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| Manmin News   No. 709 | HIT 3637 | DATE 2022-01-02
< 2021 Top 10 news selected by the Manmin News > “Everything was done by the grace of the Lord!”

1. The works of power transcending time and space, ‘Divine Healing Meeting’

God performed extraordinary miracles by the hands of Paul, so that handkerchiefs or aprons were even carried from his body to the sick, and the diseases left them and the evil spirits went out(Acts 19:11-12).
Even today, God the Father is confirming that the Bible is true and God is alive by allowing the great and wonderful works of the Holy Spirit to be revealed through the handkerchief of power on which Senior Pastor Dr. Jaerock Lee had prayed.
Accordingly, our church held the Divine Healing Meeting in December online as well as on September 13.
At 11 pm on December 10th, the Friday All Night Service was offered as a divine healing meeting for the sick while it was broadcast live around the world through satellite, YouTube, and the Internet via GCN TV (
The Acting Senior Pastor Dr. Soojin Lee, the speaker of the Divine Healing Meeting, delivered a sermon entitled ‘He Whom the Lord Commends’(2 Corinthians 10:18), and after the time of praise and prayer for repentance and for the fullness of the Holy Spirit, she prayed earnestly with the handkerchief of power, calling the names of the diseases of those patients who registered from the country and abroad.
As a result, the domestic and foreign members who participated online were healed of various diseases and received answers to the desires of their hearts to give great glory to God.

2. Spiritual growth project, ‘Senior Pastor’s Book Reading Campaign’

2021 was a year for the members to strengthen their spiritual power.
In particular, the first and second ‘Senior Pastor’s Book Reading Campaign’ were progressed with active participation and enthusiastic response from the members.
The first campaign was held from January 10 to April 10, with the 10 books of the Senior Pastor Dr. Jaerock Lee, which are the fundamental and core messages for faith. They are 『Tasting of Eternal Life before Death』, 『The Message of the Cross』, 『The Measures of Faith』, and 『Heaven』(Volume 1 and 2), 『Hell』, 『Spirit, Soul and Body』(Volume 1 and 2), 『Love: The Fulfillment of the Law』, and 『There is no Law against Such Things』.
The second campaign was held from May 2 to June 26, with the selected six books: the Bible character series 『Abraham, Friend of God』, 『Jacob Whom I Have Chosen, Descendant of Abraham, My Friend』, 『Joseph, Passage to God’s Covenant』, 『I am Going to Send You Elijah』, the collection of thematic sermon about the Ten Commandments, 『The Law of God』, and the collection of Beatitudes, 『A Man Who Pursues True Blessing』.
Through the campaign, the members glorified God by experiencing the works of the Holy Spirit, such as spiritual growth, healing of diseases, and answers to the desires of their hearts.
Meanwhile, from December 1 to March 31, 2022, our church is conducting the first ‘Bible Reading Campaign’ for spiritual growth and Bible knowledge development.
During the event, members will be able to read through the Bible if they read 10 chapters a day for 4 months.

3. Online meetings for overseas members

As overseas mission trips have become more difficult this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our church held the ‘online meeting’ for the overseas members who are longing for grace.
Manmin Prayer Center Director Mrs. Boknim Lee met with the members online from Moldova in February, Latin America and India in March, and the Democratic Republic of Congo in June.
After Mrs. Lee’s sermon, at the time of praise and prayer, the members repented and made up their minds to change in the works of the Holy Spirit, and they received the prayer with the handkerchief of power on which Senior Pastor Dr. Jaerock Lee had prayed(Acts 19:11-12). Many members who had been suffering from various diseases have been healed and greatly glorified God.
In addition, Kinshasa Manmin Church in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Colombia Manmin Church held a service to celebrate the anniversary of their churches and conducted a handkerchief healing meeting online with Pastor Mikyung Lee as the speaker, and Delhi Manmin Church in India and Mongolia Manmin Church with Pastor Miyoung Lee as the speaker.

4. Fire of prayer continued through ‘Online Daniel Prayer Meeting’

Our church has continued to hold the Daniel Prayer Meeting online in COVID-19 Pandemic. And answers and blessings have been given and healings have taken place.
The prayer meeting led by Mrs. Boknim Lee, Director of Manmin Prayer Center, is held from 9 pm till 11 pm every day. Anyone around the globe can participate in the meeting via GCN TV live.
An extraordinary rainbow appeared on the first day of the Vowed Daniel Prayer Meeting in the celebration of the New Year, and God was glorified and given thanks.
During the Vowed Daniel Prayer Meeting held from March 15 to April 4, one-day relay fasting for the church relocation and for the Senior Pastor Dr. Jaerock Lee was progressed, and the Holy Spirit Daniel Prayer Meeting was held from August 30 to September 13 before the Divine Healing Meeting.
In addition, the last Vowed Daniel Prayer Meeting was held from November 22 till December 12 with the subject of “For Divine Healing Meeting and for Year 2022”. It was a meaningful time for the church members to finish the year and prepare for a new year in the grace of the Lord.

5. The 39th anniversary service and celebration

Our church gave glory to God through the anniversary celebration service and performance in celebration of the 39th anniversary on October 10.
Many people from the USA, Israel, Russia, Kenya, Japan, Argentina, Colombia, Costa Rica, Peru, Georgia, Ukraine, Latvia, Pakistan, Egypt, and Sri Lanka sent congratulatory messages and joined the joy.
At the Sunday Morning Service, the Senior Pastor Dr. Jaerock Lee’s video sermon entitled, “Providence(Amos 3:7)” was played, and at the Sunday Evening Service the 39th anniversary celebration service and performance were offered.
The programs were broadcast live via GCN which covers more than 170 countries and translated into 8 languages including English, Chinese, and Russia, and 13 sign languages including English, German, and Malay.
At the anniversary service, the Acting Senior Pastor, Dr. Soojin Lee preached with the title, “I give peace unto you(John 16:33)”. And at the second part, the celebration performance under the title of “Amazing Grace(Subtitle: God’s grace for Manmin) was played.
Also, the “2021 Overseas Mission” was played at the second part of the Friday All-night Service on October 10, which showed the church’s online ministry, GCN TV and Urimbook’s ministry, and overseas branch church’s missionary activities. The members gave thanks and glory to God the Father who has been unchangingly fulfilling His providence through Manmin.

6. ‘Easter Family Praise Competition’ and ‘2021 Manmin Praise Contest’

This year, our church held two contests to bring joy to God with the beautiful harmony of Christian families and to find talented singers.
The Easter Family Praise Competition was held on April 4, aired via GCN TV and its mobile App and KT Olleh-TV Channel 882.
The competition was pre-recorded according to the COVID-19 quarantine guidelines. 31 teams competed and 10 teams reached the final after the first and second preliminaries.
The grand prize went to Pastor Jinjoo Kim’s family, gold prize to Deacon Sungbum Cho’s family, and silver prize to Pastor Gwanhyun Park’s family. The popularity Award went to Deacon Cheolguk Park by the church members’ votes.
And 2021 Manmin Praise Contest was broadcasted on August 8.
10 out of 44 competitors were selected for the final through video tests.
And the grand prize went to Kwonneung Yoon, gold prize to Deaconess Hyungkyung Lee, silver prize to Senior Deaconess Sungsook Lee and the popularity prize went to Deacon Gyungsoo Kim.

7. The 20th Bible Quiz was held online

Senior Pastor Dr. Jaerock Lee urged us to be armed with the Word by reading at least one chapter of the Bible and memorizing one verse.
So, Men’s Mission has held the Bible Quiz for 20 years to help church members to be equipped with the Word of God.
The competition was held online after the Sunday Evening Service on September 5, according to the COVID-19 situation.
The preliminaries were held on July 25, ranging Today’s Bible Verse on the Church Weekly, and 75 competitors met at the semi-finals. They were divided into 4 groups, the 1st Parish & Chinese Parish, the 2nd Parish, 3rd Parish and Branch churches and they participated online at the same time by writing their answers on a whiteboard.
After the semi-finals, 12 people competed at the final.
And the grand prize went to Pastor Yoonjin Gwak, gold prize to Deacon Hosong Jeon, silver prize to Gyehyun Ahn, bronze prize to Pastor Youngyim Jung and Deaconess Gyehwa Jang, participation prize went to Deacon Gyungseok Goh, Senior Deaconess Hongran Park, and Deaconess Mija Jang and the group prize went to the 1st Parish & Chinese Parish.

8. Dr. Jaerock Lee’s books published as 6 audio books and e-books in 48 languages

In the year of 2021, the publication ministry with the Senior Pastor Dr. Jaerock Lee’s books continued unchangingly. Including 『Love: Fulfillment of the Law』, 『The Measures of Faith』, 『Spirit, Soul and Body』(Volume 1), 『There is no Law against Such Things』(Bookteller: Dr. Soojin Lee), 『Heaven』(Volume 1)(Bookteller: Deaconess Hyungkyung Lee) have been published as e-books. They have been on monthly general bestseller list in Kyobo Bookstore audiobook section in the love of readers, and you can purchase and listen to them on the Internet at Kyobo Bookstore and Clip).
In addition, foreign language e-books were published weekly. This year alone, 210 books in 48 languages including French, Italian, German, Russian, Indonesian, Ethiopian Amharic, South Africa Afrikaans and Indian Assamese have been published.
Meanwhile, Dr. Jaerock Lee’s books are currently published in 767 paper books in 62 languages (112 books in Korean & 655 books in foreign languages), and 798 e-books in 65 languages including English, Chinese, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, and Hebrew have been released.
They are on sale at Kyobo Bookstore, Youngpoong Bookstore, Bandi & Lunis, Books Libro, Yes24, Interpart, etc. You can purchase e-books online at, iBookstore, Googlebooks, and domestic online bookstores of Kyobo Bookstore, Readibooks, Interpark, and so on.

9. Non-Face-To-Face activities of each Mission in the New Normal era

In 2021, when it was not easy for members to meet due to COVID-19, the activities of each Mission of our church were actively conducted online.
In particular, Children’s Sunday School continued to meet children by actively engaging in non-face-to-face ministries through various online events using Zoom. Among them, ‘2021 Summer Bible School’ was held online from July 31 to August 1, and was broadcast simultaneously on GCN TV and ‘Manmin Children’ YouTube, to help children have a joyful and gracious time.
The Canaan United Mission also attempted to actively communicate with its members in various ways, such as creating a video for communication with members online, as well as opening a Canaan Mission Mobile Channel. In addition, it supported missionary works in various ways for members of overseas branch churches such as the Philippines, Mongolia, and the D.R. Congo.
Also, the Canaan Mission’s newsletter ‘Canaan Magazine’ was released as an e-book quarterly, and distributed to all members. The online Summer Retreat was also held to enrich the members physically and spiritually.

10. To the place prepared by God, recalling happy memories of the beautiful sanctuary!

From November 14(Sunday) to December 31(Friday), the ‘Happy Memories in the Beautiful Sanctuary Contest’ was held under the theme of ‘The sanctuary full of happy memories’. This event was prepared to commemorate the grace and blessings received from the Lord while staying at our 5th sanctuary, and to unite all members with longing for the sanctuary.
The contents of the application were gracious and happy photos or videos such as the sanctuary containing memories like the anniversary celebration, Christmas, and other seasonal events, the interior and surrounding scenery of the sanctuary, and also the pictures and videos of the Christmas decorations at home for the 2021 Christmas. Members could apply through the church website( and mobile website(
Our church, which has undergone revival through the word of life and the explosive works of power, has inevitably moved the sanctuary several times.
The church was opened in July, 1982 at Shindaebang-dong Dongjak-gu, and until it moved to the fifth sanctuary at Guro-dong, Guro-gu in June, 1996, the church has been accomplishing national evangelization and world mission, and at the same time, strived to help the members grow in faith. Entering the 40th year after finishing the 39th anniversary of the church, we plan to leave the sanctuary we used for 26 years and move to a place where God will lead us in the future.
In the new year of 2022 with great hope, the members will pray with one heart and earnestly so that the sanctuary can be relocated to the place God has prepared, Jehovah Jireh, as well as building a temple of heart that is pleasing to God with faith.


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