sermon files sent by the church in advance.

Support government for COVID-19 prevention and relief for the needy

From March of this year, when COVID-19 was spreading, upon the request from the government for public relation support for COVID-19 prevention, Nairobi Manmin Church actively helped the church pastors and workers with vehicles and voluntary services. It also helped people in need who are beyond the reach of the government by delivering relief items to them.

As a result, the Nairobi Manmin Church was recognized and loved by the government, civil officers, medical staff, local government officials and leaders, and residents.

A head of the local government’s administrative office said, “Manmin Church’s active support for government is already known well,” and “Although there are many local churches, Nairobi Manmin Church plays a very critical part.”

The local community’s favor and trust for Nairobi Manmin Church enabled the evangelization of the church. The members of the National Assembly and the heads of major government departments in the region are actively promoting Nairobi Manmin Church.

In June, local leaders of Umoja visited the church after hearing good news about the Nairobi Manmin Church. They said, “I am grateful for Manmin Church’s help in their support for government. Please help many local residents to spiritually wake up and receive blessings.” They also agreed that they would help church activities.

Government request for a visit to families suffering from violence and diseases

Recently, administrative offices are increasingly requesting Nairobi Manmin Church’s help for families suffering from family violence and diseases. The pastors in charge of the region visit such families, preach Jesus Christ and the gospel of holiness, and pray with the handkerchief of God’s power (Acts 19:11-12) on which Dr. Jaerock Lee prayed.

Families on the verge of breakdown have been transformed into harmonious families, and various problems such as diseases have been solved. They are attending on-site service held in various regions other than the church.

Odonggo and Margaret couple thought of divorce because of family violence and abusive words. Upon the request of a head of the local administration, a pastor from Nairobi Manmin Church visited them. Then the couple realized their mistakes and changed. They attended the Sunday service and sang a special praise song. It was a great grace to their acquaintances who knew their past relationship, and they gave glory to God.

Residents said, “I am grateful that Manmin Church gathers very actively and the Words are overflowing with grace.”

We give thanks and glory to God for blessing us even in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, so that we can carry out active missionary work as a model church.


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