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“I got my hearing back that I lost when I was 4.”

When I was 4 years old, I fell down and hurt my head. I gradually lost my hearing, and I was diagnosed with auditory dis
  | Manmin News   No. 665 | HIT 41 2020-02-02
“Every day of my life is God’s miracle!”

I hear it very often. I guess it’s because Father God is always with me. I have no talents better than other’s, but God
  | Manmin News   No. 665 | HIT 43 2020-02-02
“Thanksgiving wells up when I deliver the grace of the Lord with my voice.”

I help GCN as narrator. Back in college, I was an in-house announcer for the college broadcasting. Knowing this fact, GC
  | Manmin News   No. 664 | HIT 152 2020-01-19
“I deliver the love of the Lord in other languages because this is my church.”

I’ve voluntarily served the Lord as an English interpreter for about 5 years. I’m interpreting the order of service for
  | Manmin News   No. 664 | HIT 168 2020-01-19
“I’d like to help the church even if it is as a small cogwheel.”

I attend Sunday Morning Service in the broadcasting room because I upload subtitles for Choir Anthems and various sermon
  | Manmin News   No. 664 | HIT 190 2020-01-19
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