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| Manmin News   No. 694 | HIT 3708 | DATE 2021-05-23
The 2nd ‘Senior Pastor’s Book Reading Campaign’ - “Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.”

The 2nd “Senior Pastor’s Book Reading Campaign” is being held for 8 weeks from May 2(Sunday) to June 26(Saturday) with active participation and enthusiastic responses from the members.
For the spiritual growth of church members, the Pastors’ Association hosted this event by selecting 10 books of the Senior Pastor Dr. Jaerock Lee which consist of the key words that are the basis of faith at the first round, followed by 6 books for the second.
The books for the second round are the biblical figure series, “Abraham, friend of God”, “Jacob whom I Have Chosen, Descendant of Abraham, My Friend”, “Joseph, a Passage to God's Covenant”, and “I Will Send Elijah to You”, and the theme sermon series, “The Law of God” and “A Man Who Pursues True Blessing”.
The selected books present the true path of faith by helping you realize what it is to love God and act by faith through the lives of Abraham, Jacob, Joseph, and Elijah, and what blessings come accordingly. In addition, the spiritual meaning of the Ten Commandments and the sermons about the Beatitudes that can check your faith will tell you the secret of blessings.
Meanwhile, the members who participated in the first “Senior Pastor’s Book Reading Campaign’,” which was held for 3 months from last January experienced the works of the Holy Spirit such as spiritual growth, healing of diseases and answers to the desires of the heart.
Deacon Myungho Lee(Man, Age 67) had 12 corns on his right heel for three years. It felt uncomfortable to wear shoes and it was so painful while driving. But he attended “The New Year Vowed Daniel Prayer Meeting”, participating in “Senior Pastor’s Book Reading Campaign”, and one day he found that all 12 corns disappeared and the thick dead skin was peeled off.
Deaconess Oksook Jo(Woman, Age 67) had a clogged tear gland in her right eye. Her eyes were bloodshot, sore and painful when she read a book even a little. However, she was healed at some moment while participating in the campaign. There was no discomfort even when she read books 5 hours a day.
In addition, various testimonies are being reported such as “Insomnia was cured’, “I got better vision and I no longer need glasses’, and ‘My son who had been lost touch for 19 years has returned’, through the “Senior Pastor’s Book Reading Campaign”.


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