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| Manmin News   No. 696 | HIT 3944 | DATE 2021-06-20
The house which has not been sold for 12 years has been successfully sold.

Deaconess Soondeok Choi (Age 63, 21st Parish)

There were several crises in which my house was auctioned off because interest was added to the interest due to loans that I received while building the house and family hospital expenses. I put my house one sale, but it has not been sold for 12 years.
Last January, the Senior Pastor’s Book Reading Campaign started but I didn’t participate because my eyes were blurred and I couldn’t read a book for long. But about 10 days after starting reading his book, I heard a gentle voice of a man saying “You are lazy, lazy. You are lazy”, and I woke up. That day I decided to read his books with determination, “I will try.”

While reading Senior Pastor Rev. Jaerock Lee’s books, I shed tears of repentance of my laziness of not reading the books that easily explain salvation, heaven and hell, and of not participating in the campaign from the beginning. And I read his books for 6 hours a day. Then something amazing happened.
On the 12th day since I started reading books, I got a call from the Real Estate saying that someone wanted to see my house. I cleaned up the house and prayed for about 30 minutes. The one who saw my house really liked it and said he’d make a contract right away as I wanted. I signed on the contract on February 2nd and was able to pay off my bank and high-interest loans, as he paid the balance on the 26th.
I felt like flying because I was freed from the heavy burden of paying interest. I had to move out because the house registration was finished and the balance was paid, but he allowed me to live in the house until I moved in a new one paying 500,000 Won a month. In addition, when I moved out on June 1st, he gave me back the 3 months’ rent for the moving expenses.
I give glory to the caring and delicate Father God and thanks to Him for guiding my sleeping soul to wake up and for helping me be blessed through the Senior Pastor’s Book Reading Campaign.


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